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  1. He takes a lot of punishment..brave but needs to be more aware.
  2. He will be hard for them to bring down with ball in hand tho...dont assume he will be all defence.
  3. Its all about getting team 'connection' so the better preseason should really help.
  4. The "gun n run" of 2018 is risky with underdeveloped young players as they slow up later in the year and into next year....so hopefully last years experience ,player and coach development , and a balanced workmanlike game plan with real cohesion is evident now.
  5. Would be available at 10 being a ruck/forward
  6. Gold Coast nominating him would be more interesting!
  7. Not sure about that...he is a good long kick and may show up from 50metre mark next year.
  8. Jenkins is good close to goal...but Preuss should do that job with a bit of improvement.
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