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  1. TMac should go back. Play him in the back line where he made his name. Bring Joel Smith to the forward line. Play Weid off the bench.
  3. No, Joel Smith wasn't too bad at all. Jackson was promising Rivers was confident and aggressive and made good decisions. Benell most useful. I'd play Fritsch one quarter at a time because he can't sustain his game - either first q to get us going or last q to add a bit of zest. Melksham is a very good player, Petracca went well etc., etc. Love him or hate him Neal-Bullen kicks goals. Regularly. Most poster put him down. I had $50 that he would kick 2 goals today!
  4. So, given the names that first appeared in the list, this would be the team selection : Wight Neita Lovett Bruce Lyon Ooze Jones Woewy Stinger Green Schwarta Davey Robbo Jako Wiz R : Jimmy Clarrie Todd Inter : Gawn White This team lacks variation off the bench and it was impossible to put all those stars in the forward line. And I don't think these are our best 20, I'm just going on the material provided.
  5. Spoonhead : Simon Eishold. Anyone know why?
  6. Alan Rowarth was recruited by Birregurra and coached them for a few years. There was more money in country footy than VFL at that time and God knows the MCC/MFC weren't paying much.
  7. Yeah I remember Sid Caitlin. Shooting star like Walters. Kicked 7 goals in a match! Not too many have done that. Rod Owen did out at Waverley one time before vanishing. There was Diamond Jim Tilbrook of course - he kicked 7 on debut but then everyone worked out he was one-sided, could only turn one way. One trick pony. Whatever happened to 'Spoonhead"?
  8. We didn't recruit Tomlinson or Langdon for their kicking ability (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). We got them to be pacy wingmen. I'd rather have had Gaff and Isaac Smith but they weren't available.
  9. Hibberd, oh Hibbo! He'd be better off choosing handball as his first option instead of his default move of bomb it long. Can he be coached out of it or just left off the side altogether? He does get possessions it's his disposal that stinks. My fav backline player for many years has hit the end of the road too - farewell Nev, thanks for the memories. There were plenty of good ones.
  10. The injury issues we have are all down to one thing and one thing only - training. Blind Freddy can see what the problem is here - if they didn't train they wouldn't get injured, so stop all the training sessions.
  11. Why pay them more - does anybody watch it? If they do watch it, do they enjoy it as much as men's footy?
  12. A special mention to the head case that was the insane Rod Owen from St Kilda (was it in the 90's?)' Kicked a lazy 7 against the filth out at Waverley, A true couldabeen. And ya can't leave out Diamond Jim Tillbrook - recruited from SA in the eighties for a big bag of cash - had A BIG BOOT ON HIM AND ALSO KICKED SEVEN OFF THE FORWARD FLANK AND THEN HAD A COUPLE OF MORE GAMES BEFORE EVERYONE (ELSE) WORKED OUT HE COULD ONLY TURN ONE WAY. ONE TRICK PONY WHO DIDN'T FINISH OUT THE SEASON!
  13. Yeah, I was at this game too. Carl was spent. He stood around the forward line, white head band and all, hoping to find the football kicked in his direction. He was impotent. Whether he clocked a few blokes or not didn't help us in the slightest. The Filth won comfortably - watching Kink was the best part of a bad day out for the Dees.
  14. Look, Biffen - I don't want to be rude but you are a negative, negative slag of a poster and maybe should be on the Blues site. Because really, you're certainly not on our side and needn't be on our site. Have another malt or go to another site; you are a drag.
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