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  1. The injury issues we have are all down to one thing and one thing only - training. Blind Freddy can see what the problem is here - if they didn't train they wouldn't get injured, so stop all the training sessions.
  2. Why pay them more - does anybody watch it? If they do watch it, do they enjoy it as much as men's footy?
  3. A special mention to the head case that was the insane Rod Owen from St Kilda (was it in the 90's?)' Kicked a lazy 7 against the filth out at Waverley, A true couldabeen. And ya can't leave out Diamond Jim Tillbrook - recruited from SA in the eighties for a big bag of cash - had A BIG BOOT ON HIM AND ALSO KICKED SEVEN OFF THE FORWARD FLANK AND THEN HAD A COUPLE OF MORE GAMES BEFORE EVERYONE (ELSE) WORKED OUT HE COULD ONLY TURN ONE WAY. ONE TRICK PONY WHO DIDN'T FINISH OUT THE SEASON!
  4. Yeah, I was at this game too. Carl was spent. He stood around the forward line, white head band and all, hoping to find the football kicked in his direction. He was impotent. Whether he clocked a few blokes or not didn't help us in the slightest. The Filth won comfortably - watching Kink was the best part of a bad day out for the Dees.
  5. Look, Biffen - I don't want to be rude but you are a negative, negative slag of a poster and maybe should be on the Blues site. Because really, you're certainly not on our side and needn't be on our site. Have another malt or go to another site; you are a drag.
  6. Dean was known to stage for frees on a regular basis. Barassi out cost us the flag that year, no doubt. It was just before the finals and he got 4 weeks for striking.
  7. Never got to the bottom of this one : did Barass in fact clock Roger Dean in 1963 or did he fake it as he was always known to stage for frees? Is there a final decision on this, anyone now what really happened here?
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