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  1. This i why he was our captain at such a young age, he decided as a wee little mini-todd to shell some pee's and ditch the ball high into the air to an unsuspecting poor helpless team mate. That takes real leadership🤣
  2. Are we the Ultimate Handball INTO congestion team to ever play the game? It feels like 2 out of 3 kicks/handballs are Hospital passes. 2020 Hospital Handball Memorial Medal 1 votes, J. Melksham 2 votes, J. Harmes 3 votes, C. Oliver Feel free to submit your votes and have a little cleansing vent! (just a bit of fun while our team isnt much fun to watch)
  3. I'm so deflated from Sundays game, its become a broken record. I'm really disappointed in Oliver, he does all the hard work and is genuinely a top5 talent in the entire league but time and time again handballs back inside the contest or if its outside the contest he turns to the outnumbered player. so much so i believe opposition clubs have the read on him an know exactly which way he like to turn and handball. Just does not impact the game enough or make the opposition pay with his disposals. (can't even talk about the coaches/selection panel)🤮 Too many small/mid size average joes, a team of clones. Size Kills Speed kills .....these two things we are without!
  4. Jackson = emergency put money on it, based on goodies comments
  5. Probably a sign of how the coaches/selection panel view the opposition......... Carlton play 2 first gamers and have the cheek to play a 50% game time " half fit" Bennell (not a slight on him), that alone is a fairly ALPHA move by goody. and if you follow that line of thinking it probably explains out selection V Essendon. to then confirm how damaging Geelong can be if you don't get your match-ups right, well that just how it looks to me
  6. seriously, this is a little mahoney-land mine quietly just hidden in the middle of the list, don't get me wrong still hopeful of KK making it back but Gold Coast knew how bad it was and did the classic hospital handball. Interested to know if Melksham ha a niggle, im always one to point out how lazy the guy can be but R2 was beyond a joke how often he was edge of TV screen walking in space making no impact.....
  7. he played WAFL last year and was on the verge of being slected before the last calf injury.
  8. just a casual non-prefered Left hand bounce of the ball at the tail end of the run down the wing. He makes the game look slow around him.
  9. 16min Quarters are going to work against us, never really felt like we start any quarter strongly they always ease into it and burst hard after 8-10mins. on the flip side this might have us see a few of the young guns get a game with endurance taken out of the game. Personally the war of attrition is my favorite aspect of footy?!
  10. Best 22 round 2 B: JETTA, MAY, LEVER HB: SALEM, HARMES, JONES C : LANGDON, OLIVER, TOMLINSON HF: VINEY, FRISTCH, VANDERBERG F: PICKETT, T.MAC, HANNAN FOLL: GAWN, MELKSHAM, PETRACCA IC: HORE, BRAYSHAW, SPARROW, BROWN/BEDFORD (depending on Carltons backs) EMERG: Take your pick of the rest. Sparrow is ready to go and will be one of our best in the next 18mths. Hore will finish his career with a few All Australians down back, Super composed and reliable in an undermanned back line last year. 16min Quarters makes it hard to justify OMac, speed is going to be the way for 2020. Unlucky Omissions: Petty - Showed some dash and has a big ticker, Lockhart - looks like a footballer all round natural, Baker - will develop on a wing, Weideman - Who stays out to keep him in? Browns got him if Weid isnt crashing packs doing some damage to the smaller bodies around him.
  11. vanders is 100% ready to go, lock him in
  12. nice eagle eye, had to rewatch but was without a doubt Shannon Byrnes
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