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  1. nice eagle eye, had to rewatch but was without a doubt Shannon Byrnes
  2. Essendon to finish bottom 4, they're going through the same pre-season we had last year large part of best 22 coming off surgery/injury. Really don't see the Dogs doing much, 10th-12th Brisbane will be an interesting one, could be 3rd could be 14th.....? The surprise slider could be Geelong, been up for a long time aging list, fairly injury free last year. Thoughts?
  3. Cant wait to see AVB run out again this year! Im from WA and the inside scoop here is West Coast were red hot on drafting Rivers, he'll be our surprise packet pick this year. Super kick of the ball and serious gamer
  4. Yeah for sure, knee on knee contact or jarring hurts more than an ACL
  5. Loved the interview with Trac, best quote i've heard from a recent/current player. Q: Are you to push up into the mid-field? Trac: I don't really care to be honest, i just want to win!
  6. ANB signed 2 year extension at the start of the year based on 2018 form.........clearly got his cash and lost the ability to afl
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