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  1. We haven’t had a 1st rounder in those 2 years
  2. I still can’t see us taking Pickett at 10, despite what has been reported. Weightman maybe. I would rather Stephens if available, and a small forward at 28. Hopefully we split 10 & get Weightman/Pickett & someone else, or both of them.
  3. Are you suggesting we may be leaning a bit towards Green? I hope you are right about Stephens. I have always thought we were going to take Weightman with our second pick, even when we had 8. Jackson/Green, Stephens & Pickett would be the dream result, but I don’t think Pickett will get through to 28.
  4. “Told” by who? The Dogs have been keeping an eye on him for some time too. I wonder if they might take him at 13?
  5. DeGoey grew & really filled out after being drafted. There was no way of knowing that would happen. Roos suggested that if he had known this would happen, the Dees may have drafted him.
  6. LN, do you think a trade with Geelong (or GC), might go down today?
  7. Ever since we got 8, I have been convinced we were going after Weightman. The drop to 10 would suggest that. And the potential spit of 10 would suggest that too. We have been after a small forward since we looked at trading Butters in at last years draft. I think we are trading to fill a need, in this instance.
  8. Sorry, just to be clear, I did mean pick 10 😎
  9. Cal was on SEN today, saying that we might split 10 today or Wednesday. He mentioned for 15 & 20. Not sure how to feel about that. I have to assume we get Weightman at 15?
  10. From the Herald Sun: "The Demons are also looking to trade their no.10 choice for two picks, which could come in the teens and early 20s." Says leading contenders for our 10 are Geelong, Port & Gold Coast"..
  11. Herald Sun are reporting that we are now going to split 10!
  12. So now that we have pick 10, who do we think we are targeting? For me it's still Cody Weightman, although I'm sure others will disagree.
  13. I hate to say it, but I think we have been fairly set on Weightman all along, and we know we can get him 100% at 10. IMO this explains todays trade too. We tried to trade up for Butters last year too (lucky we didn't as it would have cost us 3), and since then we have been after a small forward of note.
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