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  1. I just don't think that, with 10 days till the draft, you can state that there is no chance that we have locked in who we want at 3. It is possible, that's all I'm saying.
  2. I believe you that we may be reading way too much into this, but how can you personally be sure that we haven't made a decision at 3 or 8 already?
  3. Is this simply an opinion? They might not even match if we bid.
  4. To me this suggest we might not be taking Young. I don't think we would take both Young and Ash.
  5. They are not going to trade us 7, 10 & 22 for 3, that is laughable
  6. Same boat here, really hope we don't take Jackson. If we are playing games (which I don't think we are), we are doing a good job. If we somehow manage to get Freo's 7 & 10 for 3, it will have worked, and we should be happy.
  7. Would be great to have two gun small forwards. We would be so much more dangerous up forward. Weightman would be my choice of the two, by a fair margin. A safer pick.
  8. Bid on Green at 3 (& hope we land him), otherwise pick Young. Trade 8 to Freo for 10 & (something around 22), lets say pick 23. Pick Weightman at 10, Pickett at 23.
  9. They were basing it on “need” though, not on who was actually going to get picked by clubs. Plus they weren’t including trading of picks.
  10. I’d rather him at 10, with another pick from Freo.
  11. Top 2 are best mates, which GC believe gives them a better chance at retaining them up there.
  12. I was actually wondering the other day if there is any chance he might go at 3. He is the type of player we like (and no I'm not taking about his kicking). I can picture Goody liking him.
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