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  1. On the Road To The Draft Podcast this week, they said Weightman could go between 10-20. So he has been moving up the draft order. I would also like to know which news said we were looking at him yesterday too, I couldn’t find any mention. I think he is exactly what we need though. Please don’t draft another inside mid!
  2. They talk about him on the latest Road To The Draft Podcast, on the AFL website. I tweeted a question to them about how high he could go, and they answered it. Even made fun of my Twitter name 😂
  3. Tom Morris, on his Live Chat today said: "Brayshaw has been told he is staying"
  4. Bobby Hill looks like the type of player we should be going after - small forward/outside mid/x-factor
  5. This. For once we have the upper hand. We should target a good player or two, to go with the picks. I don't know a great deal about their list, but small forward(s) & outside mid(s) should be the target. We should see how far we can push them.
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