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  1. May has been great down back this season and has been for his career. However I think he actually could make a really good full forward and would pair well with tmac, with tmac getting up and down the ground at CHF and may playing out of the goalsquare. Weideman or Brown should be given the first crack at the second tall forward but if they can't produce then this swing could save our season. It pretty much comes down to would you rather play weideman/brown or Omac/Smith? For mine I would rather have the talent in the forward half of the ground and I thought Omac at actually did a pretty good job in round 1 playing on darling.
  2. In: Jones, Salem, Bennell, Jackson, Rivers, Weid Out: Lockhart, Bedford, Spargo, Neal-Bullen, Brown, Hibberd B: Jetta, May, Lever HB: Salem, Omac, Rivers 😄 Langdon, Oliver, Tomlinson HF: Melksham, Tmac, Jones F: Pickett, Weid, Fritsch R: Gawn, Viney, Petracca I: Brayshaw, Harmes, Jackson, Bennell Can't see us playing jackson as the only other tall forward along side tmac. Marc Mcgowan reported that at todays training neal-bullen, brown, bedford, spargo all playing in the 'B' team. Only other possible change is maybe joel smith plays for omac or if lever doesn't get up.
  3. B: Jetta, May, Lever HB: Salem, Omac, Hibberd C: Langdon, Oliver, Tomlinson HF: Melksham, Tmac, Jones F: Pickett, Weideman, Fritsch R: Gawn, Viney, Petracca I: Harmes, Brayshaw, Neal-Bullen, Hannan Would have AVB or Bennell in for Hannan if fit. Harmes rotates in the backline. I think Salem and Jones were two big outs as they are just about our two best kicks in the team. I'm tipping Jones to have a big year across half forward like we saw in the pre season, he will significantly improve our forward entries as well as finishing goals. I'd tip us to win all those games from rounds 2-5.
  4. Here's how I think the draft will pan out. The draft night trades i've got occurring due to teams getting in front of academy bids is: Adelaide trade pick 4 to GWS for pick 6 + 2020 first round pick Melbourne trade pick 8 to Freo for pick 10 + pick 22 1. GC - Matt Rowell 2. GC - Noah Anderson 3. MELB - Hayden Young 4. GWS - Luke Jackson 5. GWS (Sydney bid) - Tom Green 6. SYD - Sam Flanders 7. ADEL - Dylan Stephens 8. FREO - Devon Robertson 9. FREO - Lachie Ash 10. FREO (Carlton bid) - Liam Henry 11. CARL - Brodie Kemp 12. MELB - Caleb Serong If Kysaiah Pickett is still there at our pick 22 we will snap him up, if not Elijah Taylor would be a nice alternative who has a ton of x-factor, reminds me a lot of Daniel Rioli. I'd also like to see us package up our 2020 fourth rounders to get into the third round of this years draft to take Ned Cahill, and then take Sam Lowson in the rookie draft. Suddenly we have Serong, Taylor, Cahill, Lowson all to fulfill our small forward/forwards role and then there is still room for Bedford, and Spargo to improve, our small forward stocks will be looking nice.
  5. One way to target Freo's pick 7 and 10 is to say we are going to bid on their NGA kid Liam Henry at 8 which actually does make sense from our points of view, he's a similar if not better small forward prospect than Weightman, he is a better crumbing player with more x-factor who has been likened to Walters. By my understanding Freo would have to use 10 to match the bid so it would make sense for them to trade up to 3 to get a better player than they would at 7. We still get weightman at 10 so it essentially would be 3 for 7 and 8 where Ash/Kemp/Stephens should be there.
  6. Has to be Hayden Young, he's the best kick in the draft, is an elite intercept mark, provides a lot of overlap run and is also very good defensively, he's even shown a contested side to his game this second half of the season. For a HBF has no weaknesses that I can see, reminds me of a taller bachar houli. He's exactly what we need perfect, hibbo replacement and allows Salem to push up on a wing if we need.
  7. Now that it’s official GC get pick 2 this is what I could see unfolding/what I want to happen this trade period IN: Tomlinson, Elliot through Free Agency - Elliot would be a good get, gives us a small forward we have been crying out for - Tomlinson has lowered his colours a bit this finals but he’s simply still better than any wingman we have right now so still an upgrade on what we have IN: Langdon, pick 7 OUT: Pick 3 - Win-win for both teams, freo prefer this because they would lose our pick 21 in the henry bid and the players that suit our needs in the top end of the draft will still be there at 7 IN: Pick 26 OUT: Frost to north - Sounds like frosty is gone, if we can snag a early to mid second I’ll take that IN: Pick 11 OUT:Picks 21, 26 to GWS - GWS get more than enough points to use on Green and keep their 1st round pick, we move up the draft were its said there will still be good players there at 11 - Western Bulldogs pick 12 could be another option as they will need multiple picks to get Bruce and Keath IN: Tomlinson, Elliot, Langdon, Pick 7, Pick 11 Out: Frost, Pick 3, Pick 21 Other moves I’d like to see: - Target S.Gray or Butler for cheap - If Jenkins came cheap and didn’t have to pay him much I wouldn’t be against it but I’d rather back in Weed for next season. If he doesn’t show anything next season we should be throwing everything at B.King or Cameron - If we could get a top 10 pick for Brayshaw or first rounder for Viney I would look at a deal - Gaff and WC first rounder for pick 3 - I don’t get what the hype is about splitting the picks with GWS, it’s said there’s a big drop off in the draft after about pick 12 and pretty much all these players mentioned to be in the deal such as Caldwell, Bonar, O’Halloran, Hately are all inside mids which doesn’t help our team at all. USE Pick 7: Young/Ash/Stephens (all high quality outside players) - Serong and flanders will go inbetween 3 and 7 so one of these guys has to still be available USE Pick 11: Weightman/Kemp/Gould/McAsey - Weightman probably best fit but if kemp slides we must pick him BEST 22 B: Jetta, May, Hore HB: Salem, Lever, Hibberd C: Langdon, Oliver, Tomlinson HF: Petracca, Weid, Melksham F: Fritsch, Tmac, Elliot R: Gawn, Brayshaw, Viney I: Harmes, Hunt/Hannan, Vanders, Young/Ash/Stephens
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