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  1. Very little chance GWS would receive end of first round compo for Tomlinson. Be doing well to get end of second round for him.
  2. A club still sold on Petracca’s hype and potential would cough up a pick between 8 - 18 right now. Can’t say that’ll be the case twelve months from now. Sell while there’s still value there.
  3. If it’s pick 3 for King AND pick 17 that would make it about on par with option b) Line ball decision in that case. King looks a very very good KPF prospect and would come with 18 months of development under his belt. I’d probably go for a) and use pick 17 to help solve the outside class issue.
  4. I’ve heard a few things. Can’t name sources sorry.
  5. Salary will be nowhere near it. Of course there’s an inherent risk in him as there is in many players. But for a third rounder the upside is enormous. You can’t take safe options all the time. Melbourne has to change that mindset. It won’t get us to the promised land.
  6. Pick 8 is too much for Laird even with the second rounder back. He’s a back flanker.
  7. Would be up walk up start on a wing for us. Back to Patton - he will only cost us a third round pick at most, maybe less if we can do a deal with GWS for pick 3. I think you’re all going to be very surprised. We’re going to make a play for him. Be mad not to try and steal him from under the Hawks’ nose.
  8. I could name about 10 in the last 22 who ran out for us who are less damaging than him.
  9. Delusional. You’re talking about a player who’s yet to even come close to the top 5 of his own club’s best and fairest. Has even come in the top 10 in the Bluey? I’d be surprised. Petracca’s numbers actually DECREASED thus year compared to his 2018.
  10. Like Scully and O’Meara’s “broken bodies”? Hmmm.
  11. Statistically his 2019 was marginally worse than his 2018. His 2018 like his 2017 and 2016 was actually pretty humdrum considering all the hype. People overrate Petracca based on his output. Has he ever taken a game by the scruff and seriously stamped himself as a match winner? Five seasons in we’ve yet to see it. Like another Dees no.2 draft pick Colin Sylvia before him, CP5’s ‘big breakout year’ is looking more and more like a mirage in the desert.
  12. I asked for a direct quote. You quoted Tim Brown. And you’re talking about maturity. Please. Who is Matsuo?
  13. Tom Brown is Brad Hill’s spokesman? Who knew 😲
  14. I’d have no issue doing just that. Re the cap, other clubs manage these types of things. There are ways. The fact is we’ve recruited in recent years for a period of success now. We’ve got a talented midfield group that will be wanting a shot at glory in 2020 and beyond. We are not in re-build mode.
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