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  1. I absolutely hate the co-captain concept. Jones and Viney did not rev up the troops in 2019, i thought to myself these so called captains have no guts to rev up their team mates. Who does what when the teams is down?(viney or jones ). They probably they have not received a job description on being a captain. I would say no to Viney, he needs to concentrate on being a beast. Max would be my sole choice.
  2. If Jackson,Pickett and Langdon make an immediate impact , I would say that our draft picks are first class. I am not sure we still have the talent to make the 8 but we will go close. I am not having high expectations. I cannot understand why we kept Jones at 300 k plus for next year. Clarkson would have cut him for sure. No other team was "head hunting" when he was at the end of his contract.
  3. We have to take a chance on getting Kemp , he will be a champion. What is interesting is some people views that we shouldn't touch broken merchandise . Net Fyfe so long ago Fyfe and Bontempelli missed a fair chunck of football and yet Fyfe won a brownlow medal and the Bont had a good year.
  4. I actually thought that our project ruckman is Bradkte. We may have to make the Weed into a forward/ruckman. Also I wouldn't be surprised if GWS pick up Anderson in lieu of Green. They (GWS) need a ruckman of quality. Since we don't have pick 8 , I cannot see us getting Kemp , hence we will have to use pick 3 on him. Kemp will be a superstar.
  5. Oliver was once a bolter and he turned out to be a great player. However I don't think the Dees need another ruckman, considering we have a project ruckman in Bradke. I am leaning towards Kemp at pick 8 , not sure on pick 3.
  6. I think Petracca needs to step up and hence he should play midfield . If we cannot get Anderson then I would get Kemp. I would trade both Viney and Brayshaw for Gaff plus a third rounder.
  7. Next thing you know is that Nat Jones will come out and support Preuss. Then we can delist him.
  8. Rusty I have thought of changing my name to power aide , not sure if the name is suitable for a bi women. Ashlee H10 , do you know what a troll is ............ nothing I said is vindictive towards anyone else. Our course we are not going to swap coaches with Adelaide and if it happens so what. For us get the right sort of players we may need to give up something and I hope we don't sell off our N0.2 pick. We could end up getting a Cripps or the Bont. Have a nice day Rusty and Ashlee H10.
  9. Brayshaw joins his bros in the west, we get a first rounder for him or a future first rounder. We then pass it on to the pies for Elliott. We swap wines for viney and we will throw in his dad. Goodwin plus our 6th rounder is swapped for Adelaide ex- coach plus their 5th rounder. Freo get our 2nd rounder. We get Langdon. We exchange our 3rd rounder for Tomlinson . We pick up Anderson or Kemp with our pick 2. We let go Frost for the Hawks 2nd rounder . Not keen on that solution however Frost'y down side he unable to play forward. May make him a one dim. player. I wouldn't mind B.Crouch for Viney. ( possibly over ambitious).
  10. sorry I forgot the question !!!!!!!!
  11. Our first pick should be on Anderson or Kemp . We will give Freo our 2nd round pick , We give Port 2 Viney's and a lower pick for Wines plus we get back an even lower pick back . Brayshaw to join Freo for a their first round pick , then we trade it off for 2 early second round picks . We give one of our 2 nd round pick to GWS for Tomlinson or we all take a penadol and forget this idea exists.
  12. Why did we give Jones a year extension , stupid , stupid move. Gold Coast wouldn't consider him whatsoever. I am waiting for the C.Sylvia / Watts lovers to come out in force.
  13. Surely with all the dumb things the club has done in the past and by going backwards this year. Goodwin would not consider Jones and possibly Viney.
  14. We need pick number 2 to get Anderson or Kemp. Who knows one of them could become a P.Cripps. I think Brayshaw wold like to be with his brothers in the west. Having said that we should somehow get a top 10 pick . We should get Langdon with a second round pick. I would like to pick up Wines , B.Hill and Amon. However B.Hill would cost overs and may not be viable.
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