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  1. I wasn't complaining, and it possibly could. Later in the season they may allow a few (small amount) of fans into the stadiums, so we could get a small amount of gate revenue later in the season.
  2. Based on this fixture we must run into the finals with a flurry of home games. With only a 17 round season, and 4 of the first 5 are away.
  3. Workmate's wife is a principle of a public school. He told me that her school just signed off (set up) on a system for online teaching with teachers and the education department and are now ready for the shift. Every school (public and private) is going through this process as we speak. Expect schools to close very soon.
  4. Won't fare much better here. Aus dollar already at 55c. Recession will not be avoided now, the government must understand that and realise playing the economy vs. health balancing game is now doomed to fail.
  5. This is just my opinion, but I don't see the AFL getting far beyond round 1. The rate of infection is increasing exponentially at a rate of about 20% per day with confirmed cases doubling every 3-5 days (and that is only cases that meet their criteria for testing. The total number of cases could 10, 100, or even 1000 times more). With the rate of infection, we'll have the same as the UK this time next week, the schools will be closed (should be closed now), and probably within 2-3 weeks of that we'll be in full lockdown. The government has no true indication of how far this virus has spread as they can't test for it as they only have a limited number of tests. 2 People at my work have come down with a severe fevor, and are told they can't be tested.
  6. I don't think the players and the AFLPA realised that this narrative was never going to be in their favour. When they were negotiating a few years ago, the AFL were painted as the bad guys, but in this instance it's going to be the players that will be painted in a bad light. They have dramatically miss-read the mood of this situation. For a lot of people at the moment, AFL footy is far from their minds. These same people are now seeing the players hold out on a potential pay cut while they struggle to keep their jobs. The AFL CEO has also agreed to take a pay cut, making the players look worse. Many staff at clubs are going to lose their jobs, and maybe when the players realise there are far fewer people at clubland in the coming weeks and months, their eyes may be opened, but if they hold out for pay now, there will be a lot of people disgruntled with them. PS. Don't buy into the wanting to play 22 games for the good of the game; it's a smoke-screen for their real agenda, this is all about maintaining their wage and not having to take a pay cut. If the season doesn't go ahead, they could lose a hell of a lot more than 20%, I wonder if the players realise this?
  7. Brisbane have reportedly charted a private plane to carry their team to Melbourne on Saturday. I hope to god Melbourne are looking into this as well. I imagine the AFL would be telling all teams to do it.
  8. Not my dad, my co-workers dad, but thanks.
  9. Not surprised by this at all. Players making the big bucks will be able to afford a stop of play, but for a few, they live on game day/performance pay and will struggle to survive.
  10. I Thought Gawny looked a bit under the weather in his Q&A last night...
  11. If he has it, season is over. But I suspect it would be cancelled before the week was out anyway.
  12. I don't see this as a prerequisite for the suspension of the AFL season. In fact, I think it is the complete opposite. I think this is being done for a mini-draft happening this week or next. This is all about topping up AFL players because they will be playing multiple games in a short period of time. But with the rate of spread, we may be in an Italy style lock-down by the end of next week.
  13. One thing this virus has opened my eyes to is the lack of empathy a lot of people have for each other. "Oh, it'll only kill the elderly or sick, why should my life be affected?" Well guess what, I'm young, but I don't think like some callous [censored] some people are being. I'm not worried about myself if I get it; I know I'll be fine. I'm worried about my nana, my parents, my elderly neighbors, my co-workers; one of which has his own father who has cancer and won't survive this virus. For once would people please stop thinking about their piece of [censored] selves and look at this as a collective? By god it infuriates me.
  14. I've been having a look at the economic impact on the club caused by this virus. With the potential of huge losses, it just popped into my head that regardless of how bad Melbourne go this year, Goodwin will not be sacked. Now i know that will annoy a few people on this site that have been gunning for him for the last six months, but with the increase financial burden, there is no way admin will pile more onto the fire. Also, with the way the season is changing by the day, I am even more forgiving of how we go this season. At the moment we're looking at playing 5-7 rounds in the first 3-4 weeks, there is no way we can judge the club on that as we've never seen it happen before. Yes, some clubs may fare better, and with our increased fitness we may be one of them, but if we aren't I think it is unfair to judge Goodwin this season.
  15. I think it's going to get to the point where the club's are going to ask their fans for donations to survive. But if we end up like Italy, I won't blame people for focusing on themselves. A lot of people will end up below the poverty line because of this.
  16. Don't worry guys, the PM has got this handled. He's told the virus to take a break until Monday so he can go to the NRL. He really know's what he's doing. FFS.
  17. Done and dusted. Sport all but over.
  18. Potentially, it can help stop the spread in the countryside, but as the population density in the cities is similar to other countries, the spread is likely to occur at the same rate within the city centres. It's already in the cities, so there is no chance of stopping the spread Australia wide.
  19. EPL will as well within 24 hours. All sport to be suspended by mid next week I suspect. What will I watch now? 😧
  20. After what Andrews said, I see no way it will happen, at least not in Victoria and NSW. But in my opinion, it would be stupid for SA or WA to allow fans to enter as who's to say a Victorian carrying the virus decides to head over for the match.
  21. Cricket following suit. There is no way fans will be going to the AFL next week.
  22. If someone has Coronavirus, it will spread around more with people lining up with no official announcement. This is a farce of epic proportions.
  23. All but certain the AFL will follow suit.
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