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  1. They should at least change the morning segment with Barrett and Lloyd from AFL Trade Radio to Essendon Trade Radio, it seems to be the only team they talk about.
  2. SEN reporting that Ben King as recomitted to Gold Coast until 2022.
  3. Frost and future second for Langdon and dropping back to pick 26. Not bad in my view.
  4. Some look at a trade in isolation, I look at the trade period as a whole. I'll judge on Wednesday night. But I do believe this is part of a plan to net us a few good picks because of FS and Academy selections next year.
  5. Gone. Pick 42, 61, Future 4th and Frost for Pick 50, Future Second Round Pick.
  6. Would love to, but doubt Hill is willing to take a $300,000 PA pay cut. Also, if we could get Pick 6 and GWS Hill, that could entice Brad more with the lure of playing with family still. Edit: I don't think we'll be getting the Hill from GWS, but one can dream.
  7. Interestingly, with Sydney holding Pick 5, they will almost certainly bid for Green. GWS now hold Pick 6 and will need to jump ahead of Sydney if they want a top 10 pick and Green. The problem for GWS is that if the rumours are true that Sydney have approached us about Pick 3, they will have to outbid Sydney for our pick to prevent Sydney bidding on Green and making Pick 6 Null and Void.
  8. I think they'll try and upgrade to Pick 3 or 4. We'll have to wait and see though.
  9. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but in the highlights package of Tomlinson, one of the highlights is of him breaking free from an Ed Langdon tackle... Not exactly a ringing endorsement for our next recruit. (Joking)
  10. I swear, if I see another (nearly identical) post about letting go of Frost and keeping Omac... We get it! You're not the first person to get angry about the potential trade and post it. In fact, you're not even the 500000th person to complain!
  11. Agree. Would not accept any deal for Pick 3, unless one of the 2 picks we receive were still in the top 10. For example. I would be open to Pick 3 and next years 2nd round, this years second round, for Pick 6, 7, and Langdon from Freo (Something like this. I know my example is probably overs, but Freo may be enticed because of Academy players next year).
  12. The position of a small forward has changed from the type of player he is. Now, small forwards also need to be high pressure players, as well as good crumbing forwards. He has ability, but lacks intensity to chase, tackle, and put pressure on the defense. There are plenty of players with lesser ability than him that get games because they're good pressure players first. It's a no from me.
  13. He should have added at the end; "But it's very, very unlikely it will happen..." They're just trying to keep the conversation going for as long as possible. There isn't enough content for a whole 2 weeks, let alone 1. They've been repeating the same content for about a week now.
  14. Looking back at Mahoney's interview last friday, and taking my MFC goggles off, I think Mahoney was ambushed by the question. He wasn't expecting it and ended up floundering through it. I think he meant that we weren't looking at any more coaches because we may have already decided on them and are just filling in the minor details before we announce the signings.
  15. An ideal scenario for me at the moment would be to get Tomlinson (Done) and Langdon for Pick 22/Future Second, and then trade Pick 3 for 2 Picks inside the top 10 (If possible). I don't think we'll trade Pick 3 unless it is an decent offer. I don't think we'll accept 2 picks in the teens.
  16. We're still looking for one more Assistant Coach according to this article. Don't know why Mahoney said we were done.
  17. It seems to me that no matter what Melbourne do, someone here will always find a way to turn it on the club. Have reasonable talks about potential trade = "The clubs caved." Take a tough stance about potential trade = "The club has no idea what they're doing! We have to give up x pick to get them!" PS. If the club had truly caved for whatever Freo wanted, Freo would be getting a first round pick.
  18. Seems odd for Freo to be coy to the media, and then say to Melbourne there is no interest behind closed doors.
  19. I have to ask, has Melbourne rocked up to Marvel yet? We're hearing things from other clubs, but nothing from Melbourne.
  20. If we're truly out of the race, I think we'll know when Mahoney rocks up at Marvel Stadium this morning.
  21. We're still offering more. Don't listen to Nixon... I know people thinks he's in the know, but he's usually spewing BS to get noticed.
  22. I had heard murmurs all the way back in June that they were interested. Like us, they've been discussing it with his manager for quite a long time. This isn't something that's just appeared in the last week. I still feel that he will either stay at Collingwood or come to Melbourne. I don't believe he wishes to move interstate just yet. This will be, most likely, his last contract, and I think he would rather remain in the circles he knows than uproot himself.
  23. Which is why I stated earlier that in Mahoney's interview, he stated that if anything were to happen, it would happen in the next week. Mahoney's not stupid, he would have known about Brisbane's interest during the interview. He knew Elliott would be making up his mind this weekend. I think we're still very much a chance.
  24. I'll refer back to Mahoney's comment that if it were to be done, it would be done in the next week. I imagine he knew of Brisbane's interest when he was on air yesterday, and that Elliott would be looking at all options. Don't assume that we are zero chance.
  25. Was the surgery before the BnF? If it were, he would have his arm in a sling.
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