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  1. For what it's worth, and I know some people lament him on here, but I would pick Weid before I picked Tmac, at least he gets involved in the play enough to warrant selection.
  2. For what it's worth, I know some people lament him on here, but I would pick Weid before I picked Tmac, at least he gets involved in the play enough to warrant selection.
  3. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt this time, but any player that does it from next week on wards, will not receive any further sympathy from me.
  4. The reason they're being strict is to appease the state governments. They want to show that they should be easily allowed to travel between states when they're still closed. If they keep breaching the rules and someone returns a positive test, some states won't allow teams to travel there.
  5. Absolutely guaranteed to get a week after the Essendon player got a week. I know they're young, but this is just plain idiotic.
  6. Cornes likes to talk about anything to keep people talking about Cornes
  7. I wasn't complaining, and it possibly could. Later in the season they may allow a few (small amount) of fans into the stadiums, so we could get a small amount of gate revenue later in the season.
  8. Based on this fixture we must run into the finals with a flurry of home games. With only a 17 round season, and 4 of the first 5 are away.
  9. Workmate's wife is a principle of a public school. He told me that her school just signed off (set up) on a system for online teaching with teachers and the education department and are now ready for the shift. Every school (public and private) is going through this process as we speak. Expect schools to close very soon.
  10. Won't fare much better here. Aus dollar already at 55c. Recession will not be avoided now, the government must understand that and realise playing the economy vs. health balancing game is now doomed to fail.
  11. This is just my opinion, but I don't see the AFL getting far beyond round 1. The rate of infection is increasing exponentially at a rate of about 20% per day with confirmed cases doubling every 3-5 days (and that is only cases that meet their criteria for testing. The total number of cases could 10, 100, or even 1000 times more). With the rate of infection, we'll have the same as the UK this time next week, the schools will be closed (should be closed now), and probably within 2-3 weeks of that we'll be in full lockdown. The government has no true indication of how far this virus has spread as they can't test for it as they only have a limited number of tests. 2 People at my work have come down with a severe fevor, and are told they can't be tested.
  12. I don't think the players and the AFLPA realised that this narrative was never going to be in their favour. When they were negotiating a few years ago, the AFL were painted as the bad guys, but in this instance it's going to be the players that will be painted in a bad light. They have dramatically miss-read the mood of this situation. For a lot of people at the moment, AFL footy is far from their minds. These same people are now seeing the players hold out on a potential pay cut while they struggle to keep their jobs. The AFL CEO has also agreed to take a pay cut, making the players look worse. Many staff at clubs are going to lose their jobs, and maybe when the players realise there are far fewer people at clubland in the coming weeks and months, their eyes may be opened, but if they hold out for pay now, there will be a lot of people disgruntled with them. PS. Don't buy into the wanting to play 22 games for the good of the game; it's a smoke-screen for their real agenda, this is all about maintaining their wage and not having to take a pay cut. If the season doesn't go ahead, they could lose a hell of a lot more than 20%, I wonder if the players realise this?
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