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  1. While it is a disgusting thing, it is something I believe humanity will never be rid of. Humans, like animals, are tribal in nature and thus prefer to, and feel safe in, ones tribe. You see it in the animal kingdom whereby any differences are targeted and eradicated from tribe, herd, etc. Because of this tribal instinct, a foreign/alien person (whether they are of a different ethnicity or not) will be looked down upon, and subconsciously, people will try to identify and target something that makes them different from the "tribe." Everyone, at some point in their life, will have a racist thought, even if they don't realise it (It can be brought about by jealousy, envy of physical traits, financial stability, social standing, etc.). It is those that voice their thoughts or put it into action that need to be weeded out and publicly shamed because they are showing that they believe what they are thinking and it isn't moment lapse in thought brought on by emotion.
  2. The way I look at this is quite simple; if we can get Bennell to even 75% of his previous output, it will be a huge bonus. Also, I think, with Petracca having more midfield time, he could potentially take over Patracca's high half-forward role. I still think there's a lot of hope in him being able to return though, but I pray I am proven wrong.
  3. I love everything the club is coming out with in recent weeks, it really flies in the face of a few doomsayer posters on this site. I thought this club was in crisis? I mean; Goodwin was to be sacked (didn't eventuate, and ended up signing Richardson to help Goodwin the same week), players wanted out en mass (didn't eventuate, with only 1 player requesting a trade after we didn't offer a contract), Lewis leaving the club disenfranchised (didn't eventuate, and ended up signing him up as a part time kicking coach). Am I seeing a pattern here? Everything that some have posted as gospel of a club in crisis hasn't occurred, and in fact in most cases, has ended up being the exact opposite!
  4. If signing Bennell is going to happen at all, is there a chance it'll happen today? Or is there still a lot of water to go under the bridge? A blow up two days ago has fizzled to nothing being reported at all. If he is going to be signed up, it sounds like other clubs have cooled.
  5. I don't really mind most of the season. My only peeve is with round 1. Playing West Coast in the middle of the afternoon in early autumn is suicide for any team, including West Coast. Why the AFL have scheduled any match in the afternoon there for the first few rounds is unfathomable. Plus, adding in a 6 day break after dying on Optus Oval has really [censored] me off.
  6. If we had to give up a pick for him, I would be saying no. But we don't. In fact, we may end up rookying him... He'll come on the cheap in terms of dollars. We're not offering him $600,000 a season...
  7. They should at least change the morning segment with Barrett and Lloyd from AFL Trade Radio to Essendon Trade Radio, it seems to be the only team they talk about.
  8. SEN reporting that Ben King as recomitted to Gold Coast until 2022.
  9. Frost and future second for Langdon and dropping back to pick 26. Not bad in my view.
  10. Some look at a trade in isolation, I look at the trade period as a whole. I'll judge on Wednesday night. But I do believe this is part of a plan to net us a few good picks because of FS and Academy selections next year.
  11. Gone. Pick 42, 61, Future 4th and Frost for Pick 50, Future Second Round Pick.
  12. Would love to, but doubt Hill is willing to take a $300,000 PA pay cut. Also, if we could get Pick 6 and GWS Hill, that could entice Brad more with the lure of playing with family still. Edit: I don't think we'll be getting the Hill from GWS, but one can dream.
  13. Interestingly, with Sydney holding Pick 5, they will almost certainly bid for Green. GWS now hold Pick 6 and will need to jump ahead of Sydney if they want a top 10 pick and Green. The problem for GWS is that if the rumours are true that Sydney have approached us about Pick 3, they will have to outbid Sydney for our pick to prevent Sydney bidding on Green and making Pick 6 Null and Void.
  14. I think they'll try and upgrade to Pick 3 or 4. We'll have to wait and see though.
  15. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but in the highlights package of Tomlinson, one of the highlights is of him breaking free from an Ed Langdon tackle... Not exactly a ringing endorsement for our next recruit. (Joking)
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