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  1. As long as it's not Zempilas, I don't care who it is...
  2. The assumption that any potential recruit would be evaluated off of 1 game is almost laughable, and I say almost because i couldn't fathom how stupid a recruiting team would have to be if they did so. The fact that some here have based their decision to recruit Tomlinson on Saturday's game, and haven't seen his last 80 games for GWS, is idiotic. Sure, he's no world beater, but he's a damn good pick up for the price we'll be paying him. Him and Langdon on the wings? We've been screaming out for something like it all season!
  3. I think it's more to do with the money/trade for Hill, Ryder, Zac Jones, etc is the reason they've cooled. They're targeting everyone, and only latching onto the ones that bite their line. Also, it doesn't say they've lost interest, only that their focus is elsewhere (ie. Focusing on the Hill trade).
  4. You're going to ask this every second day, aren't you Binman? Note: I'm agreeing with you. I think this thread is stupid too.
  5. I've never laughed at something so much in my life. You must be a Troll. Must be a Troll. Because; by God if you aren't, you need some help my friend. Urgently.
  6. You asked if people were only wanting him back because he was a past player. Someone replies that he mainly wants him because of his experience under Clarkson. You then hone in on the off the cuff comment about him being a past player being a bonus as the only reason they wanted him back. You clearly aren't looking at this subjectively like you state others aren't.
  7. As far as I'm aware, he's had 7 years under Clarkson. Don't be so quick to fob him off because you assume that people want him back because he's a former player that did very well for us.
  8. My gut feel with this is; If we sign Elliot, Frost will go. If we don't sign Elliot, Frost will stay. There's no guarantees in life. But, I ask you; who would you rather? Unfortunately, the question's not easy because you have to take into account the various injuries we've had this year, as well as Elliot's previous injuries. But if it was based on talent and potential impact in the side, I would pick Elliot in a heartbeat.
  9. Those that want Goodwin gone blame him for the season we had. And yet, those same people will say that it was the whole coaching panel that got us to a preliminary final last year. I for one can't understand how it's the coaching group as a whole one year, and then suddenly, when we have a disastrous year, it's all completely one person's fault! If it was the panel last year, it was the panel this year! Which is why we're seeing the departures we are now. Goodwin may be a good coach, he may be a bad one, but we'll have no idea what would happen if we got rid of him now. I imagine we'd finish 18th if we changed the coach now.
  10. Now. Now, Demonland. We're Melbourne Supporters. We're supposed to be Pessimistic, not Optimistic.
  11. Unfortunately, the AFLPA hold too much power over the AFL. The only way I ever see it happening is if all player wages were doubled. But right now the AFLPA want their cake and to eat it too.
  12. It's why the players are pushing for it to be reduced to 6 years. Concurrently, Clubs are arguing to be able to trade their players while in contract to whoever they want if the players want to reduce the free agency age to 24. Basically, it would mean that the clubs have power while in contract, but once out of contract, the players have control of where they go.
  13. Not 8 seasons at Melbourne, 8 Seasons in total. You have to play 8 seasons for 1 club to be a FA or be 28 years old.
  14. For the love of... I can't believe how blinded some people are by Frost's 20m Dash. Sure, it looks cool, but close your eyes for the next passage (as so many of you do), as it'll be going over his head with interest. While I would like to keep him, if he wants more money than he's worth (and I'm not saying that some aren't on more than they're worth), than it's probably the best time to trade him as his trade value would never be higher at the moment.
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