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  1. So if this is true we’ve turned 3, 26 and 50 this year into 6 and 8. Feels like slight overs for mine but happy to see what we do with them before losing my mind
  2. There’s a video in the pick 3 thread @Wiseblood that I think really highlights his ball winning and crumbing in the forward line. He seems to have a bit of bulk on him, despite his short stature
  3. there'll be a few demonlander's wanting to see the weekly votes with this result
  4. I'd love to know the process that got him to say Basil if he's pulling our collective leg
  5. Also suggests picking up Tomlinson and Amon in free agency on top of these moves. Both good options imo
  6. I don't mind his 3 options for the draft/trade period. Has there been any more mention of Ben King coming out of GC? 1) Trade pick 2 for Brad Hill and Ed Langdon – potentially moving on a player if you need to, to make the salary cap work. Take pick 20 to the draft. 2) Trade pick 2 for Ben King and pick 20 for Ed Langdon. 3) Trade pick 20 for Ed Langdon, and take pick 2 to the draft – or if you can downgrade it for two picks, like say two first-rounders from GWS, consider that.
  7. As I assume most of us here at DL are, like myself, struggling to see the positives light on this seasons efforts, I wanted to watch some of our boys best performances. No matter how deconstructive this may be I'm sick of watching the boys play the way the have been. Games like Adelaide last year and West Coast in West Coast came to mind as serious football performances from our Dees. Any suggestions for some guilty viewing before coming back to reality this weekend?
  8. But we won’t as there’s another 4 that we’ve seen when firing can more than handle the load themselves. Anderson up forward can be his release. Either way I don’t see us getting him as GC are more than likely to get gifted one of the best 1-2 combo this draft
  9. I feel like a 5 man of Clayton, Brayshaw, Viney, Anderson and Harmes would go well. Anderson can play more outside and even push forward more than the others is I don’t think it’ll be as big a problem
  10. If you think we’d trade Jack for a 2nd rounder your kidding yourself. Nor should we do it.
  11. I’ll have a go, created an account for this. Not sure of the order usually used but 6 being the best down to 1: 6 - Viney - Seemed to be one of the extremely rare few to actually give a damn all game, plenty of contested possies and his tackling was decent 5 - Brayshaw - had a real ugly start with a few of the usual hand balling/kicking to the other team but got back involved later in the game and seemed to play a little more like the Gus of old 4 - Gawny - not near his best but that’s still enough to place himself above the rest of the slackers 3 - Lewis - was composed with the footy out of the backline and without him we’d look even more lost 2 - Stretch - Very critical of this bloke usually but with the slim pickings this week I feel like his outside presence tonight was something we have been missing. If only it came from a talented afl level footballer every week 1 - Chandler - finally the young fella was always gonna give it a crack tonight. Loved his sneaky handball along the ground when under pressure. Just pushes Clarry out of the 6 this week
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