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  1. 6. Brayshaw 5. Viney 4. Oliver 3. Pickett 2. Gawn 1. Hibberd
  2. Unluckiest player in the comp, hoping he doesn’t let this setback get to him too much. On the other hand Preuss being so close is a nice surprise
  3. The interesting part is that he thinks only 1 or 2 players will miss Rd 1, not including Bennel, KK and Neita. Preus being an obvious pick I’m guessing either May or Vanders. How’s Hannan been tracking because he may be questionable as well
  4. I knew I wasn't crazy when I thought I heard this
  5. Don't get me wrong I rate Rivers highly, even stating he'd be one of the three i'd like us to take.
  6. Whoever picks Ryan Byrnes at this stage has got away with robbery
  7. Also knightmare has linked us to Brady Rowles which he says is another reach
  8. I heard his teammates call him basil
  9. We’re still doing riddles right?
  10. Got word this morning that Weightman is confident he’ll find him self in a kennel come tonight.
  11. I feel like Weightman would be a mistake but I’ve been wrong before
  12. I'm punting that other teams might have their favourite recruit in mind and none of them are eyeing off a back flanker. One can dream
  13. Doerre stating on his twitter that Young may drop to pick 10 potentially. Sydney and Fremantle only teams that may get in the way according to him. Obviously thats an amazing result and the recent pick swap makes even more sense
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