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  1. IF we were still set on getting Martin, we still have time to reload contracts to fit him in. $650k across 5 years isn't wildly extravagant in the current landscape, but the $1 million front end loading is. AFL.com article basically says the fact that we can still re-organise contracts means the door isn't totally shut on us, but GC is effectively ruled out: https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-11-11/jack-martin
  2. I'd have him behind all of those named. Taylor intrigues me the most, but have a hunch that he's not someone we're considering all that strongly.
  3. If we do end up deciding to go with Jackson as high as 3, we could split 8 and select Gould as a similar(ish) player to Young and go with whichever small/medium forward is available with the second pick. That could be any one of Weightman, Bergman and Pickett all of whom we've been linked with to varying degrees.
  4. Bennell was one of Martin’s best mates at the Suns according to this piece from last year. They did seem to look for each other pretty frequently in the GC forward line.
  5. There were a few that ranked Grundy the second best player in the pool. Key difference b/n Grundy and Jackson in their draft year is exposure and runs on the board. Grundy showed plenty as a 17 year old and then backed it up in his top age year, including good performances for Sturt’s senior team and dominating at the Champs. Jackson’s recent conversion to the AFL pathway means there’s not a lot of prior performance and he’s only shown a fraction of what Grundy had at the same time. Also, he got better as the season wore on and some his best performances came off broadway at WAFL reserves level post champs. I think those performances really elevated his standing, but most of us haven’t seen those games. I watch a fair amount of junior footy, but I am confident that I haven’t seen enough of Jackson to make a judgement on whether we should pick him as high as 3.
  6. Agreed. Harmes still had 2 years to run on his contract, so fair old extension. Wonder if his contract has been structured (or re-structured) to give us some flexibility as early as this offseason.
  7. Unless you’re the Suns and you’re given a priority pick to keep mates together...
  8. These highlight reels a bit better: https://www.goldcoastfc.com.au/video/2014-08-31/rd23-jack-martin-showreel https://www.goldcoastfc.com.au/video/2017-09-13/22under22-jack-martin-highlights
  9. Michael Gleeson went on to say that the Dees weren’t mentioned in the story because they ruled themselves out (follow up tweet to the original link to the Age article)
  10. I guess all of that still applies to us if Martin isn't delisted prior to the draft. If we keep working away in the background (which I'm certain we are still doing, but not in the open), it would be negligent of Dover to ignore us IF we could clearly match salary demands. With player salaries still being private, I think there's a fair amount of 'best guess' scenario's being thrown around in these conversations (ie Carlton should have more cap space than Melbourne), but there's still a relative lack of certainty there for all involved. How good is our poker face?
  11. Dover's got a history of this. In the lead up to the 2012 mini draft this is from an article in relation to Martin nominating for the mini draft. I'd like to know Jason's thoughts on the 'wrong club' and the 'right environment': It is a system that Martin's manager, Jason Dover, said could work for the teenager if he is recruited into the right environment. However, it is possible he would remain in WA for the first 12 months of any deal if that didn't happen. "We need to make a decision by Wednesday as to whether Jack nominates or not and part of that decision is weighting up which clubs are likely to figure for this," Dover told AFL.com.au. "If it looks like the deal is done with the wrong club and we don't believe it would be best for Jack's development, then there is every chance that he'll stay in WA for that 12 months. "Having a year in the system and developing a lot of the positive habits would be perfect for him in the right environment and with the right plan around him. "I can see it working really well for a player like Jack, it's just trying to get him into the right environment."
  12. We've done so much work in promoting the game in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities in NT, and Nev's consistently been recognized for his work outside of club time, if that's of any importance to Martin we should be well ahead of Carlton on that score at least.
  13. Dees have a month to keep pestering Martin and his management. Martin currently in Europe, so Dover is handling everything and currently batting away any other offers. Carlton offer is generous and a lot of groundwork already done. If the path to Carlton starts to look unlikely, he’ll have to switch tact, but no surprises with what’s been said so far. If Melbourne are genuinely keen they’ll persist.
  14. Why are ‘well placed sources’ leaking now?
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