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  1. Was something in the media a couple of weeks ago about Geelong trying to lure him in a year when he hits free agency.
  2. We’ll have a bit with first Watts then Hogan shipped out. Lewis and Garlett will be off the books at years end. With staggered contracts I think we’re expecting to be able to snag a decent trade target this year.
  3. OOC at seasons end and may be open to a move to Victoria as his partner is from here and reportedly unsettled on GC. Was keen on getting to Bombers last year, but scuppered by Shiel deal.
  4. Or in the case of Jordon, not so late get! Wonder if Andrews comes back as a over-ager.
  5. Don't worry about Jordan, he came into the Chargers system late and hoped he'd get to us late, reckon he's among the best kicks in the pool and a very good decision maker. Surprised he went this high, but happy we brought him in.
  6. Will there be runner cam? What happens if the runner does a hammy and doesn't submit the pick in time? Maybe the NGA bids can be settled by whichever club's runner gets to Gill first. Would be better than the GF sprint. I think I prefer this system tbh...
  7. Would be stoked if this happened. Sounds like there's lots of hijinks to play out yet. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-21/callum-twomeys-late-mail
  8. Funnily enough I was reminded of McKay when watching Kennerley too, though I reckon Kennerley projects as a more consistent ball winner I think Kennerley’s got a bit more depth on his kick than someone like Billy and he had a more consistent season than McKenzie. Although I really like McKenzie’s potential (his upside arguably greater than Kennerley), I think Kennerley's game is closer to what we need right now. I also like that Kennerley was able to hit the scoreboard on a regular basis as well. A good finisher from around 50, which would be invaluable if he were to bring that to senior AFL footy. Not often you come across an inside ball winner with the burst speed that Sparrow has, so can see the appeal. The polish could come when the game slows down for him (with experience), but that level of competitiveness is virtually impossible to teach. Tom Joyce has plenty of fans too, there were some whispers that Freo might look to grab him with their 2nd or 3rd rd pick. He’s probably gotten lost amongst the 5 or so very highly rated SA boys.
  9. Kennerley's the one for mine if Sturt & O'Halloran are gone, but McKenzie's not a bad option if it pans out that way. Seems like there's a lot of love for Tom Sparrow too.
  10. Tend to agree, although I think Tyson's spot is there for the taking. One of Kolodjashnij or Hunt could step straight in, but Wagner could keep them honest. Probably better suited to that role than Tyson in a direct comparison.
  11. Yep, Libs aren’t even bothering to run dead in Richmond. They want Greens to topple Labor here and don’t want to divert any votes away from them. Greens are a strong chance in Richmond too. Labor are appropriately nervous about this one.
  12. Reckon this will be a nice get. Liked Corey in his draft year, had zip and made things happen, should be good depth in an area where we need it (outside run). Ended up going the pick after Mitch King in 2015. Another tick for the Casey partnership as well. VFL: Corey Wagner’s AFL journey
  13. Ask and you shall receive: Nick Bowen‏Verified account @Nick_Bowen 5m5 minutes ago Former Kangaroo small forward Corey Wagner expected to get to Melbourne under new pre-season selection rule http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-20/three-set-to-sign-with-clubs-after-withdrawing-from-draft
  14. Bytel was very good last year. Two I like as smokies are Daly Andrews from Western Jets (long kicking, athletic type who loves going for a run) and James Jordan (186cm Oakleigh midfielder who can play half back, great decision maker and could be the most penetrating kick in the class). For different reasons, both didn't have a tonne of exposure this year, but could be great late gets.
  15. AFL Draft Central have a look at a few who they rank in the 16-30 range. https://www.afldraftcentral.com.au/2018/11/07/afl-draft-central-november-2018-power-rankings-16-30/
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