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  1. And Rowell & Anderson drag Oakleigh over the line by 7 points in a cracker. 24 touches and 3 critical goals, 28 touches and 10 tackles for Rowell.
  2. Rowell and Anderson are back for Oakleigh this week. Half time against Sandy and Rowell has 16 touches ad 6 tackles and Anderson has 15 and a goal. It's live on the NAB League app if anyone's interested.
  3. GC not likely to accept. If they were to entertain trading King, pick 2 would have to be involved. We might be able to get the Lions first rd pick (owner by the Suns) back in exchange with a bit of horse trading. Any of the first 7 picked last year would be in contention for top 2 this year. Was a terrific group.
  4. It would be the next step in the evolution of live trading. Won’t happen until players association tick off players no longer having power of veto on trade destination. Maybe when next collective agreement is negotiated.
  5. I think all clubs get the chance to put forward wish lists and they get consulted on significant decisions, but ultimately 17 clubs could reject the notion and the commission could still sanction a pick before the draft.
  6. I prefer Anderson to Rowell (both should be guns at senior AFL level) and when I break it down, I can’t see how Rowell is that far ahead of Anderson in general rankings. Wouldn’t be surprised if the order of those two flipped closer to draft day. If GC gets the extra pick at the top of the draft, I guess it’s irrelevant for everyone else. Love the way Ash plays. I think Young’s kicking would be just that bit more valuable to the Dees, but purely from an enjoyment point of view could watch Ash’s dash all day long.
  7. Hey mate, Cheers. It’s been nice to have a bit of extra time to pop back into DL. Hahah, fair to say that the list analysis throws up some contentious views and I raised a brow at more than a few things in there. I found their earlier podcast discussions on the profile of this years draft crop quite interesting and was good to get some takes that aren’t from the mainstream footy media. Who do you like in this year's crop?
  8. On trading pick 2 , I don’t think anyone is suggesting we trade pick 2 straight up for Brad Hill. The question would be whether we trade pick 2 for Hill AND Freo’s first. Currently that’s pick 7, and i could see it dropping to pick 6. With a bit of horse trading it’s not impossible to see Langdon included in the deal. Should we be exploring whether we could walk away from this trade draft period with Hill, Langdon as well as someone like Dylan Stephens (Ash or Serong are possibles here too)? We could deal with our (glaring) immediate needs and get a first round talent in one deal. A lot of the commentary around pick 2 is predicated on Anderson being the player available at 2, but I would not be surprised (assuming that GC aren’t gifted a priority pick at the start of the 1st round), if GC went with Anderson at pick 1. Rowell may have a few more runs on the board, but Anderson is 10 cm’s taller and can play in other areas of the ground. If I’m picking first, I’m leaning toward Anderson. What if it wasn’t Anderson, but Rowell we were talking about being the player available at pick 2? Would we want to pick the pure inside midfielder if we held pick 2?
  9. Stumbled onto this draft podcast. Worth listening to and reviews Melbourne’s list and needs this week: https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=402369
  10. Petracca has built in to the season as his match fitness has built up. Looks like he’s gotten his confidence back in the second half of the season too. He’s ranked as an elite general forward based on his performance this season, which is some feat given how dysfunctional our forward line has been. Must remember he lost a full year of development due to his ACL injury, putting him a year behind De Goey, who offers a good point of comparison from Trac’s 2014 draft contemporaries. To a certain degree Trac suffers from the expectation placed upon his draft number and associated criticism based on what some fans hoped he would be by now. That's understandable, but potentially neglects what what he offers.
  11. Agree, his combination of traits and size (185cms) appeals, as an overall package, more to me than Henry. I think he has the highest upside in the pool.
  12. G’day mate, I am very well, hope you are too. Both WA teams would make a lot of sense as far as Jackson goes, will be interesting to see what maneouvres will be made to secure him. Probably the best rounded ruck prospect to come through since Grundy. Was a big fan of what Kemp did in the Champs, particularly the last couple of games. His midfield game flashed a bit of Paddy Cripps, and his impact in the forward line pushed him up. He’s a true utility, i’m not sure where (or whether) he settles down in one area of the ground. The only qualifier when trying to project how that translates into senior footy is that this crop overall is short on quality tall players (across the ground). Kemp had a bit of a size advantage in all areas of the ground, and he used it well. He won’t have the same advantage at senior level. He can’t do much about the size of his immediate competition at this level, although that qualifier works both ways. If I was picking between him and a comparable player (eg Sam Flanders), I’m picking Kemp because he has that size. His talent should translate, but would have been great to see a bit more of him post champs. Given the balance of our list is currently skewed toward bigger bodied mids, I’d choose a few others ahead of him, but he’d be a great fit for almost every other club. Have you seen much of Elijah Taylor?
  13. The value of the pick is always relative to the depth of the pool. Last year there were 7 standouts who, as individuals, could have viably occupied top 5 spots in most draft pools. This year there are 2 in Rowell and Anderson, which makes 1 & 2 more valuable than usual (and not necessarily reflected in draft points calculated value alone). The next group is starts with Hayden Young (who is not far off to being up there with Rowell and Anderson). In the scenario where GC chose Anderson first and we still held pick 2, I’d select Young over Rowell, as he’d be an excellent fit for us. Reminds me of Heppell at the same age, but his kick may have greater penetration. Has super vision and executes under pressure as well. After Young, there is Lachie Ash, Dylan Stephens (both with pace and good kicking skills, so also reasonable fits for us), Tom Green (GWS Academy), Kemp and Luke Jackson. There are others on the fringe of top 10 calibre, but potentially you have 8 or so identifiable top 10 quality talents (and being a ruckman, Jackson won’t go that high, but Serong probably will). Once you get to pick 8 you have variable quality, and I reckon comparitive first round quality goes to about pick 16 (this includes highly rated guys like Dylan Williams and Cameron Taheny whose stock took a hit after poor Championships). 2nd round quality runs to about 31 (short of our third round selection, 38 at this stage). Given our 2nd rd pick is close to a first round selection (may be inside pick 20 after Tom Green bids are in), I’d package that along with our third (or next year’s second) to get a late first round pick to send to Freo for Hill.
  14. Wonder if Saints are willing to give up pick 5 for Hill? Seems steep, but they don't have much else in terms of picks after trading away their 2019 2nd & 3rd rd picks last year. Maybe we can package pick 20 & 38 for a mid 1st round pick (and maybe something back the other way) and trade that pick (15ish) for Hill. Suns hold Brisbane's 1st rd pick and (at this stage) don't pick again till 49. Might be happy to nab the extra picks for any bids on Conor Budarick, or even just to have extra selections.
  15. Cheers. Agree that NEAFL form is difficult to measure objectively, but he can only play what's put in front of him Sproule's also had injury to deal with this year as well. We don't have much to lose in asking and there's no clear pathway into the GWS senior team. Could be a match. Think so. Was GWS academy eligible, but got through to rookie draft by recollection. Was in the same forward line as Marshall. Not sure if that was a help or hindrance in his draft year, but remember that he had a good patch in 2016 GF that helped Murray get back into the game. Just didn't finish off his good work.
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