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  1. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Demonlanders. A disappointing year on field, but always nice to have this place to vent, dissect and hope. Appreciate everyone's banter and insight, enjoy the season and look after yourselves.
  2. This is a companion piece to the video. All the wheeling & dealing that influenced the 1st round. Good read: Inside the draft's first round: Twists, turns, bluffs and the big calls
  3. All the clubs get relatively glowing assessments, but worth noting how highly Mick Ablett rates Trent Rivers kicking. He made a point of it on Fox's draft coverage (pretty sure Dazzle quoted on another thread), and makes it again here: AFL draft gurus assess every club’s draft haul – and there’s some clear standouts
  4. A little bit. Half forward with good speed and skills. Went missing a lot in the champs, which is why he wasn't in the top 20 mix, had a slight injury cloud. Good in SANFL reserves, can kick bags, but don't think he's what we'll be looking for. Would have liked more consistent performance from him, at the back of last year he was in the mix to be the first SA boy picked.
  5. He's the one I'm really hoping for, but Brisbane have been the most likely to pinch him for a while.
  6. A good number of clubs seem to have made the call to not even consider. Hawks, Swans and the Dees seem to be three who would be willing to give him the chance. We may pass now that we have Kossie though (if Swans haven't already taken him at 28).
  7. Sorry mate, haven't seen him play. Had read that Richmond have some interest and possibly will be a value pick up for someone due to his injury, but I don't have much of a reference point unforts.
  8. As long as we don’t do anything outrageous, we are in a very good spot. Could tick off a bunch of needs in one draft. One of Rivers, Gould, Sharp, Taylor, Bianco or Williams would make me very happy. And not an unrealistic chance that we’ll get to choose one either.
  9. Some unlikely names still on the board. Apart from Robertson, there's Worrell, Harrison Jones, Trent Rivers, Will Gould, Elijah Taylor, Jeremy Sharp & Dylan Williams still there. Wow.
  10. Saints don't have stake in it now, so I'd take him at his word. If Saints didn't get Hill in, Ash would have made sense for them given their need for outside run, and he's a fair chance to go at pick 4 as it is.
  11. Neville is Kossie's cousin as well. Some pretty decent bloodlines there! We won't be able to do it with pick 10 as Port were original owners of that pick before splitting it with St Kilda (it's seen a few homes now!).
  12. Don't think so. Some recruiters have a mixture of Young or Jackson as the next best in the draft behind Rowell, pretty sure GC are not one of those. Anderson will be heading to GC.
  13. Always a possibility. Trying to be objective, I have always thought that drafting is a combination of getting in the best talent whilst building a list that gets you the chance to compete for a number of years. We’ve had a few cracks at the top of the draft and have a number of ‘best talent available’ types who are predominantly inside mids. Our list structure is a little bit unbalanced and is short of a key forward and a small who can both apply pressure, win the ball at ground level and take their goalscoring opportunities. It is a critical role and an area where we were absolutely horrible in last year. Pickett is the one we’ve rounded on to play the role. We can’t pick swap with Port (as pick 10 started with them) and Dogs are a strong chance of taking Pickett with pick 13, so trading with Geelong may not be palatable. I’m conflicted on taking him that high, but ultimately, if we kick the can too far down the track on drafting for the list, we could end up with none of our preferred options. Jackson may be the best tall that we get access to for a number of years. We are going to pass on some good players, and that does make me uncomfortable, but I’m starting to see that it’s probably the right move at this point.
  14. Another highlights video, this one from a SANFL senior game:
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