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  1. What a kick in the [censored]............Even though he's no longer a Dee you gotta feel for this YOUNG guy
  2. I would LOVE to see another Irishman with the team. I know it is a big gamble (skill level, homesickness) There have been some great signings in recent years for other teams but also a lot of non-runners. As a rookie draft, I hope so in the near future, but for the minute I think they should concentrate on home grown and players who are, if not from Victoria, within a close proximity to home. Get the team up and running again.........THEN THE NEXT JIM STYNES
  3. Cornes seems to have a major chip on his shoulder............I think he's best ignored !
  4. It's true. A 6 day turnaround........................??????????????????
  5. Great news !!!!!!!!! Thanks Brendan McCartney for putting time into him !!!!!!!
  6. I agree, last year someone forgot to tell the players
  7. HOLY GOD........at what stage did I mention eye gouging ? Punching someone in the face ? " reckless" ? You my man are responsible for that with a comment/presumption like that !!!!
  8. That is my point !!!!!!!!!!! Where did SMARTER and more CONTROLLED get us this year ???? Second last ?...Let's be nice, let's loose with our heads high.........BOLLOX
  9. I agree, but the hardness is /was not there last year. ..........No Mongrel !!!!
  10. I think we were harder last year ! I would love to know the average fine/suspension in the last few years that the Dee's have had ?
  11. Just thinking, how many of our lads have had suspensions-fines during the last season ? I honestly can't remember any. Are we under the average ? ARE WE NOT HARD ENOUGH ??????????????
  12. He had a good year in 2018 because the ball was up in the other end of the ground............I don't think I'm too far wrong
  13. LOL (chicken head).........Ethan I hope I'm wrong, you say a fair bit cheaper, where/on who is the big money going ?
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