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  1. Ah right, as someone said previously he must be one of the unluckiest blokes going around at the moment
  2. Surely KK should still be in non-contact training right now? I did see he had the red hat on the other today to indicate no contact
  3. Wow what an easy decision to make on such simple criteria. I reckon Stephen Wells should be worried about you coming for his job
  4. Has been given 7 games in a team’s forward line that has been dominated by Tom Hawkins for the last decade. I wouldnt say the jury is out on his career just yet.
  5. Had to make space for Jenkins and Steven. I wouldnt knock him just because the cats dont think he’s worth anything
  6. I've got no concerns with picking him up as a project player. Gold Coast could be keener given he's a Queensland boy, however he'd probably have a greater chance at senior opportunities through us
  7. I heard they’re jetting over Juddy just to make sure Martin will come. Worked for them getting Shiel last time right?
  8. Wylie Buzza delisted by the Cats due to the arrival of Jenkins. Not that he is the answer to our key forward woes, but would be a solid addition to our depth having only Weideman and McDonald as our only genuine key forwards who have spent more than their fair share of time on the sidelines. Would cost next to nothing, might even be worth it just on a rookie spot. Has only played 7 AFL games for 5 goals, however has been stuck behind Hawkins, Ratugolea and even Taylor for a spot. Worth the look? 2019 VFL Stats: 17 games, 32 goals
  9. Martin is on holiday in Europe for the next month, can imagine it’s going to be hard for us to properly get into his ear about joining up
  10. Right, doesnt seem fair that a club can just reject any deals and then bully contract figures to force him to their club. Also seems ridiculous if they could frontend roughly 1.5mil or so of a contract but its looking like thats the way its going to crumble. Only hope is that May and Kolo can convince him otherwise. I dont doubt that we’d be able to pay him close to what Carlton will per year, but that high front ending seems to be the issue
  11. What's stopping us from just drafting Martin in the PSD. Won't we be able to determine his contract size and length - or does Martin/his management have any say in what he gets paid?
  12. Couldnt catch a balloon if he tried unfortunatel. Is a decent kick for goal but rarely gets that opportunity. See it very hard for him to squeeze into the team with Tomlinson/Weideman doing the chop-out ruck work.
  13. Young looks to be a more penetrating kick than Salem, way more agile, and perfect for that rebounding half-back role and given some time could probably rotate through onto a wing.
  14. PSD has no priority picks, we're still sitting at 2
  15. Am I wrong in assuming the only reason the Suns didnt accept Carlton’s pretty generous offer was that they’re going to redraft him at the Suns? Why not accept 9 and whatever else was involved if you’re not certain you’ll be keeping him at the club? They’re within their right to redraft him and must be confident they can either at least keep him on the list til next year when they can maybe get something from him or try and get him invested in the club? All in all a very confusing one that will no doubt be fleshed out soon.
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