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  1. 100% agree with all that mate, its been good seeing a side respond so well to adversity but not the point I was making. Tomlinson is hardly the equivelant of ANB filling in for an injury riddled dees sidel. He’s a much better player than half of what we have right now and we get him for nothing. I think everyone needs to quell their judgements after watching one performance...
  2. Hasnt played in 2 weeks. Wouldnt judge him on one performance. Played 20 games this year ina stacked team, would think that says enough regardless of tonight.
  3. I’m honestly convinced that anyone disagreeing that we dont need someone like Elliot at the club truely doesnt want our club to succeed.
  4. Anyone still believing we’ll end up with pick 2 is beyond delusional. Afl will be doing everything it can to help out its basket case of a club
  5. Couldnt agree more. Unless we offer some insanely stupid amount of money then we literally have nothing to lose. Landing Langdon Tomlinson and Langdon with pick 3 still in hand is a bloody exciting prospect
  6. Agree that the whole thing seems a bit off, however it's not unlikely that they're waiting to fill other vacancies (Rawlings leaving) to 100% determine exactly what role he'd be working within the coaching department. He and the club probably know what role he's fulfilling, but would be awful to announce it then go back on it later with other personnel arriving. Does appear a lot like we grabbed him purely out of his senior experience.
  7. Riiiiight totally not talking about the same club which has been able to land Steven May and Jake Lever in previous seasons. I'm sure great facilities are nice bonus' for players, but if Gold Coast had the best facilities on planet earth im sure as hell not going there, no matter the amount of money.
  8. So much went wrong this year it almost felt that the coaches, in particular Goodwin had no idea where to start with it. Mass confusion. Hopefully they've all taken a lot from this in terms of personal responses to such problems. I really hope the footy department and coaches identify from a tactical approach, how we can really compete week in week out against the top teams. Simply winning contested ball isnt going to cut it anymore. On another note, they really need to make sure he has the senior assistants around him and ready to help out. Richardson was a good start, but still need the likes of Yze and possibly others to really make sure we have the game plan and matchday coaching in place to take this group back to that next level. At the moment our coaching mix doesnt exactly scream "premiership" unlike for exmaple the pies with Rob Harvey, Bucks, Brenton Sanderson, Anthony Rocca and Justin Longmuir
  9. Delist - Omac Seek Trades/use in deals - ANB, Stretch, JKH Keep - Wagners (Corey keep on Rookie list unless we can find some thing better through rookie draft, Josh defensive depth)
  10. I think the real problem with this whole situation is not that the club don't believe in his ability to play, but the footy department not accounting for a) how much improvement Frost would show this year, and b) the amount of players we would have to bring in during this trade period plus their salaries to equalise our deficiencies around the park. I don't think anyone after last year could wholeheartedly say that they saw a year like this coming - especially when factoring in just how much personnel we'd have to fix up come trade period. Frost coming out of contract at this time of year was probably viewed as an easy fix. Now with the likes of Langdon, Tomlinson and possibly others linked it seemingly looks like a squeeze for cash. The only thing I'll say is that if we really want to keep him, we need to get rid of the absolute list-clogging hacks that are taking up valuable coin.
  11. Can't see how Petty is in front of him, has shown nothing down back to make me think he's part of the best 6 down back. Think the club will develop his forward role this year
  12. Apart Frost taking the ball out of defensive 50, we never look like scoring out of our back half. Dinky kicks from Salem and co. end up running us into just as much trouble as one of Frost’s adventures. Aside from that, his speed allows him to play on the more mobile forwards and even allows him to play smaller if needed. Yes the offensive side of his game needs some greater control and care, but he is still a good defender. Frost may have looked well truley beaten at times one on one this year, but you can chalk that up to our mids literally just watching their opponents waltz into our forward 50.
  13. Do we really believe Frost’s manager saying that the dees believe he’s a required and are still attempting to get him a contract? Surely thats just more driving up of his price at other clubs. would love him to stay but when was the last time a player was seen touring another clubs facilities and stayed at his club?
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