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  1. Very good points. I've long mused on just how much damage Neeld did to his relationship with the playing group right back at possibly his first public address as coach (was it the BnF?) where he delivered an awkward slapdown to applause when he was introduced. He may have come from the successful Collingwood setup, but he hardly carried the credentials of a Malthouse that may have lent greater weight to such an approach.
  2. Fine. 2020 can be a 16 team comp and they can sit it out.
  3. Not a close one, but our 111 point capitulation to the Cats for Paul Roos's last game as coach was a pretty disappointing send-off for one of the game's titans.
  4. Ooh the public burn on Fitzpatrick and Dunn. Gawn really is a character. 😁
  5. Interesting to see large gaps where 13 hasn't been worn. Superstition I assume, but does anyone know more?
  6. That "two will make you stronger" line is nauseating in its appeasement.
  7. Out of curiosity, does anyone have any firm numbers on how many Fitzroy supporters were lost to the game after their merger? I can't imagine being nearly as interested in the game if the Dees were pushed into a merger.
  8. The only reason the 2012 brownlow was tainted was the disgraceful conduct of Lloyd's club.
  9. This is new. Unknown. And it's putting a lot more people in intensive care than the flu does. Influenza mortality rate is something.like 0.1%. COVID19 is looking 10 or 20 times higher than that.
  10. If the rest of the men's comp is cancelled will we have a 9 way tie for the Brownlow?
  11. It's a little easier psychologically when you know home is a few minutes drive from the ground.
  12. We're looking a long way from a top 8 side let alone a top 4 side.
  13. Because it didn't bounce to Gawn
  14. Hard not to happen when we're always 2nd to the contest
  15. Players could be flat as tacks, or frustrated raging bulls. Will be fascinating to see how this game goes.
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