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  1. A timer or status bar on the stream during the meal break would be helpful. 😠
  2. ...I start Youtubing how to tie a hangman's noose.
  3. And get him back into that fluoro green helmet - much more umpire eye catching than the red & blue number.
  4. However, it's hard not to admire the bloke for persisting with that hairstyle against all better judgement for the better part of a decade.
  5. Nothing warms the heart quite like a Magpie in tears.
  6. An absolute disgrace. Saw that this morning and wondered who was going to fired from AFL HQ this morning. Then wondered if it was a clumsy attempt to get a WCE player peeing gatorade off the radar.
  7. That would be very Melbourne. It's set in very residential streets a distance from Centre Rd commercial district. Surely it wouldn't be too difficult to rezone as residential and sell it to a developer? On Google maps it looks like approx 12 residential blocks of land - that's got to be worth about $17-mil for knock-down/rebuild in Bentleigh. Maybe more given the land size and the potential for higher-density development - or aged care or whatever. Not sure how much of an inner-city state of the art training facility that buys though.
  8. Imagine that reunion with Lever down at Gosch's Paddock.
  9. Gawn and Trac: two players you'd rather see taking set shots from 52m rather than 35m out.
  10. Of those, surely only Trac and Brayshaw (plus maybe Fritsch given our fwd line woes) would fit the "Demonland meltdown" criterion?
  11. Given the nudge-nudge wink-wink tone of the responses to home base questions fielded by both Bartlett & Pert in recent weeks this thought crossed my mind too.
  12. Spot on four times over. That's exactly the kind of situation many on Demonland have been flaying players for not having a shot at goal.
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