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  1. The only reason the 2012 brownlow was tainted was the disgraceful conduct of Lloyd's club.
  2. This is new. Unknown. And it's putting a lot more people in intensive care than the flu does. Influenza mortality rate is something.like 0.1%. COVID19 is looking 10 or 20 times higher than that.
  3. If the rest of the men's comp is cancelled will we have a 9 way tie for the Brownlow?
  4. It's a little easier psychologically when you know home is a few minutes drive from the ground.
  5. We're looking a long way from a top 8 side let alone a top 4 side.
  6. Because it didn't bounce to Gawn
  7. Hard not to happen when we're always 2nd to the contest
  8. Players could be flat as tacks, or frustrated raging bulls. Will be fascinating to see how this game goes.
  9. 2021 swansong perhaps having not been battered pillar to post through a 22-25 game 2020?
  10. I wonder what the relative likelihood of virus transmission would be amongst 80 people confined indoors for 2 hours vs spread outside...?
  11. And several kicks towards goal that bounced in the goalsquare back into play.
  12. Hoping for season to proceed but with empty stadiums. If they postpone, season could be a writeoff - no certainty on how protracted this will be. Though if/when players stsrt testing positive that'd surely be curtains.
  13. Staggering that we simultaneously have the Premier declaring it is inevitable that all schools and numerous employment sectors will be shut down, and the state is about to host 300+ thousand motorsport fans from all corners of the globe sandwiched together by a racetrack and in toilet/food/beverage queues for four straight days.
  14. Never liked him at Melbourne; has repeatedly shown himself to be a tool since leaving. Am ideal fit to Collingwood as far as I'm concerned. Where class goes to die.
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