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  1. Cal has been confident that we are keen on Weightman for a while now, wonder why he didn’t ask Taylor about him in his interview?! Off limits maybe?
  2. I though I saw on another thread that the rule was clarified to be that the pick swap cannot be connected to another, to try and stop what Sydney did last year, but as the Langdon deal has nothing to do with any future deal that we would be free to do a deal with Freo for pick 22.
  3. Why wouldn’t it be allowed? We would be getting more points out of the deal but Freo would probably still end up with 3 top 10 players .(assuming nobody bids on Henry before 7)
  4. He was mentioned by Taylor but more so in the context of splitting picks with teams that have academy prospects.
  5. Huh?! We would still have pick 3 and we would only be moving from 8 to 10. If we wait until draft night we would know what players are still most likely to still be there at 10 so we could still get the same 2 players we would without splitting but we get 22 for a small forward. FWIW if there’s a standout play at 8 that won’t be there at 10 then I think we should pick him at 8.
  6. If we get pick 10 and 22 from Freo it’s 2240 draft points. If you factor in how next years draft is devalued by academy picks then I think it works out well for us. We more or less swap pick 10 in this years draft for our first round pick in next years draft which by all accounts will be weaker due to academy picks.
  7. Yeah I’m saying this a few weeks now. Just listened to JT interview again and I’m even more convinced we will do this deal with Freo it just makes sense for all parties. Think we will bid on Green at 3 and then take either Young or Jackson. Take best mid available at 10 and best small forward available at 22.
  8. After listening to podcast I’d be shocked if we didn’t trade one or more picks. He said that there’s 3 players we are looking at for pick 3. Also said if a club came to us for a pick swap and told us what player they want that might make it easier. If we split pick 3 with GWS and put a veto on 3 players they would still prob be happy. Still think we will prob hold on to 3 but if we get the deal we want it’s gone. I think pick 8 will def be traded. Really feels like we are trying to force Freos hand with seeming very keen on Jackson and also mentioned Henry, also mentioned doing trades with teams who have father son or academy players. Still think we will split 8 into 10 & 22
  9. If they pick Robertson at 7, then they have to hope that ourselves or Carlton ( who have both indicated they are interested in small forwards)don’t pick Henry or they will be forced to match bid or else miss out on him. Doing a deal with us is their best way to secure 2 top 10 picks and Henry.
  10. Can see your point of view but it would of been nice to play them one next year and at the G.
  11. I think we are massive chance to split it with Freo for pick 10 and 22. Id assume we would leave it to the last minute to do deal(provided the player we want are still there)but feel it will work for both clubs. If they want Jackson or Robertson an earlier pick might suit them. Also they might be fearful that us or Carlton might bid on Henry before their bid. Even if neither of us bid on Henry it’s a cert that he will be picked before 22 and Freo will match using pick 22 anyways. We will get good player at 10 and be able to pick up another player with 22. Could get Stephens or weightman at 10 and maybe Bergman of Taylor at 22. Also by doing it on the night we can see if there’s a gun we want still available at 8 we just take him. Win win
  12. Would make more sense for us to to do a side deal with Carlton where we don’t go for Martin in PSD if they don’t go for player we want at 9 and we do a deal with Freo to swap pick 8 for pick 10 and 22.(provided players we want are still there before we make the deal on draft night) They still get the players they are after but so do we are we get pick 22 as a bonus.
  13. Jeez if it worked out like that Freo would be the big winners with them getting Serong, Stephens and Henry
  14. I’ve changed my mind on splitting pick 3. Now think we should just take best available at pick 3. Also think we should do full due dillegence on Freo academy player Henry for pick 8 and let out interest be known. He is rated as best small forward in most draft articles. He may be a good option for us but even if he’s not it would be no harm to have Freo concerned that we may take him before their pick 10 and in effect cost them a top 10 pick. Freo will also be concerned Carlton may pick Henry Then come draft night, depending on how things fall we could always try to split pick 8 for pick 10 and 22 if we know we can get player we are after at 10. Perhaps a goal scoring mid or small forward. Which ever type we miss out on we can go for at 22. Which means we could get half back in Young at 3 handy midfielder like Stephens or Robertson at 10 and small forward like Taylor at 22 If things don’t fall our way we just use pick 8 on player we want.
  15. I voted Young and Weightman. Young seems to be the safest option to succeed at the level going off reports and clips. Would be happy to then take a bit of a punt with 8 on someone with a bit of X factor who can hit the scoreboard. Voted Weightman but would be happy with Stephens or kemp either.
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