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  1. Overall very happy and excited by our draft picks. I like that we got on the front foot and traded out next years first rounder to get pick 8. Like others I feel if we had of waited until draft night to split 8 we would have gotten better value for it. Having said that it looks like we were always going to pick Pickett with our first pick after Jackson and I’m happy with Rivers as he comes highly rated and fills a need for us plus with little extra bonus of been good mates with Jackson. Overall I give us a B+. Job well done, over to the coaching stafff now to get their bit right.
  2. Given the player we have brought in during the trade and draft period I suppose you could make a strong case for us bringing in the player with best kicking skills at 28. Thoughts!
  3. 7 picks before us yeah?! That is an exciting list to pick from and going by the couple of bolters at end of round 1 you would think there will be another few bolters before our pick.
  4. There’s been a few bolters so hopefully this gives us a crack at a player we really want. Think Robertson will be gone way before then( prob next pick) but more confident know that we can still pick up a really handy player at 28. Fingers crossed Taylor still there
  5. Welcome Kozzie, would love to see you round one. JT May of went against popular opinion(with players or how early to pick them)but at least he has the balls to back himself in.
  6. Anybody know when live trading kicks in? Is it as soon as first pick is made or does it start an hour or 2 before?
  7. Thanks RN great summary and sounds like a very good option for us if we miss out Pickett and Weightman but we may still need to do some sort of split that improves pick 28 to do it. I heard yesterday that Adelaide has been approached for their picks in the early 20s. Perhaps the Hawks. Jeez I hope hawks don’t get a gun at 11, Maginness as f/s and Taylor on top of that. I didn’t fancy a split with Gold Coast all along but 15&20 are starting to look very tempting. Going of recent phantoms that would get us Kemp or Robertson at 15 and then get one of Picket, Weightman or Taylor at 20.
  8. Yeah agree with this, surprised there hasn’t been more talk linking him with us as on paper he sounds like just what we need and has been rated higher than Pickett in all the draft articles. Might go a bit earlier than 28 though. Anybody got any info on him?
  9. 3 different phantom drafts out today all have us taking Pickett. It’s not the way I hope we go but it’s starting to look very likely. I had hoped if we were going to take Pickett then we would split again and take him with a lower pick but when you look at the quality of players getting to picks 15/16 am not sure it would make sense for cats,port or suns to split with us. Also if it pans out the way the phantoms predict it will then lots of teams will do far better than us out of this draft. Of course we won’t know who the real winners are for a few years but I’m still hoping come Friday morning there’s a bit more to get excited about.
  10. Green Weightman Pickett
  11. I just wasn’t sure if they go use their next picks and then use their lower picks and bring a deficit into next year and keep their later first round in the example I gave. In other words would if we bid on Green and they decide not to match they would be rating Jackson better than Green and a pick in the late teens.
  12. I only think we should bid on Green if we think he’s best available, the idea of bidding on him to screw the Giants is foolish. But at same time I think this will be the biggest pick of the night and will have a knock on effect on several teams weather GWS match or not. Ripple effect may still be felt at 10 and might decide weather we trade that pick or not. Does anybody know if Giants would be allowed to split with another team and hold on to one pick even though they would have a point deficit ?Say we bid on Green, they split with say Port for 12&18 then use 12 on Green and 18 on another player. If we decide not to pick Green and pick Jackson things might play out a bit more predictable.
  13. Don’t believe we will pick him at 10. Seems massive overs. We prob have 4/5 options for a split where we could pick him and another player. 10 makes no sense.
  14. 12 & 18 is more or less same draft points as 10,28 and future 4th round we picked up so I def wouldn’t rule it out.
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