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  1. Came over from Ireland about 10 years ago and have been supporting the dees about 8 so I’m not nearly as long suffering or clued in as most people posting here. But when we pride ourselves and game style as been best and hardest at contested ball and you end up having 17 players needing surgery in the off season surely alarm bells have to start ringing- maybe our bodies can’t stand up to our style of play?? This seem obvious before the season started but yet apart from kk who was just an add on in the May deal we didn’t recruit players with other skills sets- like been able to kick or run😳 The manic contested ball game worked and won Collingwood, Richmond and dogs a GF since I’ve been here. But they all dropped of the following year as it’s not sustainable, perhaps we peaked with that style last year. Since I’ve been here the 2 teams who have been on top for long periods have been the hawks and Geelong. Neither go for manic contested ball and they stay at the top and have lots of players playing into their mid 30,s. Surley a blind man can see we need a new game plan and if goody can’t or won’t come up with one then we may need a new coach?! Colm
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