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  1. top analysis QB - pity more have not read this. I think all our games at MCG should be home games as: we invented the game and the MCG - No Dees = No AFL. thanks PS I can't stand Collingwood
  2. yeah I saw it on TFB (it's as funny as it is in promoting beer - jus what we need - more reasons to drink beer - not) hahah when Danny went BANG - can only be one winner Essendon - and it's us!
  3. at least in the 70s when we got done like this each week we had the Hardimanns, Flowers, Alves, Wells, who performed despite the scoreboard - we've now only got Max
  4. that thug Rusty went on to be the GOAT and coached great teams of, wait for it, thugs!
  5. cos we aint The Hypocrites from Hawthorn - you got to respect what Jones stands for - at the Hypocrites they talk loyalty to family but they are disgusting on every measure - inc their awful pres and coach
  6. isnt oscar doing a preseason midseason? oh thats y hes 10m off his man
  7. yes the Smith Curse - it's still there - how do we get rid of Smith Curse? What did the baseball team do to get rid of the Bambino Curse?
  8. to be fair bradman went on to be a selector and on the ACB board so yes QD - bradman is to blame like Jackson and Roos!
  9. Hunt had a handpass late on the wing southern side and we are streaming forward desperate to halt the Hordes from RPC (Royal Parade Cheaters). Hunt needed to find a team-mate, who had implied pressure so handpass had to hit target (that's an expectation at this level) but ball bounced in front of team-mate (can't recall who) and it was TO - can't recall if RPC got a goal out of it but that was one. Hunt did take a contested and well judged mark in the third term and then converted but I agree with comment Hunt caused three other TOs.
  10. What’s better than beating CarlTank by a record 109-pt margin? defeating the Tankers by 5 points with a goal from a guy who has struggled all season! Go Dees!
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