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  1. As Bernie Quinlan said at Robbie's memorial service at the MCG: "If we can't have a statue of Robbie Flower here, there's something wrong." https://www.afl.com.au/news/2014-10-13/footy-greats-farewell-demon-legend-robbie-flower
  2. Will never forget how hard he was in his younger days (before his foot injury). This epitomised his toughness: Unsurprisingly being a Melbourne player and first time offender, he got 3 weeks for that. Also thanks in part to Dangerfield's acting and testimony (mind you, Dangerfield played the following week and kicked 6 goals).
  3. We stopped being a big club when we allowed Richmond to share "our ground" in 1965 and worse, being kicked off it in 1985
  4. Hope will come for the Club when the curse of '65 is lifted!
  5. No we didn't. We improved our ladder position for 4 years, not 5. And if you call going from 17th in 2014 to 17th in 2019 "growth", then you are as brainwashed as everyone else at the club. I have huge respect for your posts on Demonland but I have to disrespect you on this one. Sorry.
  6. 2014 - 17th 2019 - 17th This idea of "growth" at the club, that brainwashed players like Brayshaw and Jones have been spewing out in the media recently, is totally delusional. These are some of the facts of the last 5 years: No premierships (AFL or VFL) More losses than wins (63-50) More losses than wins at the MCG (34-28), supposedly our "home" ground No Brownlow medalists, only 3 All Australians (Gawn, Oliver, Hibberd) and 1 Rising Star winner (Hogan) who got traded Not to mention the player and coach upheaval every year over the last 5 years. To quote @Sorry kids from last month, the "Club remains homeless and leaderless with no likelihood of a flag". Growth my [censored].
  7. This BS certainly doesn't give me any hope: https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-09-03/brayshaw-a-better-player-after-2019 “Obviously everyone would have preferred to have won, but I think there’s a lot of value in becoming a more rounded player and person, which is what I think we’ve got out of this year. It’s absolutely been a year of growth for everyone, not just me but coaches and players, and hopefully it’s that growth that propels us next year. I really believe that this is the hard year that will really set us up to be better next year. People will hear that and think, ‘Well we’ve had decades worth of bad years’, but I think we took some serious steps forward in areas that don’t really corollate exactly to wins. That will certainly go a long way to helping us become a better team and ultimately winning it all.” PUKE!
  8. This was certainly selfish and arguably, a little arrogant (happened a couple of minutes after the Fritsch spray): clarry.mp4 I'm a fan of Clarry but his disposal was pretty poor last night. Turned it over a number of times and his kicking for goal was s*ithouse. Also, his chemistry with Gawny seems to have waned. Hopefully, with a good pre-season and bit of confidence, they can all turn it around next year. Fingers crossed!
  9. Not sure if this will upload Frankie, but here it is. Maybe Trac was upset because he was just told by Goodwin that he would be rucking for the rest of the quarter! trac.mp4
  10. I hope he's right. But, like all experts, they can be wrong. And Carey has mucked it up a couple of times this year. For example: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/he-s-under-pressure-but-alan-richardson-is-arguably-coach-of-the-year-20190620-p51zn6.html
  11. Not a big fan of these comps where we have to predict how badly our players will play and how much we will lose by. Pretty easy to predict this one though.....
  12. Freo were prelim finalists in 2015 and then were firmly entrenched at the bottom of the ladder after 10 rounds in 2016, only to finish 16th at the end of the season: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/stats-insider-fremantles-horror-2016-biggest-ladder-falls-under-top-eight-format-in-afl-history/news-story/93b13050cd64901bbfb39637186b7c16 Let's hope and pray we don't hold this record by the end of the season.
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