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  1. Yeah right, Garry Lyon. The same guy who was instrumental in appointing (in succession) the 2 worst performing senior coaches at MFC of recent times - Dean Bailey (RIP) and Mark Neeld. Neeld totally destroyed our playing group in less than 2 seasons! Lyon was a terrific and much loved player but for me, his commentary about MFC will always be soured by those terrible and destructive decisions. Pretty sure Schwarz, the "simpleton", would never have recommended Neeld or Bailey to the top job back in those days.
  2. A simpleton? Played nearly 200 games of football at the highest level at centre half forward (the most difficult position on the ground) in an era full of champions! His "football analysis" deserves respect in my opinion.
  3. Another great decision by management to base ourselves in a location surrounded by rugby ovals, surf and backpackers. Played on Weldon Oval in the 90s and it is skinnier than Frankston Oval and sandier than the Sahara Desert. Biggest ground (and best surface) we played on back in those days was the one at Mac Uni. Probably got better facilities there now too. And it's a lot f*cking closer to Olympic Park than Manly. But hey, let's just put the players up at one of the most expensive and relaxing beach hotels in Australia. They deserve it.
  4. Sorry to say but nothing is going to change until we find a home. The wheels clearly fell off in 1965 when, amongst other fateful things that year, we were forced to share our ground with Richmond and then in 1985 were effectively kicked off it. The off-field leaders of our Club have made mistakes year upon year and we are now just gypsies p*ssing in the wind.
  5. GIVE US THE FOUR POINTS FFS!!!! This is farcical: https://www.afl.com.au/news/455889/-the-rules-are-pretty-clear-dons-could-play-with-bare-minimum
  6. Absolute farce: https://www.afl.com.au/news/449921/silk-s-danger-ous-tackle-forces-afl-to-make-shock-rule-tweak
  7. Our prelim hero Jordan Lewis said there was "no double action" and it was a "well executed tackle"! https://player.whooshkaa.com/player/playlist/show/1919?visual=true&sharing=true&episode=674266 W*****R.
  8. And let's not forget Dangerfield got BOG the following week. So much for serious concussion
  9. Changed his tune from 9 years ago: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/that-s-afl-footy-dangerfield-had-no-problem-with-burgoyne-tackle-20200612-p5527x.html https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-to-appeal-trengove-suspension-20110511-1ehzx.html "Notman said the medical report detailing Dangerfield's injury was the most damaging evidence produced at the tribunal hearing"
  10. No Match Review? Could be some Leigh Matthews-type hits behind play
  11. I agree, he wasn't that bad. The Club might be just giving him some more time to deal with his brother's death. Hope he is okay.
  12. I hope this match gets a mention: http://demonwiki.org/1993+Reserves+Grand+Final Not a bad reserves team: B: Jeff Hilton, Scott Simister, Shane Burgmann HB: Rod Keogh, Andy Goodwin, Haydn Robins C: Darren Cuthbertson, Graeme Yeats, Jason Norrish HF: Brett Evans, Adrian Campbell, Kevin Dyson F: Andrew Lamprill, Darren Bennett, Greg Healy Foll: Greg Doyle, Michael Pickering, Chris Sullivan
  13. And Jack Baquie, [censored] Taylor, Don Hooper and Norm Matthews. And on the subject of Ditterich going from St K > Melb > St K > Melb, another German footballer has recently done the same thing: Mats Hummels (Bayern > Dortmund > Bayern > Dortmund)!
  14. You have got to be joking!!! Did you even watch him play? Lovey oozed more class and had more awareness on the ground than anyone on this list. And state player for 4 consecutive years (88-91) says it all. Was terrible in front of a TV camera though 🥵
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