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  1. SOS went and got a heap of ex GWS players who didn't work out at GWS let alone Carlton. They have a few good young players but its a fair way from be able to say it was a success or not.
  2. Lots to take in a view but US Team culture isn't really something that makes sense in our Aust context so hopefully there is more to it that a few coffees and cuddles. If the coaches aren't up to speed on how these other games are played/planned for a tactics perspective then they below in the EFL rather than the AFL as its not the 1990's any longer.
  3. We currently have 2 of our 3 tall defenders who haven't shown they can get on the park and we've let Frost go so perhaps just a warm body who has some experience playing down back might not be a bad thing.
  4. One of the few bright sports for us last year, could be a real find for us after playing well off a VFL pre season. Can't wait to see him after a full AFL pre season think he could be a real gun for us and kick a few goals.
  5. Generally the best idea is to try and get people for high performing environments. In business you try and take for the best so you can improve on it and create your own high performing environment to beat the opposition.
  6. If we sign him its a 1 + 1 deal with the second year being a club option. Got to be based on match payments thou as otherwise he sits in the rehab group and goes on benders once he has that guaranteed cash in his pocket!
  7. Nothing says analytics like Port Adelaide's win/loss record while Mr Younger has been on board 2018: 12-11 2019: 11-11 The trend is your friend!
  8. Hopefully the young lad can make a fully recovery in time and lead a normal health life. Suggest that any major contact sport will probably be off the agenda with concussion issues like his so lets just hope he can recover.
  9. Great debut season playing mainly up forward then for some reason Goody & Co put him down back? Its clear he is a natural forward and a pretty good mark so surely he has found a spot as our mid sized forward who could kick 30+ goals next year.
  10. JKH wasn't quite good enough for AFL level at this stage however is a top liner at the VFL level, perhaps a new club will see him make the jump to AFL level consistently. Stretch is a tough one as he did provide good run and thought with an injury free run could have cracked the 22 on a consistent basis as he had a skill set and quickness that we generally lacked however i guess someone has to make room for the draftees and new recruits. Best of luck gents and hopefully both can make it onto another list.
  11. How is "Multicultural" defined? i.e Family history goes back 5 generations in Australia including Irish/English/Welsh so does that count?
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