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  1. Surely they can make a few calls and get a few top up players.
  2. Richo knows a thing or two about lists and winning cultures so this is awesome news!
  3. Hopefully he can learn to play football.... seems crazy to say that about a player on an AFL list.
  4. So the club took the morale high ground and sold the gaming venues but didn't replace that revenue? We have withdrawn from Darwin so that income drops off next year. Doesn't sound like a very good business plan if we are walking away from revenue with no replacement other than the "win" more games! Based on history we can't be trusted to win games....got a feeling we are headed for a big issue once again!
  5. If Weid doesn't make the leap in development this year he will play alot of footy for us
  6. Pert came in making a number of big promises....only waiting on him to actually achieve or get near those promises
  7. May has been pushing for Harley to get a gig and if he trains well and looks solid the dee's will be picking him up. Hopefully May can keep Harley on the straight and narrow as the boys used to enjoy the lagers together on the GC.
  8. Outside of Kozzie we aren't expecting to see any of these kids playing regular senior footy and even kozzie might be in/out as playing straight up into the AFL is a big ask. Obviously its good to see they didn't take ready made players to help Goodwin be more competitive in 2020 but we used this draft with a veiw to the future and i guess will can really assess it in 2022/23
  9. Not sure on pick 3....seems a bit of a flyers at this spot but hopefully can fill a need in the next few years however can;t see him playing much in 2020. Love the Pickett choice, perhaps a bit high but looks a likely type who could play pretty much straight away up forward for us.
  10. SOS went and got a heap of ex GWS players who didn't work out at GWS let alone Carlton. They have a few good young players but its a fair way from be able to say it was a success or not.
  11. Lots to take in a view but US Team culture isn't really something that makes sense in our Aust context so hopefully there is more to it that a few coffees and cuddles. If the coaches aren't up to speed on how these other games are played/planned for a tactics perspective then they below in the EFL rather than the AFL as its not the 1990's any longer.
  12. We currently have 2 of our 3 tall defenders who haven't shown they can get on the park and we've let Frost go so perhaps just a warm body who has some experience playing down back might not be a bad thing.
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