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  1. Just because Goodwin did an apprenticeship under Roo's doesn't mean he actually learnt anything....he has moved further and further away from that game style and structure we used to play since he became the coach. More apprentices end up being nothing more than bum employees than success managers.
  2. Its clear that Goodwin has built great relationships with the players...perhaps he is better suited tot he player development or senior assistant coaching role where its all hugs/kisses and coffees with the playing group. Clearly when it comes to match day game planning/mid match alterations our current coaches box doesn't stack up when compared to others and that always must rest with the coach. Goody is lucky others have fallen first and that the Dee's don't have the cash to rip up on sacking him or he'd already be out of the door!
  3. Its like putting down the sick family pet, it hurts! Trading Max and putting him out of his misery is the only humane thing to do! #humanityfirst #humanrights #freemax
  4. The players remain the same but have no confidence and the team structures haven't held up at all. We get scored on the same way every week, 666 has been a death knell to set up, teams getting over the back, lack of pressure and so on is clearly coaching! Skill execution is a player problem but in part come back to player development.
  5. You can see in the Goodwin presser and the message to members he is devoid of ideas and at a loss to explain the performance as the "injuries" we are building a game style etc excuses and talking points don't wash any longer!
  6. We can send thanks to the Saints, Carlton & Norf as those coaches had targets on there back coming into the year. As finals are around the corner this will allow us to slip off with very little scrutiny but Goodwin will have a massive target on his back come round 1. if we are 0-2 it will spell then enough of Simon "Talking points" Goodwin
  7. We sold our pokies venues so we'll need to keep selling games. The fin's don't look that great outside of the significant cash injection from the recent venue sales as general revenue will take a hit next year. Let's hope they invest the money wisely into long term ongoing revenue streams otherwise we'll have the hand back out to the AFL in a couple of seasons.
  8. We have won 5 games and sit below Carlton on the table!!! This is nothing short of a disgrace....Goodwin should be on the hot seat or out of the seat at seasons end.
  9. After yesterday its clear that Pruess is a very good VFL Ruckman but isn't up to AFL level. Poor below the knees, poor skill execution, too slow and a lack of game awareness to have any impact on the contest regardless of his mobility. Petty might be the answer a the second ruck once Macca is back playing up forward next year.
  10. Is it desperate coaching/selection to bring in Jetta and Lever at this point of the year? Surely getting them cherry ripe for next year would be the main aim rather than forcing them to play off very limited preparation. We should be shutting guys down early to get surgery and have them right for 2020...seems like the coaching box/selection committee are protecting themselves rather than looking at the greater good.
  11. We'll finish in the bottom 3 again this year so do we get a pick as well for being [censored]?
  12. For all his shortcomings he was pretty good last year so don't think we can write of a young bloke who played a big role for us last year. In reality we've got a number of blokes who are having down years so to target Spargo seems a bit harsh when questions about list management/injuries/coaching are probably more important than questioning a 19 year old kid who should continue to develop after playing 18 games in his debut season!
  13. Mate so 2019 isn't indicative of where the club is at? Then what should be judge it on? Recent results is what you judge footy clubs on not past performance otherwise hell based on the 1950's we are in good shape
  14. How is the administration of the club gong? Answer: You gave a coach an extension before we'd played a game and now we can't sack him cause its to expensive.......
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