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  1. Yeah fair point. We're ranked 4th for stoppage clearance differential, and 5th for centre clearance differential. So the clearance numbers are not too bad in that sense.
  2. Yes, contested possessions is not the only measure of contested style of play. I also brought up clearances, tackles and tackles inside 50. For reference, so far in 2020 we are (based on averages): 17th for tackles. 12th for clearances. 17th for contested marks. 16th for tackles inside 50. 18th for giving up uncontested possessions to the opposition. 12th in one percenters diff. 18th for opponent marks. I reckon it's pretty fair to say that thus far our contested brand has not been on display. Now, given the small sample size that can turn around quickly, but so far we are playing a real nothing brand of footy.
  3. Thought the same thing. Using that term is a pretty transparent way for them to try and minimize the incident.
  4. Pretty massive difference between the high scoring 'chaos ball' in 2018 and the stop start we've seen so far in 2020. Who do you think is in charge of the game style? Watch it again mate. Salem had open options and time to deliver it to them but he hesitated which IMO is because of the second guessing the coach has caused. Yes, in 2018 we were. Then it that offseason we lost Hogan & Kent, Garlett got ignored more by Goodwin, TMac's injury problems resurfaced in a big way and Weid didn't progress as we thought based on 1 game. It's not like those things all snuck under the radar and then we came back for the first game of 2019 wondering where they were. I'm not saying we needed to go and chase Buddy, but we didn't correctly address that loss of forward half potency. Bring on the 2019 offseason and we chase Elliot, sign Brown and Bennell, draft Jackson and Kozzy, pretty obvious what's happening there.
  5. Aren't you the one that always discounts what everyone hear thinks? Why would you care if people loved it if OMac was our number 1 defender or not? You won't find a bigger fan of May then me, and Lever is getting there, but it seems obvious given we went after Brown and Jackson this season that we realized we had tipped the balance too far one way. We lost a lot of forward potency in the combination of Garlett, Kent, Watts and Hogan all leaving but we didn't seek to replace them immediately which was a mistake. On TV you could see the open options in the forward line. If you go back and watch it again you'll notice that there's a wide shot (as there often is) when Salem has the ball outside 50 and holds the ball while open options call for it. I agree we need stability, that's why the coaches philosophy of continual change has made players hesitate, as I said.
  6. Ironically it was Salem who ignored a couple of excellent options only to hesitate and then kick to a 1 on 3 near the end of the Geelong game. My opinion is Goodwin has mucked around so much with the strategy, roles and forward setup that players now hesitate even when they see a good option as he's made them second guess every decision. He's overcorrected them on instinctual play. It's a microcosm of the club as a whole with bigger examples being the over-investment in defence to the detriment of the forward line and the long contract extension of Goodwin on the basis of a couple of months of good football.
  7. Last 3 games they've knocked us off by an average of 41 points. We've beaten them 3 times out of the last 10. Including once when Garlett kicked 4 and once when Watts kicked 3.
  8. Going by averages instead of totals. It's a small sample size, but does give a picture of our performance so far. Given that it's still so early and it's all been so disrupted; it doesn't mean we can't turn it around quickly though.
  9. There's not been much of a difference so far this year in the contested part of our game. The only times were us leading West Coast by a significant amount in contested disposals and the difference in the Geelong game with clearances. Fairly even otherwise with us trailing a little bit in tackling. Ironically, our one victory so far came in a game where our opponent had more inside 50s than us.
  10. Yeah for sure, but just reckon that's part of the frustration from a supporter perspective. We're currently 17th for goals per game and total score per game, so there's just not a lot yet for the supporters to be excited about.
  11. No mate, don't like wasting time on people who like to act all tough on the internet. Pretty sad if you act differently in 'real life'. So with that said, I'm switching off your posts as I'm here to talk footy.
  12. “We came to the conclusion that having a fresh start and playing in front of friends and family was probably a bit more important at this stage of my career. Obviously I do want to play in finals and play in flags but at this stage it was more important for me to get back, be around my family and friends and to have a fresh start." Jesse Hogan says making a move to Fremantle had been on his mind throughout the 2018 season
  13. Averages per game. I'm not a fan of using totals at the best of times, let alone when we're a game behind.
  14. You should try being yourself on the internet as well instead of trying to be a tough guy. This forum is meant for talking footy, give it a try sometime. Cheers.
  15. No mate, it's what the stats say also. See my post above. You should try starting to talk about the actual footy instead of always going with this kind of trash.
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