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  1. Mate, I don't disagree with your point, just annoying to keep having to read it again and again in a thread about the member forum.
  2. Can you start your own thread for this or something mate? Thanks.
  3. Plapp is technically the forwards coach now, with Rooke as the development coach for forwards.
  4. I think we pulled out. No idea why or even exactly when, it was buried in a few other articles about a week ago.
  5. From the ones I've seen at least; the people who have been fired have generally had their workplace/employer listed on their social page, so they're not getting fired for making the comment as such, but getting fired due to how they're representing their employer.
  6. Sure, and I'm not a big Wagner fan or anything, but the context is that he was a rookie pick, so I see that as a winning pick.
  7. Officially a done deal. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-11-19/giants-to-give-up-two-firstround-picks-for-no4?fbclid=IwAR3jPZf4Bmn9IZWwDDpdz9GOU0mCdtVERT-sjTBWeG3mfvktMhhQe8NEks0
  8. Sure, not many 'guns', but I'm talking from a ROI point of view within my context of which picks he's had to use. Looking at games played or quality of player vs pick used, I would argue all of them are winners in that way.
  9. In related news... A source close to the situation indicated the Crows were on the verge of trading pick four to GWS, who will give up pick six along with a future first-round pick ahead of the pre-draft pick-trading deadline on Friday. Crows set to trade pick No.4 to GWS
  10. I don't know enough about Jackson to know if I like him or not tbh. I just know the club are really keen on him and some better judges than me think he can walk into our round 1 team next year. I'm as nervous as you probably are about taking a ruck/forward with such a high pick, but I'm backing in the club this time to have a plan in mind if it happens. No knickers in any knots mate, just think sometimes here we can all not dig deep enough, and for me, this is one of those times (re: Taylor), and you can't blame JT for not having enough first round picks to use, that's not his job.
  11. Are you guys actually looking into this properly or are you just assuming because we haven't had any absolute superstars since Oliver that all the picks have been fails? Context is VERY important when looking at these things. No club nails all their picks, and the actual picks Taylor has had at his disposal is the most important thing to consider. If you want to be talking 'Weideman onwards' (how convenient), then you need to take into account these picks that have been wins: Josh Wagner - Rookie Joel Smith - Rookie Mitch Hannan - Pick 46 Tim Smith - Rookie Bailey Fritsch - Pick 31 Harrison Petty - Pick 37 Marty Hore - Pick 56 Jury still out on a fair few that have shown signs (ie - Baker, Sparrow, Bradtke). 2015 we had 2 top 10 picks, but since then our highest pick has been 27 (which was last year). Oh, and how do you put in years of work on a player and then "fluke" the pick. How ridiculous.
  12. Fair enough mate, apologies for being a bit facetious, only had the 1 coffee so far. From things I've heard there has been a bit of a disconnect with some players from that era, but nothing really bad as such. Impression I got was a few of them would like to do more for/with the club if they can, but at the same time, the players themselves have a really good connection between themselves. A lot of the blokes network together and/or do business together. The ones I hear about ocassionally absolutely still love the Dees though, Yze very nearly joined us in the offseason so there can't be too many bad feelings.
  13. Oh gee, must mean Chaplin is "pizzed off" with the Dees!
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