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  1. Good from the Dees... "A different type of podcast. 😅 Coming this afternoon."
  2. So this is the 'ideal model' in your opinion, post-covid-19? Can't say I agree mate. All the fans of the teams that are gone won't just pick another team, they'll be lost to the game which means less revenue for the AFL on top of the losses this year.
  3. Why would the AFL bring in 2 new teams and then recently start considering more if that was the case?
  4. I mean more directed to the fans. I'm not having a crack at them at all or saying it's a 'fail' or anything like that. More just saying that the next level for us is to do the extra things, and so far this year we've started doing that fairly well and would be awesome to see that kept up now, but it's not make or break by any stretch.
  5. No one needs to know exact details, but a bit of a glimpse at what measures the club is taking to assure our future would certainly help the members and supporters currently. We all know we're a struggling club and even thought it's clearly not the biggest issue for any of us right now; it would be helpful to know a little more. Doesn't even have to be some official club statement or the like, could be something as simple as some kind of combined video of messages from players, coaches and Pert/Bartlett just telling the supporters to stick fat and we'll be back. Might seem like a small thing, but it's times like this where gestures like that can mean a lot to supporters.
  6. Read somewhere on 'Land someone said staff had been stood down. Also, Goodwin is on a part time contract currently. Bit poor the club hasn't made a statement to fill in the members still.
  7. Probably because it has a photo of him and his name in the headline...
  8. You'd maybe excel at commentating some of the off field activities anyway! Get a SWYL merger special going or something.
  9. Wonder if we could have a 'Demonland Classic Games - Recalled'. YouTube a classic MFC game and have some of the resident personalities do the commentary? I'm imagining WhisperingJack giving an indepth pre-game analysis, DeeSpencer not taking a breath while talking tactics for 12 minutes straight, SWYL and OldDee calling the 64 flag with those voices of the nasal olden style voiceover guys, GeorgeOnTheOuter telling everyone to straighten up and get the commentary back on track, DazzleDavey getting in about 4 words out of every 20 past the censors etc etc.
  10. All the things that we did wrong in the game were things I've complained about for years and would normally be super mad about. But with everything going on I honestly just came out of it happy that Kozzy kicked his first goal.
  11. https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_match_statistics?mid=9936 Click on "View Advanced Stats" up the top of the page for more.
  12. Geez imagine being the sort of person that, with everything going on, jumps on the internet to restart a footy argument.
  13. Except it's been noted that the list is that extensive that some schools won't have a very different number of students attending.
  14. That's a relief! Only heard the headline and thought that may be it for a while.
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