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  1. Hey mate, not sure what any of that has to do with the point to be honest? The events Lewis is describing happened almost a year ago, so seems fair to say it's 'leaking' out now. All I've seen from you about preseason is that it all went great and it was totally uninterrupted. Doesn't seem like Lewis shares your view.
  2. Or the Tassie Devils given the story about the team coming on in 2022...
  3. Might not have been rubber stamped yet, but you can lock it in.
  4. Would think we're at least planning for worst case scenario with sponsors leaving, less members, lower crowds and a horrible draw from a commercial perspective.
  5. Already lots of talk the GC have been approved for PP pick 2. Classic MFC luck. Reading between the lines a bit, it sounds like maybe we're asking for financial assistance rather than draft picks. "It is unclear exactly what the Demons will ask for however their crowd numbers have fallen dramatically during their dismal 2019 season, which will hurt their bottom line." Gold Coast, Melbourne reportedly to present to AFL Commission next Tuesday for help
  6. Lewis whacks the coaches? “You don’t know what you don’t know, and you just think after a successful year it’s just going to happen again. “I think everyone’s found out from a tactical coaching point of view, from an athlete point of view, that that’s just not the case.” The harsh lessons from 2019: Lewis
  7. Haha not bad. I'm guessing, but I think the percentages might be time spent in what area, whereas the heat map etc is the actual possessions?
  8. Ok, one last time... That is not what I implied. I have never said Misson's role was changed due to comments by a player parent. I've said his role was changed, which is an indicator of performance on the back of our injury management this year. I've said a player's parent complained about injury management, which is somewhat of an indicator of performance, but wouldn't be what the club bases their decision on. I'm not sure if you've just misinterpreted what I wrote or you're deliberately trying to keep this going now.
  9. No, I did not imply Misson left the club as a result of that. I pointed out his role was changed midseason, which is clearly not a good sign. I've already explained this to you multiple times so clearly you're more interested in just having arguments on the internet with people you've got a problem with for some reason. I've tried to straighten things up and converse with you like a grown up but it seems you're incapable of that, so I'm moving on from this roundabout. Cheers.
  10. Wasn't able to track down a 2018 heat map unfortunately, so that one is just this year. Gut feel is Trac has covered more area this year, last year being more based around high half forward. Definitely agree his role is a bit different this year, last year it seemed to me more like a connector between midfield and forward, whereas this year he seems more of a ground level player (exemplified by him leading the league for ground balls won inside 50).
  11. Yep, I took the same thing from it mate. Felt like more of a collective/cultural wack than a swipe at the leadership.
  12. He's one of a few intriguing names that are still uncontracted. Frost, Stretch (for different reasons) and ANB are the other ones for mine.
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