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  1. If I recall correctly, Clarry credits his work ethic at Melbourne to Billy Stretch and how hard he trains. I think other players have made similar observations. Obviously you've got to bring more to the team than being a good trainer but if keeping Stretch on the list means pushing Clarry an extra 10% and getting the best out of some of your youngsters then he's not the worst player to keep on the list. Given he plays the position we need most, I'd keep him on the list unless we're confident we can pick up a bargain late in the draft (and that's all we'd get if the Suns traded for him)
  2. A bit late. We've had stickers here for years.
  3. Among the many things that have been frustrating this season is the fact that now, six weeks into the season, we actually look worse than what we did 1 month ago, let alone 2 months ago. In fact, each week we've performed worse than the week before it, with the obvious exception being the Sydney game. What makes this extra frustrating is the fact that Simon Goodwin credits our week-to-week improvement in every post-match press conference (each week he's said something along the lines of "We're getting better." or "There are signs we're improving"). Combined with the much-discussed interrupted pre-season we had, we surely should be getting better each week rather than regressing. Including the pre-season, here's how this season has played out. I'd argue that aside from our solitary home-and-away win against Sydney, we've progressively got worse on a week-to-week basis. Practice Match 1: Defeated Collingwood by 24 points. A practice match, yes, but good to beat last year's Grand Finalists in our first scratch match. So far so good. Pre-Season 1: Lost to Richmond by 12 points. Dominated early, fell away but finished well to lose by 2 goals to the Premiership favourites. Warning signs are there, but not a dishonourable result. Pre-Season 2: Lost to Brisbane by 7 points. A frustrating game with lots of injuries. Lots of warning signs. But now in hindsight a 7 point loss to a red-hot Brisbane doesn't look too bad. Round 1: Lost to Port Adelaide by 26 points. Dominated early but fell away badly. Disappointing start to the year. But again, in hindsight a 26 point loss to a Port Adelaide side that will probably play finals this year isn't the worst result. In fact, it's our third best H&A margin for the year. Round 2: Lost to Geelong by 80 points. Dominated facets of the game (inside 50s) but completely outplayed. A huge loss, no doubt, but Geelong have since dominated and beat reigning premiers in a similar fashion last weekend. Round 3: Lost to Essendon by 18 points. Another setback. Given how Essendon was going, this is more embarrassing than the Geelong result. Round 4: Defeated the Swans by 22 points. The one time all year we've looked okay... but Sydney aren't much of a team this year. Round 5: Lost to the Saints by 40 points. A huge setback given the gains made in Round 4. Completely outcoached and outplayed - back to the bad habits of the first 3 rounds. Round 6: Lost to Richmond by 43 points. Arguably an improvement defensively but we look insipid going forward - our worst offensive performance to date under Goodwin and probably the game where we least looked like scoring of any game this year. Reflecting on this, I hypothesize that our Round 1 self (or perhaps even our pre-season self) could beat our Round 6 self. To me, that's the most worrying trend, especially when Goodwin's philosophy is all about improving each week and being the most in-form side in September (which obviously won't matter this year even if it is the case). Do you agree with my assessment or have you seen signs of improvement?
  4. The AFL website is reporting that we have one rookie spot left that we are likely to fill with a SSP list player (in addition to Wagner).
  5. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone has access to a Priority 2 barcode they are not planning on using (and is feeling extra generous), please private message me. I'm a Priority 2 member but am looking for a way to get a family member to the game with me (they're a long-suffering supporter who isn't a member because they live overseas). Promise I'm not a scalper! 😈
  6. Because 2 weeks waiting for a match makes the mind go restless. And Bartram unfortunately got injured in the final match of the 2006 season, missing the Elimination Final and almost all of the 2007 season.
  7. Tomorrow, we move forward into a new era of the Melbourne football club, but let's take a brief moment to reflect on those that could have been. This thread is dedicated to 12 years worth of Demons who never got to represent us in a final. We could argue until Melbourne's next premiership (23 days and counting) as to why these players never got to represent the Demons in September. Some went on to better careers elsewhere, some were a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, while others just never developed into the players we wanted them to be, either through injury, poor development or situations we'd rather not remember. Alas, there's some handy names in this line-up, and I didn't even have to call on Blease, Gysberts, Maric, Strauss, Tapscott, et al. Criteria: Didn't play in any of our finals games from 2004-2006 Represented Melbourne between 2007 to 2017. Current Melbourne listed players haven't been included in this list Selection is based on their contributions from 2007-2017 to the Demons or clubs they joined after playing at the Demons. I considered players like Lumumba, Rodan and Byrnes but their contribution to AFL after being recruited by the Demons was minimal. And I know Mitch Clark only played 15 games with the Dees, but my god they were good. Ditto Daniel Cross' 39 games. B: Clint Bartram James Frawley Matthew Warnock HB: Colin Garland Lynden Dunn Joel Macdonald C : Jack Grimes(C) Daniel Cross Jack Trengove HF: Jeremy Howe Mitch Clark Jack Watts F: Ricky Petterd Liam Jurrah Austin Wonaeamirri R: Stefan Martin Jordie McKenzie Tom Scully Int: Chris Dawes, Matt Jones, Kyle Cheney, Cale Morton Em: Paul Johnson, Jamie Bennell, Rohan Bail Coach: Paul Roos Anyone I missed?
  8. I think the nominations are based on the player's output during the 2018 season: an All Australian team for under 22 year olds you might say. As such, it would make sense that Lever would miss out as he hasn't played half the season. I think Hogan was young enough last year but didn't get nominated due to being injured.
  9. Doesn't matter - he'll be too busy preparing for an AFL Grand Final. As for the game, I tuned into the 2nd half and was really impressed by the slick ball movement of JKH and Tyson. JKH in particular was really classy in the 3rd quarter - lots of really quick releases handpasses to free players from contested sitatuions. He reminded me a lot of Oliver actually and if he keeps up this form he'd definitely be worth keeping on the list. Was also really impressed with some of the risky kicks he and Tyson managed to pull off, changing our angles going forward. Some of those won't work in the AFL, but it fits with Goody's game plan. Such is the strength of our AFL midfield at the moment, it's hard to see him (and even Tyson) getting into the centre square or wing anytime soon in the seniors, but if anyone gets injured they are more than capable replacements, especially on today's form. I also liked the look of Balic up forward - he's another of those medium-sized players that is hard to match up on because at times he played like a true full forward. His ground kicking needs a bit of work, but I think he's another player who could easily step into the seniors. Petty looked great in defence and Keilty seemed to do some nice things as well. With Frost moving forward for the 2nd half, it looks like the match committee have these two (and Wagner) as the others in line for Lever's spot if Smith doesn't make the cut. I also thought Hunt didn't do his chances any harm. Didn't get a huge amount of touches but he was hard at every contest and showed some good ability to break away from packs 2 or 3 times. I wouldn't think he's too far away.
  10. With Gawn and Grundy both in excellent form, I think they're both on track to make the team - one on the ground, one on the bench. Hogan is definitely worthy of a forward or bench spot. If he finishes in the top 5 of the Coleman and continues to average 20 touches a game I can't see how they could not reward him, but Brad Green circa 2010 says hi. While Oliver is having as good as season as he had last year (if not better), I fear he might miss out again. As we saw with Jmac and Jones struggling to get a bench spot during their B+F years, it seems to takes a phenomenal season for someone to get rewarded with All Australia midfield selection. Our even spread may work to his disadvantage. Hibberd and Jetta have both been down on their 2017 form with glimpses of brilliance (Hibberd last week, Jetta this week) and I don't think either deserve to make it unless they consistently play games like those in the 2nd half of the year. You only need to look at the Demonland leaderboard on the right hand side of the page to see that not even we, diehard fans and members of the Jetta church, have rated those guys that highly this year. At their best, both are no doubt among the best defenders in the game, as is Lever, but I think the All Australian team tends to reward consistent excellence. Furthermore, the All Australian tends to reward guys with great stats and Jetta's numbers are rarely that high. With that said, there have been plenty of selections based on media hype so if the Demon fugazi continues, the whole 22 should be in with a chance. My smokies, for what it's worth, are Oscar McDonald - who would surely be high on the reverse Coleman at the moment - and Christian Petracca - who is quietly averaging 21 disposals and 0.8 goals a game playing mainly as a forward. If he can get 30 goals for the season he could sneak into the forward pocket.
  11. 6 Melksham 5 Lever 4 Brayshaw 3 Jones 2 T McDonald 1 ANB
  12. Anyone know who the Gosch's paddock/Casey Fields dimensions compare to MCG/Etihad Stadium?
  13. Perfect opportunity to bring Trengove back into the team, ay?
  14. I'd hate to argue with one of the positive statements, but that was definitely not Jones' career best game! Thought he was a little sloppier than usual and on a good day those 3 behinds would have been at least 2 goals. But yes, he was good as usual.
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