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  1. Would love a guy like smith on a two year incentive based deal. But can someone catch me up on why Hawthorn would be looking to trade him?
  2. Drooling at the thought of this. Love this guy pure class. Split our first pick. Give GWS our then first pick and next year's first pick. Then trade our other first round pick after split to a top of the ladder club for their first round pick next year. The depth after picks one and two in this year's draft not good.
  3. I'm so over this. I can't believe Hore isn't named against a forward line with one tall. I know May and frost can play on smalls at times. But ATM are out best two stoppers of big forwards. Lever doesn't have an opponent as he floats and intercepts. But to have them in back half with a slower Hibbard this year and then McDonald is not able to take the big boys this year and is not smart enough to take the smalls is ridiculous. I totally don't understand. Goodwin please stop treating us as complete fools. What the hell is going on.
  4. 22 and dry in the Alice on Sunday. I'd like to see us stretch the Eagles defence with Pruess,Smith and Petty. Then Petracca gets a smaller defender and if we play smart we can isolate him in one on one contests
  5. Is this game a replacement game for members?
  6. Hey all. I was thinking it would be great to start a demonland punters club. I was thinking to start 10 people who contribute $40 a week each. Out of that half goes to a punter who bets what ever they want on a weekend and all profit goes to getting together at footy functions and race days. The other half goes to obtaining shares in racehorses more than likely grand syndicate horses to race in Victoria. If ur interested pm me.
  7. I think you will find the dees are after another freo outside runner in Ed Landon.
  8. If Goodwin mentions lacking forward connection or we will work on our forward craft I will fair dinkum spew. Give us members some real answers
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