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  1. Kent

    Josh Mahoney

    GET a South Australian removalist truck next week and take the whole lot back to Adelaide including SA players They can renew aquaintences with Jimmy Toumpas
  2. Welcome back Kingy Couldnt agree more with your comments. If the board thinks it is hard to sack Goodwin now given how it would be seen as proactive and gives a new guy the whole off season and preseason to work some magic. Contrast that with sacking him half way through next season would be seen as reactive and incompetent and would give the new guy real problems in having impact and he would likely be excused poor performances because of that. A s you s say it's simple Sack now, no logical reason to wait. Of course Kingy the happy clappers here have blind faith that things will turn around on their own I really wish that was true. No wonder this club has been a basket case for so long.
  3. Could be Goody and his mates didn't listen or implement. In the end what ever has happened is entirely Down to Goodwin. He must be held accountable
  4. Why wait 6 games Last week it was wait 10 weeks or to the bye.
  5. The epitome of one hand clapping There is no reason for this coach to continue.why would anybody want the thread shutdown. Really??? Get it done
  6. It will be a thrashing if they turn up like last night. Completely unwatchable footy. Brown 8 goals Cunnington 45 disposals Melbourne 5 goals 22 behinds Jones o tackles Viney 4 holding the ball free kicks and so it goes Oliver 35 possentions for zero metres gained Stretch world record clanger total
  7. Exactly Rusty He needs to be reviewed along with the whole sorry lot How long has he been there. Maybe he is a part of the problem.
  8. I can only wish and hope and have faith. Nothing I have seen in the last 5 weeks tells me that things will change. But there you go. We are now having to be a faith based supporter group.
  9. What's the use of sacking him mid season. Sack him now and give the new guy the off season and pre season to remake this shambles of a team.
  10. He is right I wouldn't kick it to him either Anb is a serial miss kick Could kick 2 every game if he could learn to kick has been doing it the whole of his illustrious career
  11. what pick was this guy in 2017? you have to be impressed in the WC Eagles drafting and player development They really have a gun recruiting group
  12. I love the term list clogging Never used to but Melbourne have made it into an artform
  13. You missed the great Collingwood Game Bitter From where I was it was unwatchable
  14. Exactly Lord In fact it appears to me that the midfield is better without him playing Jack is not essential far from it.
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