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  1. Not sure I would be counting Hannan or AVB in the team. I somehow think their injuries could be career ending. Joel Smith could easily join that pair. Wiederman also may not recover his 4 game form. So I would agree we are still thin on talent to make a really competitive 22.
  2. Long medium from st Yarra primary up to Toorak rd Enogh to hurt after 20 or so 400,s
  3. Big group With team support Saw McDonald's Marty Hore Etc
  4. Just saw demons running repeat hills myfavouritehill Fawkner Park Looks like Burgess is giving them extra The boys look in very good Nick. Carlton are also in the park
  5. thanks for the pics Satyr great to see the players hard at work
  6. Just wonderful news always tries to be the best he can be. One Dees player I love to watch Becoming a spiritual leader of the DEES 5 years is great for Harmsey and the club.
  7. I'm as open minded as anyone old But there are significant issues to be addressed in the game plan and personell before I would be trumpeting an appointment like this. By the way a forward coach might be worth looking at. Or a tackling coach . Additionally maybe when the footy department have all the basics covered may be looking for the last 1% can be considered.
  8. oH oh ? Is it right he hasn't played since 2017 for Freo Chronic calf and hamstring injuries?
  9. Who drew the game at Whyalla?
  10. Draw just announced Looks Like we play the Crows and then Hawks Good way to start a new season with some tough Games.
  11. No I thought it was one of the happy clappers responding to a negative poster
  12. That wouldn't be too difficult! Bad plan in my opinion relying solely on McDonald and Wied so worthy of consideration
  13. Yawn not convinced it makes any difference Perhaps it's an age thing Any way welcome who ever you are.
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