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  1. I have it to DD. There is nothing really you can do but rest and do targeted muscle strengthening. I don't play footy any more but I am very active GYM RUNNING ROWING and this is purely down to over use and as I have been told some constructive weakness in the design of my body. I doubt it was made worse but I do know rest is the only cure. I don't think he should have played on on the day. I wish Joel a good recovery and look forward to seeing him well and playing great footy
  2. Then we must trade for what we need right?
  3. Very sound commentary CHF We are losing nothing by encouraging and facilitating a mini preseason for OM It may pay dividends next year.I, for one, am impressed by the clubs proactive approach. Although perhaps harder work earlier in his career may have helped. It may just be he is a body type that finds it difficult to put on muscle mass. I have played with people like that before.
  4. Mate this season has been over for some time just the club wouldnt admit it. Time to head up to the snow Shushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh----
  5. Different surname he might have struggled to have been drafted
  6. He is out of contract and favour at The Bombers. Would he fit in at the Dees? I have only watched a small number of his recent games. Looks a good mover and quick on the outside. Could be a quick fix!
  7. Last year was the aberration not this year unfortunately So sad, season over, negative views again reinforced by outcomes
  8. Thanks mate Good to see one negative stat we dont lead
  9. Absolutely Correct!!
  10. Yep we will be replaced by cardboard cut out figures or painted forms on seats with Muzac in the background. The perfect arrangement for all.
  11. I'M WITH YOU PINEAPPLE. I wouldn't make quarter time !! My BAO at home has the power to order me out of the room. No sense in fighting the ban as the subsequent consequences are worse
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