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  1. They need to do more than Tinker Powelly. The game plan stinks worse now than last year Nothing has been addressed in my opinion
  2. So happy all you guys appear to share the same delusion It begs the question" What is real" This thread always makes me smile Thanks guys!
  3. See below for facts on normal Flu year would love to see this incorporated in to the conversation. So every year 1500 to 3000 patients die, it doesnt make the head lines nor is their any real discussions as it is a part of the cycle of life and death. We have a small number of Corona deaths and the world as we know is shut down Influenza Fast Facts Influenza (commonly known as "the flu") is a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease that can be spread through coughing and sneezing. In Australia, influenza on average causes 1,500 to 3,000 deaths,3 about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations1 each year. Influenza is caused by a virus and causes more severe illness than the common cold. It can cause serious and debilitating complications, including pneumonia, especially in people that are vulnerable such as the elderly and other in the "at risk" group. People with a chronic disease have a 40 times increased risk of death from influenza. Annual vaccination is the single most effective measure to prevent influenza. Only 42 per cent of the "at risk" group under 65 years of age are being vaccinated annually.2 Less than 50 per cent of healthcare workers, who are at a greater risk of contracting and spreading influenza, are being vaccinated against influenza annually. 10 per cent of all workplace absenteeism associated with illness is due to influenza.
  4. All sporting codes will be strapped for cash! Perhaps the full time pro athlete is a thing of the past
  5. There are currently 11 dead and 11 in critical hospital care out of 3000 confimed cases Rate is .0037 so even if we get 50000 cases i really dont think (Barring some other issue ) the numbers are going to over whelm the hospital and something like 170 deaths far fewer than the normal flu in a year Anyway as others have said we all play a role in this and it will be over sooner
  6. Unfortunately the way its looking it wont be his decision
  7. Accounting 101 LH Very clear analysis. Thanks for that! It's great to have facts and proper analysis to counter some of the inaccurate delusions around here. Without the big bucks from broardcast rights the game will certainly change. We have seen the peak and now the challenge will be to remain relevent in a substancially cash poor enviorement
  8. I just cannot argue with any of that Poita! Saved by the virus from another putrid season. Almost unwatchable from a contest point of view. You just knew they were going to turn the ball over, you just knew they were going to bomb it long to a uneven contest. And they kept doing it over and over. Nothing has changed.
  9. I am completely with you Moonie
  10. I Really like the look of Rivers should be a big part of the future Natural backman and footballer. I agree should be one to watch.
  11. Virus in China is almost had its run Looks like 6-7 weeks if appropriate responses are employed. No in country infections with11 new infections today all returning citizens from over seas So maybe delaying is a good strategy?
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