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  1. There was more space this year with 6-6-6 so I don't think they lacked space. We lacked good players on the park and continuity of those players. If t Mac, Weird & Garlett played every week so far this year wed have 3-4 more wins no doubt.
  2. Sack him after one bad year? How moronic. What guarantee is there a new coach will be any better? There isn't. He has valuable insights into two things a new coach won't: 1. What it takes to have a successful year at a football club (2018) 2. What it takes to have a terrible year (2019) That is some rare education that doesn't come easily. He will use this to plan for a much better 2020.
  3. Lockhart and Baker should have played 1s on Friday night. Baffling to choose Spargo and Chandler.
  4. Port worse than us this week but they won't cop the blowtorch.
  5. The game plan is cooked. Our scoring opportunities come from highly contested high pressure situations. Hence no score. Compare this to a turnover attack like Richmond. Heaps of space and time to kick to your forwards. This is all coaching and list selection.
  6. Don't we need small forward who can kick goals badly? That's Serong
  7. We don't want Rowell. Another small mid. I'd go Serong as a small fwd but Anderson is what we need.
  8. Might as well go back to playing our contested brand with 609 inside 50s. Rather lose doing that than this new game plan.
  9. Apparently we were 17th for goals per inside 50 up to round 15. After that we've been ranked 1st. This shows Goodwin can tweak to get a result. #coachoftheyear
  10. Enough players from teams with losing cultures. He might be a good player but we need players that know what success looks like.
  11. If we get pick 3 in the draft which is likely you'd have to go Caleb serong as a small forward type. Weve lacked a quality small forward badly all year.
  12. Jenkins is the type we need to let TMac off the chain and kick 50+
  13. Heard we might be into James Hird. Would be a huge get very smart football mind.
  14. If you cold copy a teams game style to model us in for 2020 who would it be? For me it's Richmond's. Their time and space and ball use is incredible vs ours. Get all their assistants. Copy whatever they're doing. Even at 80% as good as them we'd be winning games.
  15. I like the Wagner's they are competitive and have a crack. More than Hannan and Dunkley right now.
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