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  1. He doesn't kick so much as hack it. They were the best 3 kicks they could find in his highlight reel. Imagine the bad ones.
  2. Geez Stephens is quick and what we need. Wonder if we could turn him into a ground ball half forward like a Castagna type. Then later in career can play wing.
  3. Is this possible? Not sure if rather 7, 8 & 10 or 3&8.
  4. Too big a risk. He'll most likely be gone by 6 and we end up with Flanders or Ash.
  5. I'd argue that given we need effective forward players more than anything as a team, go with Serong and Weightman. We are a team that gets a lot of inside 50s. As good as Young is he ain't helping goal conversion I50.
  6. Pick 3 on a small forward? Don't mind it. Good ones are worth their weight in gold.
  7. Don't know why GWS would do that trade. Get rid of last year's pick 11? Can't see it.
  8. Geez our midfield looks bad on paper all of a sudden. You'd have to try Salem in there in pre season games for some polish. Otherwise we have no great ball users in there or anyone with breakaway pace.
  9. Our 2018 game plan works with the right personaell. We lost the personnel, so we adjusted the game plan. That didn't work. We need the balls to get the right personell and go back to the 2018 game plan. I know, huge call.
  10. Hore won't make it at this level. Turnover merchant. Jones giving the coaching department a warning of what's to come if he plays seniors next year.
  11. Whenever sentiment is positive about a new player or hire on demonland it generally turns out to be a disappointment. Eg. Jack Watts, Paul Roos, Steven May to name a few. The opposite is also true. When we think very little of a new recruit eg Marty Hore it turns out well. The fact that most people are a bit negative about this appointment makes me know it will turn out well.
  12. There was more space this year with 6-6-6 so I don't think they lacked space. We lacked good players on the park and continuity of those players. If t Mac, Weird & Garlett played every week so far this year wed have 3-4 more wins no doubt.
  13. Sack him after one bad year? How moronic. What guarantee is there a new coach will be any better? There isn't. He has valuable insights into two things a new coach won't: 1. What it takes to have a successful year at a football club (2018) 2. What it takes to have a terrible year (2019) That is some rare education that doesn't come easily. He will use this to plan for a much better 2020.
  14. Lockhart and Baker should have played 1s on Friday night. Baffling to choose Spargo and Chandler.
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