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  1. Right click on the video and "copy video address" then paste to send link
  2. Tmac and weeds finding a bit of form and confidence.... could be a very different last half of season compared to the first Also hurry up and resign frosty
  3. clarry can hit targets by foot. need to use the foot more often and forget the junk hand balls
  4. love harmes top effort after the game what a champ
  5. 2 great efforts frost Great job boys Love it !!!! No more lewis or oscar please 🙏
  6. [censored] me thats not 50m should of gone to spec savers you cheating [censored] umpires
  7. oscar will not run at the [censored] ball
  8. apparently only we can give 50m away FMD
  9. roughy throws it out f..king play on !!!
  10. when we knock it out in a tackle its holding the man. When they knock it out on us its dropping the ball
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