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  1. wow, Dylans highlights are by far the most impressove, reminds me of robbie flower
  2. now lets just sit back and watch us win last 2 games to lose pick two in the draft, Melbourne are so predictable! i know some posters will say we should aim to win, but im pretty sure Sydney will be tanking like theres no tomorrow!!!
  3. that single arm block, ist that dusty martins trade mark move?
  4. funny because i remember a similar situation a few weeks ago when a melbourne goal was touched, the umpires went out of there way to stop the game have the goal reviewd and took the goal off Melbourne, it was in compltete contrast to what happened to Essondon
  5. refer to umpires hate melbourne thread
  6. yeah, but we could chant, demons, demons, come out to play, that would be even more awesome!!!!
  7. yup, the umpires hate us, i think we are the only team in the afl who gets screwed by the umps on the mcg when its our home game!!! i loved the Perth game the umps would pay in the back when a melbourne player fell on the side yet not pay melb player when it was there!! happened more than once, i also loved how track hit up a player in the 50 in the last quarter and the umps called not 15, the list goes on, THE UMPS are Cheating for THE EAGLES
  8. Not to fussed on changes, please just drop ANB and never play him again
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