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  1. We were never going to win that game. Maybe had a chance if the game was played in Melbourne and game was full length. i50 delivery has not changed but it was never going to in 1 preseason. What’s more worrying is the defensive 50 and two way running effort.
  2. Typical Gawn looks cooked, we are missing set shots and goalless quarters.
  3. Does Viney or Milkshake get rubbed out?
  4. how Much do we read into this game? We are playing the same brand as last year... cannot see anything different.
  5. Still playing like 2019. Bad kicking can’t get ground ball. And missing 2nd quarters.
  6. I’ll take that... even if it isn’t true
  7. Anyone know what the typical 3 km time is. I just ran 16 flat but am 39 with a crook back. Still knackered.
  8. Corporate spends big money in this arena so it’s not surprising to see it spreading to the footy industry. Getting the right data insights can put you ahead of the curve. But that’s only half the equation - it’s what you do with it that matters. Will Goodwin be brave and bold enough to take action?
  9. CYB

    Jack Martin

    My understanding is that a player can not nominate a salary that is front loaded. It’s a number x number of years. He could still potentially say 1 year 800k and have an in Gentleman’s agreement with thE Blues, but that puts both parties in very vulnerable positions.
  10. Is this an attempt to scrape the bottom of the barrel for salary cap space? Granted they wouldn’t have been on much but should at least give us about 200-250K?
  11. So SEN reporting that the Hawks will go after Noah Anderson via pick 2. I hope those in AFL house have contemplated this and how unjust it would be to manipulate the draft so that the player we would have rightfully got will end up at the hawks..I just cannot swallow that.
  12. Also dont forget Hodge is AA captain. Leaders of his ilk, dont come to often. Lewis was never a leader/director - he just played with a few.
  13. He would demand a long term 7 figure salary to wheel him away from GWS. Lets assume we pushed ahead with all of the trades planned this year and we still fell short of the outside silk that is missing. And let's assume we would be pushing up against the cap next year. Where could we get money from to make that trade happen, because believe me, he is worth every single penny. 1. Retire Jonesy - there is 350- 400K 2. Put one of Brayshaw / Petracca / Viney on the trade table - there is another 500 - 700 K there. 3. Possibly look at moving on AVB or J. smith depending on contributions. Possibly another 300K. Youd also need to make adjustments to cater for anyone else coming out of contract and on next year. That is how you could probably get an immediate 1.1M possibly even more if we had the ability to front load to reduce the pressure on future player contract renewals. What say you Demonland - would you make that offer? I'm also not sure whether he'd be RFA or whether we need to put in some picks to sweeten the deal. But that wouldn't necessarily be an issue as we could offer the player of the 2nd point above.
  14. Looks like some of the crew are already training and getting ready for 2020....looking at their insta accounts...
  15. 100% agree. Yes he is entertaining, frost ball and all and I do love his dash out of the back line. But let's be honest Frosty leaks goals and plays an unaccountable defensive game at times (defending in front, running off his man etc). He is a run of the mill key defensive position player. 2nd rounder to swap for Langdon.
  16. 2020 leadership group. Max Gawn - captain Steven May, NevJet, Milkshake and Viney. Not sure who'd I'd get as VC though.
  17. Trusty Tom Browne seems to think we are the favourite. Interesting to hear Roosy on the couch think he's not what we need.
  18. Maybe... but I look at what successful teams do...take Melbourne Storm and this camp. We are a mentally fragile team, anything we can do address this, we must do, even if its managing the optics of looking weak by ot going to this camp.
  19. The problem is how we fit these guys into the salary cap and how we manage those coming out of contract this year. Someone remind plz if we delist a contracted player for medical reasons I.e Avb or KK, do we take a hit on salary cap with the payout? Cos that's the only way we could land Langdon and Tomlinson ... cant imagine how we get Laird in.
  20. Chaos game is based on a 22 man team , for AF all playing and believing in one another and the game plan. Aside from all the PS and inseason interuptions, we had too many individuals playing selfish unaccountable football. Richmond suffered similar if not worse injuries than us and still finished top 4. Yes they probably have a bit more top end talent but are a testament to what is required to play the chaos game. Even in 2018, you could tell whether the dees were going to win or not within the first 5 minutes of the game. We lack that 100%, unquestionable commitment to the GP and team, which doesnt happen overnight. With the horrendous year and coaching changes, I wouldn't expect a big change in 2020, hence why I think making the finals is going to be much harder than people think.
  21. It's probably more of an attempt to nullify Gold Coast's request. But my understanding was that this was just procedure?
  22. Lewis, Tim Smith and Maynard are gone. I think we can only sustain about 6 list changes per year without risking depth issues. Garlett, Stretch and Corey get 1 more year I think. ANB and Keilty have to be traded or delisted. I'm undecided on Omac and Jones.. I think they stay for now. Sign Frost!
  23. Spot on. Doesnt work hard enough and is unreliable under pressure. At his best he can break packs and shrug a tackle but he cannot finish or kick to a target so I cant see how Geelong will give us anything less than 2nd round. He has definately improved this year and I'd like to hold into him for one more year to see whether he could back it up.
  24. I reckon we will know by the pre season games.
  25. Couldn't be more wrong. Mental fragility and lack of resilience needs to be addressed. These are professional sportsman and not kindergarten students. Good hard or go home. That camp in 2018 preseason (or lack thereof) was overlooked and I believe lies at the heart of all of our woes.
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