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  1. 2 of rankines goals were a touch lucky.... blind snap and soccer goal. Don’t get me wrong he oozes danger in forward stoppages but he exposed our lack of homework (which was hard given it was his first game) - let’s see what he does in the next few games with the extra attention he’ll be getting now.
  2. I’m glad I’m not watching this live. Would have blown a gasket.
  3. Yes there was something very familiar about that Q1 against the blues. That manic pressure was a trademark of our 2018 campaign. All this talk of endeavour and effort not the problem is bullocks if you ask me. I could tell within the first 5 mins whether Melbourne will win a game based on that pressure - it was so entertaining and we had such a good brand. But the issue was that it never could be sustained and perhaps why it’s being potentially phased out ? Or no longer our 1 wood? Who knows - but we definitely play better when we have that defensive intensity.
  4. ANB has 27 touches ... grain of salt.
  5. Fair enough. I genuinely think that the problem is midfield and game plan not the talent in forward 50.
  6. I’d put all my money and trade initiative in more outside run and skill. Isn’t Josh Kelly coming out of contract? The GWS were going to have more salary cap issues right? What other Talent is out there ? Swap Gaff for Brayshaw ?
  7. So who’s getting down to scout the training?
  8. Like most on here are saying COVID-19 has basically saved Goodwins coaching career. He’ll have this season to hit rock bottom and make something of something next if he is to stay on beyond 2021. That is the best scenario. Afraid this is going to be a long painful couple of years.
  9. I think you are right on the money. First he needs to work on his running patterns to clear the congestion ( like Danger) then work in his kicking to advantage. He is quick so definitely can reinvent himself.
  10. He quit the Couch so he wouldn’t have to answer these questions as he could see coming a mile away!
  11. They are much more skilful.
  12. I hope as much as anyone who goes for this side. But will he play again - probably. Will he play like he did at his best at tue Suns? I’m not willing to put my house on it. it’s a long shot at best. We had the opportunity to convince Jack, but he has a smart manager who convinced to stay clear of the MFC train wreck. The wanting to play alongside Betts was just a cover story.
  13. I’m in your camp trout. I thought it was injuries too but the game has moved on and we were caught with our pants down over investing in contested players and recruiting for our back line. Given we have no real draft picks, we need to look long and hard to trade back into relevance. There will be some hard names to trade, but we have to get some existing kicking talent < 25 years into our team otherwise we will waste the next 5 years of this team. We have to secure the next Neale or Mitchell type trade if there is even one - Josh Kelly maybe?.. What do we need to give up? One Or two of Brayshaw, Harmes, Viney or Salem I’m afraid. they might not get you a first rounder to trade but you may get 2 picks under 20 for two of em. What would a Jack Martin have done in this team ???
  14. Disposal under pressure is what we need to work on. That and maintaining pressure for all 4 quarters.
  15. We are an irrelevant club...I’m just gutted and distraught barracking for this club - just have had enough.
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