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  1. I'm sure the Chinese government could supply an app that would tell them where the players are, what the player is searching on their phone for and who they are talking too.
  2. I believe your hands will look like this after being in the weight room. Not sure if this is right because I dont lift.
  3. Robbie Flower also had the Coke bottle bottom glasses too. Not the first impression of a great footballer.
  4. Cameron Bruce struggled to put on any muscle.
  5. The VB Commodore shared the same design as the Opel. 1977 Opel Commodore was a thing before we produced them in Australia. And now that GM have sold Opel to Peugeot, that will stop Holden badges going on Opels.
  6. Good that the rules are not changing. We need another year to learn them.
  7. If Bennell is keen to get a kick in the AFL he is going to have a Pre-season run with an AFL club. Dee's have invited him and Burgess will assess how Bennell runs. You better believe other clubs will be sneaking a peak at him too when he does. If Bennell is a no show then we are not going to cry over it.
  8. What Harmes has become makes me proud. He has become a personal favorite for the work he puts in and look forward to seeing James in the Red n Blue for another 5 years.
  9. Let's bring in a talented Dickhe@d. Jetta and May could sort him out away from the club. Hand him straight to Burgess and if Burgess says he is cutting the mustard, get him in for 2 years.
  10. If we are serious about the 2020 season then Round 1 against WC has to be a must win. (Yes all games are a must win) but this one creates the foundation. It wouldn't be a test if it was Gold Coast at the G for R1.
  11. Phuket, I'm excited for 2020. We have made a few changes which we will know the result of by June. If after the Queens Bday game and we are negative in wins and a loss to the filth the knives will come out.
  12. Elliott's preference is a 3 year contract. Hawks are not likely to offer that due to Elliott's recent injuries and age. After the season we had and bringing in a new fitness guru we have to roll the dice. He kicks 30+ goals and plays a full 2020 season then it is a win. Just don't want to pay too much for him as this could be his only contract with us.
  13. We are not the most enticing club to come to right now. Tomlinson is about the best we can do right now. How do you sell a team that finishes 2nd bottom, has no real place to call home, survives on the coat tails of the past and doesn't have any fight off the field let alone on it.
  14. Frosty needs to tidy his sprint form, arms are to wide.
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