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  1. Game looks too fast for Kossi right now. He will develop if we don't ruin him first. 2 more games for Kossi and rate if he stays or gets a rest.
  2. How funny would it be for their flight check-in. Sorry Mr Goodwin, there is no seat here for you in the system.
  3. Melbourne players are just plain dumb. I just think we don't have any football brains out there. These players need a smart coach at least and we are missing that too.
  4. Collingwood won't get a look until they sort out their Lamumba drama. Wouldn't suprise me if Hawthorn got Charlie. Annoyingly they always find a way.
  5. Lever was okay today. The live for Frost amuses me. Remember the Frostballs.
  6. The song was very similar to how the NRL teams do it. Not having the captain there is not a good look and the second time they did it didn't have the same feel. I have seen players miss out on winning celebrations and as much as they say it didn't matter, it still leaves a bad taste in their mouth.
  7. First game back, hope they can iron out the creases this week leading into Essendon. Carlton are probably kicking themselves they weren't switched on from the start. Goodwin showed us that when things go bad he can do nothing.
  8. Ralph is going for shock. He has named decent players in each team and their supporters are going to say the same as us. Jon Ralph doesn't deserve this much conversation.
  9. Are we going back to state leagues, the players will be amature and have to work a day job. They will play because they love the game and not because of how much they get paid.
  10. I have a firm hatred for Geelong and Hawthorn. Something dodgy in the way Geelong always find diamond players. Maybe i am envious of their playing culture. I can't stand sitting amongst Hawks and Cats supporters at a game. I don't hate Collingwood as much as I used to but I cannot stand Eddie. But I would live him too if he was our President. Why are North supporters so arrogant? Essendon. The son only a mother (the AFL) could love. The AFL loves Essendon but just wishes they were better behaved. Still no hatred for Richmond after their recent success. I still remember their supporters spitting on their own players.
  11. 2 more years in the gym and he will be a monster of a player.
  12. Melbourne had to win that and running the legs off Adelaide like they did in the last quarter will give them belief that Burgess knows his stuff.
  13. I only saw Nathan Jones as Captain previosly. Not out of protest against Viney, just saw Viney as a kid and I think he was made captain too early. Max is a top bloke, I hope the players have made a good decision. If Max inspires the players to rally behind him, then so be it.
  14. Yes, right you are Daisy. I had both grounds in my mind and I backed the wrong pony.
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