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  1. I work for a rather large online distribution centre and we had to stop sending with Aus Post. They were so far behind, some items we sent out on the 2nd of December still hadn't made it to their destination in QLD and WA by the 23rd.
  2. Only one sticker and I have 3 Jags.... raging right now😠.
  3. I shared a pic of my 20 years membership 2 years ago, more to prove that I stick through the worst of times.
  4. We counting pet memberships this 2020 season?
  5. In my playing days I preferred shorter breaks. I am for this as more for the players perspective. 20 minutes is too long. 10 minutes is spot on for recovery.
  6. I got 3. Suffered severe alcoholism too since 2007. I Don't think there is a link.
  7. Now is a good time to assess where everyone is at and who needs more work.
  8. MFC and the Aints are the longest without Premiership glory. Other fans give their clubs more hate than we ever do and they haven't been between premierships for half as long as us. We don't spit on our players for one but nor should we go that far. I think what everyone here can agree on is we want more mongrel, we want the other clubs to hate us because they fear us.
  9. For a large chunk of our 2019 season he was our best forward. But in the results we were getting it does wear on players mentality. I thought Hunt came into the season with something to prove up forward but unfortunately the young lad didn't get alot of assistance with forward 50 deliveries. A dysfunctional forward line didn't help either.
  10. I'm sure the Chinese government could supply an app that would tell them where the players are, what the player is searching on their phone for and who they are talking too.
  11. I believe your hands will look like this after being in the weight room. Not sure if this is right because I dont lift.
  12. Robbie Flower also had the Coke bottle bottom glasses too. Not the first impression of a great footballer.
  13. Cameron Bruce struggled to put on any muscle.
  14. The VB Commodore shared the same design as the Opel. 1977 Opel Commodore was a thing before we produced them in Australia. And now that GM have sold Opel to Peugeot, that will stop Holden badges going on Opels.
  15. Good that the rules are not changing. We need another year to learn them.
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