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  1. That game epitomizes our season. A few good moments over shadowed by too many [censored] moments.
  2. Viney doesn't inspire much as a captain. Infront of the MCC members in the 3rd qtr, he didn't chase a Sydney player, he jogged. Yes the season is over but I want a captain with a never say die attitude. How can he lift the team around him if he cannot lift himself.
  3. I agree with selection, need to know who isn't AFL standard. We can't go higher or lower on the ladder. Give a few lads a game in the AFL before you show them the door. I'll be there watching them play tonight and signing up again for the next year. And if they dish up the same crap again next year as they did this year, I will lay the boots into them again. Always Melbourne no matter how [censored] they are.
  4. Remember when we got Trengove and Scully at pick 1 and 2? They were awesome for us. How about Jack Watts? He is really tearing it up at Power now with Jack Trengove. And when we picked up Jimmy Tompus/Toumpus over Ollie Wines. Who's laughing now?...
  5. Melbourne will make a big start and kick the first 3 goals in the first half of the first quarter. Then you will find me in the Bullring for the rest of the game. Collingwood by 30+ points.
  6. And yet I still sign-up every year and I have signed up every year since 1997. Only fair I get to lay the boots in once in a while.
  7. Can we put Red n Blue cones out against the Tigers? No one will notice.
  8. Frost is out of contract and playing good football. He is driving his own price up and probably the interest of other clubs. I can't see Melbourne keeping him. We have May, Lever, Jetta, Hibbo, OMac is cheap and we look better with Lewis in there somewhere. Probably bring in a fresh defender.
  9. I hope this isn't the start of another Daniher yo-yo period.
  10. Not sure if anyone esle read an article on the Arsenal site. 2017 they paid Port Adelaide 7 figures to get Burgess. Gunners had 3 fitness guru's and 2 got cut to make room financially. Dare say Burgess was not cheap, I wouldn't argue that we don't need him either.
  11. The club is too "nice" and I don't mean the players. Management need to fix their attitude first. Sure we can rebuild but the club have to set the rules. What happened today to Max needs management kicking Gills door in for a please explain and not accept anything other than Daglish or whatever his name is to go back to the WAFL for the rest of the season.
  12. Terrible game all up. Umpires were woeful bit didn't influence the result. Bulldogs were also shocking, they should have put us away in the 3rd. Players lacking pace like Nathan Jones and Jordan Lewis get exposed when the rest of the team are struggling with poor decision making and inaccuracy with their ball movement.
  13. We were 3 short on the bench. With a game that has so many rotations I was not suprised Carlton came back. They did the same to Freo the previous week. Fortunantly we were able to muster up what was required in the end. A bit of luck doesn't hurt either. I took a lad from Spain to see his first game ever. He knew nothing about the game. Going home he didn't want to stop talking about what he just witnessed.
  14. Relieve the captaincy from him, one less responsibility for Nath to worry about. Let him focus on just his footy in 2020. We owe Jones another season considering what he had to endure and still sticking by the club.
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