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  1. Melbourne have been bad, but posts like this are just pathetic. Hope you feel better attacking someone through the anonymity of the internet.
  2. This surely is the buy-in that was the buzz a couple of weeks ago. I think @beelzebub was the first to suggest that maybe the players just don't rate the gameplan, and are therefore failing to carry it out as expected. Clearly Lewis doesn't like it. My take on it all is: Goodwin implemented his plan, unsuccessfully, and was then forced to make the changes that saw the team turn it around late last year. However, over summer the coaching staff have reverted back to the original and the players, having experienced too many of the same losses, are just not liking it. That would go someway to explaining Roos suggesting they aren't playing the way Goodwin wants, and also the constant bombing it forward blindly.
  3. For anyone at the game, was the press still as tight as it has been? Hard to tell on tv, but it looked like the same super-aggressive press, just maybe 20m further towards Richmond's goal.
  4. I really don't see Wied as the issue. A 21year old with 20 games in a team who seem to think blind kicks over the shoulder are a viable way forward. Don't forget he was only to be the second tall behind McDonald, who has been so bad he was playing at the other end of the ground last night. He might need to play at Casey for some confidence, but career over at Melbourne? Please.
  5. Made a Prelim last year, and have played maybe 4 decent quarters of football this year. "There are signs of improvement". So there are some small signs of better defensive play for a half? That's it?! That's the story? Just wow
  6. I have never seen a team kick blindly out of traffic as much as this one. There are only two options: lightening handball, usually too strong for the receiver about 50cm away; and second, dump the ball forward by foot without having looked first. Is this personnel or structure? It has to be the latter, as we've all seen them work their way down the field with quick and accurate ball movement.
  7. It is clear that this club stood still over summer. Absolute indictment on every individual involved. Goodwin and co. brought this upon themselves. This could be worse than the Neeld years by the end of 2019. I really hope not, but any positivity looks a million miles away.
  8. 1-5 in the last 6 games, giving up an average of 6 goals more than the opposition. During that time we're also 5-1 in Inside 50s, averaging +6 per match. In all but one of those (R1) we've hit 50+. The historical trend you highlighted prove how inefficient the gameplan is, and that it's not just about bludgeoning other teams into submission. The midfield can get their hands on the ball (although at a higher rate than it currently is), but there is a lack of creativity once possession is gained. The problem I see is the messaging that the team just needs even more of the ball - it's almost as if the aim is to achieve 75 Inside 50s, which, as we all saw against Geelong still doesn't necessarily mean anything.
  9. Obviously May turned up to the club out-of-shape and was playing catch-up through the preseason. It seems as though he is paying for this now. However, the current state of the List reeks of mismanagement over summer. Players struggling after surgery, a general lack of fitness, and, most damningly, playing whilst injured both during JLT and the early rounds is either a complete breakdown in the football department or desperation from a coaching staff that is telling supporters it's a long season. WTF is going on?!
  10. At the moment it's looking like 3-9 at the bye at best (maybe 4-8), so yes the season is done. Even if we make the finals as 8th, surely all the petrol tickets would have been spent just getting there. After the St. Kilda (?) match last year, the club spoke about how they tweaked the structure to be less aggressive and use Gawn behind the ball. With that, the turn around happened until the Prelim where West Coast, apparently, did nothing to beat us, and we just didn't turn up. Since then, a similar style, with the re-addition of the ultra-aggressive, chaotic, congested, inside, and ultimately easily-countered style of the first two thirds of last year. I'm concerned that the football department has thought natural progression of individual talent would allow for the proper implementation of a gameplan that has already proven to be average at best. What's even worse is that this decision seems to have come off the back of a degree of success last year, and scant regard for both opposition countermeasures and significant rule changes from an AFL determined to rid the competition of the style of football Melbourne are stubbornly trying to play. Whilst I understand, to an extent, feelings of vindication of the approach last year during the team's hot form, surely there is now 3/4 of a season to recognise the failures of focusing on four of five key stats and assuming good results when those stats are won, and implementing a more creative approach that gets more from less.
  11. 1-5 in the last 6 games, giving up an average of 6 goals more than the opposition. During that time we're also 5-1 in Inside 50s, averaging +6 per match. It's the gameplan people! Yet the coach wants the team to hunt the ball more - i.e. more of the same. This is diabolical, and the Club is in denial.
  12. Yep. 'Connect' is just coach speak for when things don't go well. Absolutely infuriating to continually hear this throw away rubbish.
  13. Did Roos elaborate on what that might be? Seems to me that the players are doing what they're supposed to, but it's not working.
  14. I know it's early, but he just doesn't look to have any weapons. Someone of his size needs a point of difference, and I'm yet to see it. What's worse is he's being played in a spot that doesn't suit a player lacking anything that opposition coaches worry about.
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