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  1. First choice would be T Mac and then Fritch. Of these 4 in order subject to injuries. Brown is the most ready to go. Then Weid but he is really a third tall and would be playing out of position. Petty has not proved he is a forward and is definitely not a natural forward. Jackson has not proved he can play any position let alone that of a full forward.
  2. Lets hope the added pressure of mumbling through serious post-game interviews does not make his game go backwards or that he inherits Viney's injury issues and misses much of the season. I think this is an appointment for fans and will not help with any on field problems. How important is a captain anyway?
  3. At no stage have I been going to town. The reality is we all but forfeited 2019. You show a lot of loyalty to the people running the club. The reality is that fitness instructors do not make players have more talent. I am trying to be a realist about the potential of the team, not have faith that the team can easily overcome the issues that sunk the team last year, with the same people calling the shots.
  4. There was an opportunity to build something after 2018. The team was poorly managed in 2019 and our recruiting was disastrous. the team needs to be a serious contender in 2020 or a more through rebuild will be required for success.
  5. It probably started closing with Goodwin's coaching and with last year's recruiting.
  6. Melbourne to finish 8th and goes nowhere in the finals. The window is closing. May to play less than 10 games. Tomlinson plays most of his games in defence. Viney to be injured most of the year, with Lever, Hannan, Bennell, Weid and Vandenberg also struggling with injury. Rivers to play the most of all the recruits. Pickett and Jackson get games to show they are years off being regulars. They were really drafted for 4-5 years down the track. Spargo, KK and Neitschke do not play a senior game. Demons defence to continue to leak like a colander and be our biggest problem.
  7. Do people here really want Max to mumble through official interviews every week? Will the extra burden of leadership place pressure on his performance? Sure, have Max in the leadership group, he is high profile and sought after for interviews because he is not the captain and a bit of a loose cannon. This works for him. Viney was a problem last season. He struggles to get out there and he is one paced and one dimensional. He only works well with some of our midfield. Viney has become borderline best 22, having him captain will tend to gift him games and that may cost us. Leaver has barely earned his place in the 22 let alone making him captain. The best choices would be T Mac or Harmes, The media want Max because he is good for a laugh not for his leadership.
  8. ??? This make no sense. All capital cities have fluoride and it is monitored to be at levels too low to affect brain function. Apart from that his statement was only a little off the mark and made a lot of sense on some questions.
  9. The Harmes deal is testament to the hard work and loyalty that the player has put in. If he plays out the contract and he shows no sign of being fragile, it could well be great value for money for what his type of player is worth in 5 years. I think Harmes would be a great choice of captain because he came up through the ranks and earned his place. There is no need to put extra leadership pressure on Max, he already has a high media profile and mumbles his opinion at every chance anyway, he is already a leader on the field. I am sure that May will not play out his contract and is on much more money. Leaver is younger and will be better value. The May-KK deal is very poor list management.
  10. Our window is closed with these numpties running the MFC. Tomlinson was the worst player in the GF and has struggled to be in the best 22 all year. He is only OK at a few things but not great anything. Offering Frost, our best defender, more money would have been better value. Elliot is fragile and overpriced we would get better value out of Butler. Langdon is OK but not top tier and won't make up the difference for the team to be successful. There are about ten players at Freo I would rather target. May is an overpriced spud that no other team was gullible enough to want, yet he is the most secure player on our list. MFC is stuffed. Everybody sees Melbourne coming.
  11. An interesting analysis. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-09-28/the-data-says-afl-grand-final-might-be-closer-than-you-think/11549510
  12. It is essential when you have a coach with little coaching experience and who seems out of his depth on gamedays. As I understand it Goodwin's main job is to deal with the media so it does not interfere with the football department.
  13. I would not build false hope, at this point there is nothing to write about. I don't usually read them, my issue is why are they paid to be written in the first place. I do not see a positive from them. Why does Demonland promote them at all? Is it just for those desperates that have blind faith that we can win a GF in the preseason?
  14. really sick of the BS the propaganda arm of the MFC churns out. AVB is over his injuries, Preuss can be an effective forward, Brayshaw better for a poor year, Goodwin can do the job.. etc The only heads that roll are the ones that we can afford to get rid of. They should start with the hyperbole riddled publicity department. Not worth reading until the team get on the field next season and prove something. The team is not helped by believing the BS and the expectation puts more pressure on them and makes supporter disappointment worse. Just shut up and get on with the job, we will all see the results.
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