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  1. Not at all. It can function as an extended preseason. Treat it as a learning experience rather than do or die. We can develop players and sort some of the wheat from the chaff. I think we will go flat out and may not do any better at winning anyway. We need to develop another game plan. Other teams have figured us out and some have copied what we did last year and do it better. We are not one of them.
  2. To do that we need better players and and better coaching. The game has changed a lot in 5 years let alone 10. A successful club needs to be good at all aspects of the business, playing, drafting, player development, all of it . We have proved to be noncompetitive in many areas. We will struggle to win any more games this year without trying to lose.
  3. Hibberd has lost a yard and is not getting quicker. His disposal has been worse and he has been struggling to make contests. If he is best 22 next year we will struggle to be successful. He may have some value as depth but he is not the future. Much the same for Jones but he has a little more depth value.
  4. The season is gone. I do not think it is a losers mentality to position the club for better draft choices. There is nothing to gain from winning now. I don't think we need to deliberately go out to lose games this year at any time, we have been playing our hardest. We are rife with injury and our depth is under skilled. We will not have to try to continue these lackluster performances. It is a good time for trying rookies and giving farewell games out. I can see at about ten of our players not being on our list next year.
  5. It seems The Demons have put the cue in the rack for the rest of the season. If we win any more games it will be by accident. Expect to see a lot of rookie tryouts in the seniors and more bad play rewarded with reselection of offenders, we have been doing that for ages. Lewis, Jones and Hibberd will get their farewell games. Gawn will be "injured", others will be "managed" - no tanking here, we will lose it at the selection table and will be unable to blame bad coaching.
  6. Hunt and Hogan do not play the same position. Hogan was an important player for us because he took the best tall defender away from Weid and TomMac. It made our forward line work better than it has for years or since. May has not proved he can be a good player in a successful team and has done nothing to earn his place at the demons, he is a crap leader who was traded out of his leadership. May will be lucky if he gets through his MFC contract. May is not a key position defender he is another intercept zone defender, like Frost, Hore, Lever, Petty, Kielty and Hibberd. Frost has proven his versatility, May has no place telling him what to do. Drafting, list management and coaching are MFC's biggest problems. May is just another who gets a chance to prove himself- I have doubts he will, sorry if you have a problem with that.
  7. "Nathan Jones has described May as one of the best directors of play he has ever played with." - Jones is all but past his use by date in an unsuccessful team and bagging team mates is not a help. May has not learned this. "You don't think development, coaching, resources, culture and more had anything to do with the Suns lack of success? You're blaming it all on May's "attitude"? Gee wiz." At no point did I say May was the only reason for the Suns failures, you made that up. He was not a help and I have heard that he was disliked by his team mates. The Suns back line has performed better without him. "Actually, through his 127 game career he has done just that. Frost has not." He has never been consistent and has done nothing at MFC to be considered a leader or even proved to be a good player. "He was literally a captain of their club." - and they were keen to let him go, not a vote of confidence from an unsuccessful team. "Every single person from the club has praised his "attitude", are you saying they've all lied? Where is your proof?" Nobody wants to admit they made a bad decision getting rid of Hogan for May. They talk him up because they are stuck with it. "Again, where exactly is your proof of this? What deficiencies does he have and whom as he blamed for them?" The proof is that he turned up unfit and has only played 3 games. What May has done at other clubs does not mean anything, he has to earn it at this club and he has not. Frost will play more games for MFC than May will. It is clear that you have little experience of how teams and clubs work and you read the game so badly it is not worth discussing it with you. Feel free to have your opinion but I do not value it. .
  8. What a stupid response. You seem impressed by May getting stuck into a team mate, this attitude did not win games for the Suns. Although Petty has played as many MFC games as May, like May he has not established himself as a consistent player. Neither should be losing their temper at a more established player. Suns were pleased to get rid of May because he is not good leadership material. May's attitude sucks and he should let his footy do the talking. May seems lazy and keen to blame others for his deficiencies and has already been unprofessional by turning up unfit to play.
  9. Frost has earned his place and has been much more reliable this year than May. May is yet to prove his value and has not been around long enough to be telling others what they should do. May did not have the professionalism to turn up fit and ready to play. I don't think May will have much of a career and it will be shorter if he continues to enforce himself at the top of a pecking order by belittling teammates.
  10. I'm so blessed to know that you don't think our injury list is a fitness issue. Chasing big names for the sake of appearances is why the club has gone backwards since all the AFL appointments have left. It took no time to get back to pre-Roos levels of management. We need to find people who are good at what they do. I have no confidence that our Board makes good staffing decisions at any level of the club.
  11. The fitness thing is less of a problem than poor trading and recruiting or bad game day coaching. When are these going to be addressed?
  12. I am not embarrassed by the poor judgment of others. The fact is our recruiting has been a failure and no amount of nitpicking will change that. Do you have a point to make?
  13. Not at all. If you believe we are in better shape than we were with Hogan, then you are the one deluded. This was not a got you moment. Where the marks were taken and the results from them are relevant. Hogan has been way more productive.
  14. If we are better off then why are we having such a bad year? These three have not really proved they are worth anything yet. We have just about swapped spots on the ladder with Freeo from last year. We do not have any consistent key forwards. Hunt is doing better than last year but results suggest we are not better off.
  15. May was not in good enough shape to make the team, he has played one full game and was ordinary and unaccountable, like his fitness. I do not think there is a forward in the league that would hold any fears about being matched up on May, most would love it as much as the pies forwards did.
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