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  1. Yes, you are talking drivel. The way to beat Mumford is on the scoreboard and make him have to work out of his comfort zone. If you know what he is going to do, you are ready and are able to see it coming and dish it out. Have you ever played the game? If we are not able to match GWS in the run and spread, two rucks will not help.
  2. I still don't think we need two rucks with Mumford. He will struggle to keep up with Max. Everybody knows he is a thug but he can't afford to get suspended or they would not have got him back. The Murphy incident was not a ruck injury anyway. We will need as much run as we can get in the team for GWS, it won't be worth sacrificing that to put Preuss in.
  3. GWS is one of the quicker sides going. One of their weaknesses this year has been ruck and mobility, that is why Mumford was brought out of retirement. Without Mummy, we do not need two rucks. If Preuss could do a better impression of a gold-plated forward then it would work. The danger is that you will be sacrificing speed and versatility to play Preuss. There are other teams that this may not be as much of a liability and might work like the Crows use Jenkins.
  4. No, I saw him gifted many games at the Suns. I saw him turn up unfit to play and that indicates a lazy player. He has a contract and the chance to prove me wrong.
  5. We paid overs on the Hogan trade. I don't think May will have a long career and may not ever be the key position lockdown defender we were looking for. The reality is that he is not really a key position back but more the intercept marking - rebounding type we have plenty of. May has to compete for that job with Lever, Hore, Frost, Hibberd, Petty, and Kielty. May seems lazy and one dimensional and will struggle to be more than a role player. Our drafting for key position players has been terrible.
  6. Jack has become a little generic. We had plenty of success covering his injuries last year and there was no proof we stood up any less when he was not there. We have plenty of inside mids, we need more outside run. I think the way Jack plays is why he gets injured so much. Unless he changes his game he will not have a long career, or will only play half seasons.
  7. What part of the game gave you the idea that Gawn needs help? Experience only is important if he gets his hands on the ball and can lay a tackle, something Lewis has not done a good job of this year. He was very important last year but he will not have to be embarrassed out there too much this year to hang up his boots. You seem keen to win a fight rather than a footy game?
  8. The most competitive team we have had this year does not have Lewis in it. He is too slow and this game proved it. We just can't carry too much lack of speed in this team. Jones and Hibberd have slowed down, OMac is slow but can work as a tall defender. Lewis may get another go if needed but I would be as happy if he moved to an off-field role and gave us another chance of picking up some outside run in the mid-season draft. It will be hard to be competitive with Jones, Lewis, Hibberd, and OMac in the same backline. Lewis does have to be behind the ball because he is too slow to be a creative forward. Preuss is depth and may be played with Max against Carlton. They both play the same position and Max is better at it. Preuss is mainly depth and a desperate with injuries pick only. Preuss needs to kick a couple of bagfuls of goals as a forward at Casey while keeping his ruck skills in good shape, to get a run with Max.
  9. We played our best game for the year by playing our fastest team available. It backfired on WCE double teaming Max, who beat both of them. Max has been picked on for years and he thrives on it. We need to have more skilled pace on the ground and fewer slow plodders. Baker was not ready yet but his pace helped and made us more of a threat. I doubt that we will need or want to play Pruss in the same team as Max we need to be as flexible and mobile as possible to be competitive.
  10. I don't give a stuff about how his hair is, as long as he can play. Are you a hairdresser or something, you seem obsessed with appearance and masculinity?
  11. Don't see where the Demons can score enough to win. WCE is coming off an away win against the saints who made us look ordinary. I think our list has got worse since the Saint's loss.
  12. Gold Coast is a really quick team. We have the slowest backline in the league. I would not have dropped a running player and would not have kept Omac Lewis And Jones in the backline. We need more run behind the ball to carry all three. I think the Suns will win at home.
  13. He has not performed. Even with a more balanced list, he lost us many games at the selection and with inflexible gameday coaching. He will stay until 2022, unless you are offering to pay him out.
  14. He will stay for the reasons I suggested. Goodwin has done his apprenticeship and has shown he is one dimensional, is a limited gameday coach and has not been able to develop more than a very limited game plan with no plan B. I think this will be his last coaching appointment.
  15. So it is more important that we even up on ancient history on players who are not a threat, rather than to win games? No wonder the team is going backward. I would rather put energy into winning games.
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