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  1. It's really a no win situation for Eddie or any club when asked about refunding memberships. If he answers "yes" the'll be more people seeking refunds at a time when clubs need them most. if he answers "no" the follow up question is "why not?, people are struggling".
  2. I didn't watch the game but I'm staggered nothing changed from last year
  3. This season is probably a write-off. Steven May will be twenty nine years old when the season starts next year.
  4. When the premiership cup sits in the trophy cabinet at the end of the season they'll be no asterix next to it.
  5. Viruses cannot self replicate
  6. COVID is not the name of the virus. The name of the virus is coronavirus. COVID-19 is the disease the virus causes.
  7. I just think get as many games in now while the virus is still under control.
  8. I don't understand why you wouldn't cram games in after Round 1?
  9. How I envy you. I've still got forty five years of MFC misery left.
  10. Of course, but if people want to donate to the club, let them donate. How do you know they're not donating to charities as well?
  11. I feel somewhat deflated. No one can be sure that the game against West Coast will count.
  12. Grand final at an empty MCG
  13. Time to start looking to 2021
  14. If anyone at a club gets the virus then your can't play games against that club. If a few clubs get it, then the whole competition is in jeopardy.
  15. It's certain that the whole season will have to be cancelled
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