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  1. It's not tanking. A legitimate strategy when you can't make finals is to send players off for surgery early so they're cherry ripe for next year. At the same time you give less experienced players more game time.
  2. Finishing the season strongly or getting higher draft picks?
  3. Saw some grabs of the presser on the news. Yeah Goodwin doesn't look or sound right.
  4. Heard on the radio this morning that he's warming to playing with us next year.
  5. Season is done. No need to rush Lever back in.
  6. We desperately need a key forward because TMac is now getting the best defender and he can't cope.
  7. Do we have any chance of getting him? Jones, Lewis and one other should free up enough salary cap space.
  8. We could be damned either way. If we stay with the chaos game plan, it probably won't win us a premiership. If we change to controlled ball movement, we've given everyone a head start.
  9. I wonder whether the skills of the players are actually better than what's been on display this year. It's just the game style causes the players to rush their disposals. Is we slowed our ball movement down and played with a bit more composure we may be able to hit our targets more often.
  10. Yes. Our disposals end up being chaotic as well
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