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  1. Not going to happen. Put him at half back.
  2. Every year we hope he takes the next step and every year we are disappointed. He's taken over Jack Watts' role.
  3. If both fully fit, which is the better option for playing on the wing?
  4. That's true. Just seems like the go home factor is stronger with the Western Australian boys and I'm a bit concerned as we have just recruited three of them.
  5. Looking at him at the draft, I reckon he could be play for us next year.
  6. On paper, most of those are upgrades
  7. If those three players are duds, then obviously we lose. If they end up being good players they'll probably go home to Perth.
  8. A few years and he'll want to go home to Perth
  9. Using a high draft pick on a small forward seems like a waste to me
  10. The final piece of the premiership puzzle
  11. If he kicks that first goal, the ball goes back to the centre and the future from that point onwards takes on a different path.
  12. Still not convinced he can be an effective wingman
  13. I would have good look at him because TMac struggles against the better defenders. If Jenkins takes the best defender it will make TMac a better player.
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