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  1. You'll never spread the players out with small rules changes like 666 or limiting rotations. The only way is to force them to spread out.
  2. Totally agree. Zones or starting positions brings back the aspect of the game which we all love and that's players spread throughout the field. I've never heard anyone say they enjoy the congestion of the modern game. Let's get serious and get rid of it!
  3. We still have the same problem. There's too many players around the ball. Why?.., because that's what the coaches want We all want the prayers to spread out, but the coaches won't do it. So the solution is to force the prayers to spread out. How?... by having three or four players from each team in the forward fifties at every stoppage. It's a new rule that you won't even notice. All you'll notice is that the players are spread out more.
  4. Yes we do have a losing culture. Players come to the club and pick up that MFC loser feeling. It will take a special coach and special administrators to change the culture of the club. Sadly it doesn't look like the current iteration of the club will do that. On to the next total rebuild...
  5. We've had forward efficiency problems side 2018 which Goodwin just can't fix. I agree, he seems easy to coach against.
  6. Agree with everything you said. The key point being players which should be improving with experience are stagnating or regressing. Bad sign.
  7. Yes but he could help the team more as a forward which is what we desperately need
  8. Is it time to put Tomlinson at full forward? Not convinced he's a wingman.
  9. Forget Weideman as a forward. It's not going to happen.
  10. Why was the player's name made public? A person's medical conditions are private.
  11. Sometimes you have to pay overs to get players to move
  12. That's when you know our defence has problems
  13. Some coaches do very well in their first year or two of coaching but then opposition coaches figure them out and they have no answer. They then struggle for the rest of their career not able to come up with a good plan.
  14. Journalists are warming up they keyboards. If goes down; "You shouldn't of rushed him back"
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