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  1. The final piece of the premiership puzzle
  2. If he kicks that first goal, the ball goes back to the centre and the future from that point onwards takes on a different path.
  3. I would have good look at him because TMac struggles against the better defenders. If Jenkins takes the best defender it will make TMac a better player.
  4. Difficult to tell if it was a good trade because the jury is still out on Frost.
  5. Anyone know if he's recovered from his injury? Will he get a full pre-season?
  6. Interesting he mentioned he was old school. Maybe that's where he failed as a coach. He couldn't connect with the modern generation of players.
  7. He does if he wants to coach at another club
  8. He was never going to say the players, coaches and club are rubbish.
  9. Gold Coast are on the bottom, and the AFL gets bagged for it. If Gold Coast becomes successful the AFL will get bagged for giving them too many draft picks. They can't win.
  10. Would like to see Gawn as the sole captain. I know it won't happen.
  11. When are people going to see that draft picks are just one piece of the puzzle in winning a premiership. Gold Coast have had a stack of early picks too with a one year head start.
  12. Sorry but winning a premiership is just too difficult for our club. We just have to accept that it won't happen.
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