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  1. Considering the season is over it may not be a bad thing. Gives us an opportunity to try some other defenders.
  2. Hard for Lever to show his value if he gets a twelve month injury
  3. I agree. We need a club-wide review. Need to look at what the assistant coaches are bringing to the table because we have problems on every line.
  4. Last year flattered us. We were terribly inefficient going forward even last year, so we had to generate a stack of inside fifties just to kick a winning score.
  5. You can't say we should of got five free kicks, twenty metres out, because if the first free kick is paid, then the future takes on a different path from that point onwards.
  6. Any team he's in becomes too Buddy-centric
  7. On the news, Preuss looked like he was training with one arm
  8. Hope he can find some form and get back in the team as we really need his pace and run. May have to play him off half back for a while.
  9. That's true to a certain extent, however today's players are so much more skillful and the grounds are so much better, Give them space and the will showcase their skills.
  10. I never said we need more scoring
  11. Yes we need to bring pressure and intensity for four quarters
  12. I'm not sure about that. I don't think fans enjoy congestion that doesn't allow players to showcase their skills.
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