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  1. Great effort by Melbourne supporters
  2. Time to switch over to the cricket
  3. Terry Wallace just gave his best twenty two on SEN. No Jones. Baker yes.
  4. You can guarantee Saints will win this week
  5. Their problem isn't picks, it's retaining picks. The AFL needs to help them retain players rather than throwing draft picks at the problem
  6. Can't sack a coach after one bad season. Coaches improve with time and Goodwin will learn a lot from this season. Mick Malhouse one said "You haven't coached until you've coached a bottom side"
  7. I mean, at the moment, who would do a better job at full forward than May?
  8. Is he our best full forward?
  9. It's not tanking. A legitimate strategy when you can't make finals is to send players off for surgery early so they're cherry ripe for next year. At the same time you give less experienced players more game time.
  10. Finishing the season strongly or getting higher draft picks?
  11. Saw some grabs of the presser on the news. Yeah Goodwin doesn't look or sound right.
  12. Heard on the radio this morning that he's warming to playing with us next year.
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