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  1. No. Suns got priority pick 1. So they have pick 1 for finishing last and a pick from the AFL which is pick 2. Demons now have pick 3.
  2. Come on mate. Serious. 19, afl system for 8 weeks, no afl pre season. Crazy call
  3. My only guess is to rest hunt. We know he can impact the forward line. Rest him, bring in Spargo and Chandler to see what they can bring. Why not, season is done. Mix it up a bit
  4. Big_Dee

    Jack Martin

    Martin has been dropped this round too. Not due to talent but I’m sure doesn’t care to be at the Gold Coast so his numbers have dropped. At another team where his interest will be up, except his numbers to rise dramatically
  5. Agree. Been watching him in the vfl and has some serious talent. Only just 19 too
  6. Hore stiff. Looking forward to seeing Melksham and what baker and Dunkley can show
  7. Not sure about petty’s comment. He looks solid and did miss due to his ankle injury and looked sore the rest of the game.
  8. Not Lockhart. He did a good tagging job on JJ today. Held him most of the game. Did well
  9. We can go easy on Lockhart and Dunkley. Only been part of afl for a few weeks and never done a pre season etc etc. others Ned to lift though brayshaw is injured clearly today
  10. Yes baker back. His second half was good yesterday and I feel is better suited to AFL then VFL.
  11. He was injured early with his knee against the giants
  12. Yeah he is. Give him the year in Casey and see what he can do
  13. He is having set back with his foot. It’s either after round 15 or put a line through the season and being ready for 2020.
  14. I would wait on baker. No pre season remember.
  15. Didn’t he just get a fine and that’s it?
  16. Well said and it’s so easy to see. We are playing such high pressure from the backline that everything congests moving forward. It’s a terrible plan. No wonder our forwards can’t get the ball. Tmac can’t raise his arms which is a issue, weid not yet. No proper small forwards. It’s plan to see
  17. Yep agree. Not good down back but very good forward.
  18. Very good. Watched some of them in the under 18 Aussie side today. Great talent
  19. I have no idea where to start. Going in so small in the backline. Come on selection. Why can’t the coaching staff see this. Anyway, it’s the worst of our worries. Weid, tmac 0 goals. Far out. We stink
  20. Yep agree. The kid is very good up forward but due to injuries/form etc he has to play back. It sucks cause we need him forward.
  21. Really liked Bedford and Chandler. I think with sparrow we give him much more time. He looked ok in round 1 AFL but expected more in vfl today, but the hawks were unreal
  22. Baker is coming back from a major hamstring injury. Give him a few games cause he is lightening quick and will be good
  23. Rusty nails. What do you think of Bedford today?
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