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  1. FB: Jetta. May. Hibberd. HB: Young. Lever. Salem Mid. Langdon. Viney. Tomlison HF. Petracca. Weid. Melksham FF. Fritsch. T Mac. Bennell R: Gawn. Oliver. Brayshaw Int: Harmes, Hunt, Jones, P8 It’s actually a fairly strong 22 if in form but there are some fair dinkum “what if’s” in this squad that it’s still worrying. Will Viney, Jetta and Hibberd get back in form? And we’re our forwards in TMac and Weid one hit wonders? Will Young (assuming) become a Nick Haynes or a James Strauss? We’ve seen what nearly every player in this squad can/has done so if we’re fit and not a top 6 team this year I’ll be asking serious questions
  2. I never bought fully into the hype last year on Sam but haven’t also committed to the pessimism that a few around here have either. I still feel as I always have that Sam will be a solid CHF, not a star, just a decent role player. He’s still a kid who basically gets tagged every week by a gun defender and has to deal with crappy delivery and a non functioning forward line. He’s clearly low on confidence at the moment as his set shot kicking in his short career (up until the last few weeks) has always been beautiful and his hands aren’t quite as sure however we have seen enough moments to back in the kid for a while to come. He should still be playing twos even now and make him tear games apart there and kick the door down, demanding to get back into the ones. Instead, through no fault of his own we’ve thrown him (and Oscar) into the wolves as under developed players trying to be key men in a poorly playing team and have had to deal with over the top expectations. I still think he will be fine and will continue to improve with time. Have faith
  3. Has been playing on a wing which is where demon players go to die the way we move the pill. I think he adds more on the HFF than Spargo/Garlett and adds more in the guts than Viney at present. Id just leave him as a forward. He’s quick enough in close and still hard as a cats scone. He just gets burnt in space and it’s hard to watch
  4. Frustrating basic mistakes from our defence. Oscar and Wagner spoiling to dangerous spots and Fritta wrapping a bloke up for no good reason. Just little things they all need to be better at.
  5. The season is cooked and there would have been zero reason to play him anyways. I’d rather continue with ANB, Strech, Spargo etc, all players I don’t rate at the moment but need to be given chances to see if they’re up to it going forward. I don’t particularly care that he smacked someone in the twos and gets a week. I’d be more upset if he got picked to play over giving time developing some kids. As a recruit he has been fine. Yes it was a superfund top up but he gave us further relevance as a destination club and I’m sure his insights as a once wonderful player with the ultimate success has been priceless. Now Jordy, please retire from senior footy for the year and provide some guidance in the twos and/or on match days in the box.
  6. I'm not a fan of Billy unfortunately at the moment. Works hard but his skill level is awful. Still - I'd persist with him over say Lewis for the rest of the year. The season is cooked so mind as well get as much time into Stretch/Lockhart/Baker/Spargo/Hore etc as possible to see if they will make it or not and to harden there bodies to stress of AFL footy.
  7. Stretch Baker Lockhart Fritsch Garlett C Wagner J Wagner O Mac Petty Garlett Spargo Smith All VFL standard footballers. Some may get there but right now there is a lot of battlers above. A good team has to carry some players and that’s where role players can shine. Usually it’s only when 3 or 4 of the above get a game. No team however can carry a dozen fringe players like we are and can expect to compete. Unfortunately when the heat was on today, GWS looked faster, tougher and hell of a lot more skilful than our mob. There cue was well and truly in the rack for the last and I take nothing from that. Even with all the effort in the world you need some skill across the group and there is so many in that team who have minimal
  8. Frost is such a polarising player. He has moments where I sit back in amazement with his chasing, tackling and courage in the air only to see him completely shank something so simple later on. I think Hore is just a solid role player and chipping away nicely. I saw this thread whilst playing golf with a fello dees supporter yesterday who summed it up asking would you rather play an even round with 18 pars (Hore) or an even round with 9 birdies and 9 bogeys (Frost) I’d still lean towards Frost as we need all the speed we can get but christ he stresses me out with the pill in his hands
  9. Just read the report on the Melbourne FC web page about Hibbo only being out for a couple which is handy. It’s hard to compete when your first choice backline is looks like: FB: Knee. Knee. Concussion HB: Groin. Groin. Collarbone emergency (Lewis) to be advised. edit: forgot our forward line: HF: Knee. Soreness. Ankle FF: Foot TMac Jeffy
  10. 6. Salem. Absolute class. Never worried when the pill is in his hands 5. Milkshake. He was everywhere early while having a defender all over him. 4. Oliver. An amazing last quarter, he just bullied the opponents and never gave in 3. Jones. Back in the guts where he belongs and has to stay. Having a good couple weeks 2. Frost. Christ this bloke is frightening, exciting, mesmerising and then utterly ridiculous. 1. Harmes. Was everywhere early and kept powering on
  11. I will keep defending the Weid as I always say young key forwards need a lot of time and patience however I feel we have massively over rated the impact that we expected him to have this year based on about 5 quarters of finals footy. I really worry that trading Hogan is going to turn out as a disastrous move.
  12. The cats are looking seriously good and will be there late in September..... again.... Not flinching and backing themselves into hold Kelly was ballsy but could pay off with a flag the way they are looking. Plus getting some genuine speed in Rohan and Dahlhaus is paying huge dividends. I’m so sick of them but worse, I’m incredibly jealous of them.
  13. Scully was cheap (trade wise) not just because of his injury if I remember correctly. He was still on big dollars and in contract which means that the hawks have to pay this in full. GWS clearly accepted less than what he would go for (trade wise) in order for someone to take over and pay his contract in full.
  14. I get what you’re tying to stay but all teams have to give players mandatory leave post the end of the year and then usually start preseason the moment that finishes. So teams finishing earlier without finals obviously start preseason earlier. One would expect the boys who finish late in September would still be professional enough to look after themselves.
  15. FB: Jetta. Lever. Hibberd HB: Smith. May. Kolodjashnij We have one person available from our best backline (imo) in Hibberd who isn’t exactly in great form. Id say the backline is the most important group of players who need to ‘gel’ for a team to be successful. They need to know who is going to go and when and back there team mate to win the contest. I genuinely feel this year is toast. Can only hope all these boys get ten weeks after the bye to play together and develop something great.
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