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  1. Did I hear right, that Jackson has also played as a genuine midfielder (ie not as a ruckman)? A 199cm midfielder? I like the highlights real and still think he would be a good investment, not sure about No 3 though
  2. Going off highlights packages and what's been written .... I picked Serong ahead of Young (in my mind), based on the fact he is touted as a forward. I think we need forwards, while I think out defense, if we don't have the entire back 6 out injured, looks pretty sound. Obviously that's just an opinion. Just because Young played down back at junior level of course doesn't mean he can't play forward at AFL level. Honestly though, reading and looking at highlights packages, Young, Serong, Ash, Stephens, Flanders, Green, Robertson ... they're all around the mark I would have thought, they're all around the same size, who knows how they will go next year.
  3. If Bradtke can play footy like his Dad played basketball, we're on a winner. Not sure where his development is at. Wasn't really impressed with Preuss last year. Was anyone? I think we gave him a four year contract, need to see whether he improves I guess. Still really like the look of Jackson
  4. Jackson would be a pick for the future, but would also be able to make an impact now. Think Stynes/White combo, the generation would be Gawn/Jackson. I love the prospect
  5. I've voted Serong and Kemp. I think Seeing looks very skillful, makes good decisions under pressure, could be the forward we're looking for to tandem with Lockhart. Kemp is the only real forward I see at the top end and I think we need another option up forward. If we split pick 3 I think Weightman and Jackson look good
  6. I know the draft should be more about talent than moneyball, but we need a small forward, possibly a tall forward, and we will need a backup for Gawn (I'm meaning it takes a while to develop a ruckman, thinking 3-5 years down the track). Small forward - Weightman Ruck - Jackson Tall Forward - Kemp I think these guys would still be around at picks 6, 7, 8 (based on the way people are talking) - so surely talks with Fremantle and GWS would be in full swing to trade pick 3?
  7. We have TMac, but with Frost gone I wonder where he'll play. We have Weid, who I have a lot of faith in, but he's young. We have Tomlinson, who I think could play forward but I understand was brought in to play wing. After that ... Petty? Preuss? They don't look natural forwards to me. If we get Wylie as a Rookie or with pick 97, why not? He may surprise. Injuries tend to happen for big blokes over the first few seasons (how many games did Gawn play in his first few seasons?) Plus, the name rocks
  8. Dunkley a chance for ANB or Hannan?
  9. Good to hear. I only had the word from Tassie re Couch's involvement. It was a surprise it took until two weeks before the season started for them to pick him up, but the main thing is they did I guess He's very creative, heard he played off half back in Tassie, but he might be too small for that at this level
  10. Tom Couch is coach of North Launceston where he played in Tassie, spotted his potential and put him in touch with Casey so he could get a look in
  11. Found it more interesting that Lever wasn't named in the extended team in the 2's
  12. Hibberd, Preuss, Neal-Bullen, Garlett, Spargo, Stretch, J.Wagner all named for Casey (does that mean anything?)
  13. I'm a fan of Weid, I think he will come good. Out of left field, I know talls take a while to develop, but what about one of the King twins? Max King has kicked a few in recent weeks in the VFL coming off a knee reco, can see him getting his debut with the Saints soon. Ben King is at the Suns, I think he's played this year but really no idea how he's tracking
  14. Lockhart is the surprise for me. Debuted only a few weeks after coming on the list, no preseason (unless unpacking shipping containers counts), has added a bit of grit and pressure, looked right at home. Of course that might be my Tassie bias coming through. Disappointment for me is the Joel Smith situation. Thought he was looking good in the practice games, even the one he played injured. Now looking like we might not see him at all this year.
  15. I think he has great skill and a really good football brain. When he has the ball you generally know something is going to happen. However his size doesn't help him with regard to putting pressure on the opposition and means that he is often out-positioned. I look at Lockhart, who is only 4cm taller, and I just think he has a lot more presence. If Spargo can learn how to work to the right positions (maybe it means he needs to bulk up a little), and Lockhart has his first preseason, they might make a pretty deadly duo
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