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  1. about time some of our players took it upon themselves to improve. As a basketballer Petracca knows about practice, practice practice when going for goal. Stuff the fitness blokes, its your career. Goodwin will not get another senior job when it all ends in tears.
  2. Soul destroying to be back in that position.
  3. Tell me he did not say, "we are trying to create a winning culture' . I can accept we need his leadership stuff but that is a bridge too far. Did he also keep scratching his left leg when asked questions?
  4. The bigger question is do our young players get pulled up for that sort of behavior. You can just imagine what the opposition players say when they are chatting and having a laugh after the game.
  5. Jordan should be a good player for us and did nice things today. However I would rather him continue to enjoy his footy, keep learning and develop his body for the rest of the season. Maybe one run towards the end but not against the Eagles. Bedford likewise.
  6. Is that a coffee invite, I would be keen to meet you.
  7. We will likely finish in 16th where it all begun under Roos. That is like a business having the same sales figures as 6 years ago. Some here though continue to say, she will be right, it is just a flesh wound and will clear up over summer.
  8. Yes Baker is a very good prospect for us. I would rather Kennedy Harris than ANB. Wagner was good and Jordan and Bedford will be players if we give them time to develop. Bradke also may be a find but needs a good few years to quietly develop.
  9. It says a lot about us that Gus lack of form is no a big footy story. hard questions would be being asked if it was happening at a power club.
  10. Equally, no unhappy player ever looks in form. So if he is out of form and unhappy and we are a professional club what is he doing in the seniors?
  11. I hope you are correct but he looks like he is not enjoying playing at the moment.
  12. Totally agree and it was in evidence today against a fanatical supporter base. Membership figures and all froth and bubble these days.
  13. Great move if he gave us 5 years. If not I could take or leave him.
  14. Quite right Ding. I am sick of the worshipping at the Jackson altar. Sure he was competent. That was his job. He couldn't give a stuff, just like pert and all the rest.
  15. Likely because he is a VFL standard coach.
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