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  1. Well then, and I do not mean to be argumentative but either Pert thinks the project is a goer to keep pursuing or he does not have the ability to persuade the Board to drop it. Every day lost continues the embarrassment of Goschs paddock and lost opportunity.
  2. I understand it was initially explored before he came on board. You say we are just guessing, that is true. and do you think that is a situation Members and supporters should be in after he has had enough time to cast his eye over it and meet with stakeholders. As Redleg said their are obstacles to the plan that make it extremely unlikely to be an option.
  3. Thanks for articulating one reason I have my doubts about Pert if he is wasting club money and resources on a doomed plan.
  4. Reminds me of the late 60s. Every second Friday the school was given tickets to the Hawks game at Glenferrie Oval. No one ever took it up. It was all Melbourne, Essendon and Collingwood in those days and to go to the G rather than suburban grounds was gold.
  5. Thank you for correctly pointing out I was talking about the old night series Diamond, it never occurred to me to differentiate between those goldenish days and the Waverly ones. I have never known an atmosphere like that old series since then. Dad would get my brother and myself into the ground, go off to the pub or greyhounds and meet us at the end of the game. We were very young but never felt the slightest danger.
  6. My memory is of winning a night flag at the old Sth Melbourne ground. Late 60s, early 70s, I could be wrong after all these years though. Anyone else remember.
  7. Old South Melb ground, yeah.I remember lots of smokes being lit and stacks of cans of beer. Rough as guts crowd but a safe place for a kid at the same time.
  8. Agree, It is a very strange situation all around. Even the name Melbourne, does it refer to the CBD or all of suburban Melbourne. My issue with the Yarra park proposal is it does not encourage community engagement to any real extent.
  9. Good take on things. I too thought Bakers debut encouraging. He got caught a few times but will learn from that.
  10. Wow, maybe I was a good payer after all. Probably averaged 10-12 disposals a game and never rated myself until I see these kind of stats.
  11. Water under the bridge but if Hogan had played, we win that game.
  12. Human nature. You are working in Perth, everyone you meet excluding Freo people want WC to win. You get to the ground and 50,000 people cheer your every good decision in their favour and jeer every one against. And then one side is Premiers and another is, well, you know. Who do you think will get the best deal.
  13. Stretch would not have been an AFL player if not for his fathers name. Its bad luck for him and us but needs to make every post a winner like kicking get able goals. Rather a youngster.
  14. Sorry, I disagree on the logic. West coast are reigning Premiers. You have to respect that and take into account they would have played a different game if we had all players available. Until we beat them consistently and get respect it is just paper talk. No offence intended.
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