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  1. Haha never mind. Hope Jay proves an inspired choice. Was hoping JT has his eye on a Fritsch/vandenBerg/ dare I say even Harry Taylor style player who f could nab early, perhaps not to be.
  2. I’ve been thinking about the remaining list spot that seems destined to be held over for mid season, and as no one else seems to be talking about it too much wanted to start the chat. Hayden McLean was one player I was hoping might be looked at but seems he is going way of the swans now. Anyway what do you think the clubs thinking is. As simple as hold off to mid season and see what we need? Or is it more strategic like I hope, there are usually a few state league players that raise the bar each season and push top 20 draft picks, are we hoping to almost snag a top 20 draft pick freebie. If so I wonder how the draft order will work. Hoping lower clubs can’t just throw 3 blokes on ice mid season and slot into the top picks but who knows! ponder away!
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