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  1. Ryan sparkes from gippsland power is one i hope the club has a eye on, in some games with power he looked just as talented as serong and flanders. He is a smooth moving wingman, always seems to have more time with the ball. I see alot of upside in him
  2. Hunt is still learning his potential, a couple of years ago, he showed he could be a gun, and still can be. Has a higher ceiling than langdon imo If he can get his confidence and belief going he has the ability to be a star, cmon jaiden, hunt the footy, hunt the ball carrier, tackle with intent, take em on more, never give up, play like a possessed demon. He and Langdon should be trained to look to use their handball after they go on a run, and teammates should be trained to get into a position to either receive a handball, or protect them. If they have to kick after a run, dont bomb it just kick it into space, and follow it up
  3. anyone know what they are demanding for him, whatever they are we should halve it, (if they refuse) pull out of negotiations publicly, wait for them to make their last minute offer, um and arrr for as long as we can, make a few more deals, and come back with one pick less than what they asked for. freo we want pick 13 melb you can have pick 26 freo no melb no freo ok we will take pick 26 melb sorry we trading that pick we only have 27 now, take it or leave it freo what wait arrrr ok
  4. fair chance your right, i just question youngs 1on1 ability and also his pace, where i like goulds aggression, overhead marking, and he is also quick for his size. whould you rather young at pick 3 or weightman and gould if we split the pick ?
  5. gould is better and a better player
  6. just a hunch, but i get the feeling the reason we want to split the pick, is we are keen on weightman, more than anyone rated above him and i hope this is what happens, i also hope the club is keen on gould, if we get weightman and gould and it costs us pick 3 i say do it. lets just say we end up if picks 9, 10, 22, 40 9. weightman 10. gould 22. one of worral, tahney, day, or taylor 40. pickett we take the best 2 small forwards, a skilled medium forward and a aggressive good kick back flanker jetta may gould salem lever jordon langdon brayshaw petracca worral mcdonald elliot weightman weid fritz gawn oliver harmes
  7. i well may be wrong but, imo there are at least 10 players i would rather us take before young.
  8. he will be a good player, good overhead, kicks goals, crumbs packs and can find the pill, he would be a good fp with stints on the ball. Would not take him with pick 2 or 3 but if we end up with 2 later first round picks i would not hesitate to grab him.
  9. As in if I had to trade pick 2, what combination of picks in this draft would be of equivalent value? For pick 2 I'd be asking for picks 3, 4 and another top 30 choice. I'd then probably flip picks three and four for a combination of other picks include two others inside the first eight and whatever additional value I can get for it. *I'm an Anderson fan and feel he's the best in the pool. Knowing someone would match bids on what would be a bid on Green with pick 3, I see that much separation between Anderson and the field. So it's not a pick I would be giving up for market value, in the same way I wouldn't have given up pick 2 or 3 for market value last year knowing Lukosius and Rankine were going to be there. For pick 3 this year, I'd happily flip it for any two picks inside the top 8 as I see a real evenness from picks 3-8, and I'd feel like I'd probably with one of if not both of those get my two preferred considerations, or if not then at least that next guy I would have been thinking about with pick 3 anyway.
  10. im with you on this one, we should only do it if we get ash
  11. imo the gold coast should get a mid first round pp at best, after each club who missed the finals has had their first pick. We are not the only club who would get shafted by the afl, if they get pick 1 and 2, Adelaide who traded picks with carlton, on the afl introduced live trading, last year would be filthy
  12. there seems to be, (in this years draft ) a big big difference between the value of pick 2 compared to the value pick 3, if we keep pick 2 (and i would be [censored] if we don't) we need to know how good anderson and rowell really are, and how bad gws wants either one, when it comes time to negotiations. It could also open up talks with gold coast and could turn pick 2 into a very sought after pick, and we SHOULD use that to our advantage We should never of shown our cards and came out and said we were willing to trade pick 2 and waited for gws and gold coast to come to us
  13. agree 100% can not believe he was not playing forward, he is the most natural forward on our list, he should never go inside d50 ever again
  14. i was trying to point out that some people take more offence to abuse that is directed towards you that attacks your personal or physical features, this could include being bald, overweight, skin colour, big nose or what ever, now i am only guessing that the umpire would of got a lot more offended being called a bald pouf more so than being called a yellow maggot,
  15. is it just me or do we have way too many hbf and bp hibbo, salem, lewis, jetta, stretch, j wagner, Jordon, lever, petty, kk, hore, nietchke, fritz and now jones melk, maynard, hunt, baker and j smith also have played there and I would also say omac is more a hbf than a fb that is a starting 18 with 2 on the bench, side full of HALF BACK FLANKERS
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