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  1. 1 game in 3 years, might be a little rusty, a player of his skill should adjust quicker than most, but I still would not be expecting a lot from him early and would not be surprised even if he were to be dropped or rested at times
  2. Can you please share what you think is his one and only trick. Also what actually is a trick in football terms, a ability, an attribute, being able to push tacklers in the face and get away with it ?
  3. Had a big year when we just missed the finals, I think in his second year, after that season I thought he had just as much talent as our other youngsters, at his best he is easily best22, he seems like he is the sort of player that needs a couple of slaps around the chops before a game to fire him up, when he plays with that fire and belief he is very good. I really hope he gets back to playing the way he did that year, as he could be that missing link we need. I hope Goodwin puts a bit of time into him and really get in his ear and fires him up a bit Maybe throw him on a Dangerfield a Kelly or a trealor as a run with every now and then
  4. Could bennell play as a deep forward early this year, until he gains enough match fitness to push further up the ground, Bennell. Weid Kossie Fritta. Tmac. Tracc Langdon. Oliver. Tomlinson Salem. Lever. Harmes Jetta. May. Hibbo Max. Brayshaw. Viney Smith. Jones. Melk. Jackson
  5. really feel for Ainslie kemp if she has done another acl, hope we can have a better luck on the injuries front and not lose any more players.
  6. been really impressed with our full back gabbie colvin, new player to the club and got her for p77, also the two irish girls have been impressive and will only get better, get on the girls for the flag this year.
  7. I like your thinking, bennell knows where the goals are, less running playing by playing fp you would think would be easier on the calves and coming in with not alot of match fitness the fp role for him makes alot of sense
  8. I too have liked what i have seen, and think he will be and stay in the side before the year is out (even with a full squad to pick from )
  9. This preseason sounds promising especially with the injury prone lads tracking well, in lever, vanders, viney, smith, may, big mac, weid and melk all on the park, along with the players who have reportedly improved their fitness in tracc, Salem and fritta, i am confident in these three to really step it up a notch and have really good years with many more to come, hopefully one or two of the second year players can have a impact and become regular afl senior players, i think J.JORDON could be our man to do it and by all reports he has also improved his fitness, i would like to hear others thoughts on him.
  10. i agree, both very much confidence type players, they are capable of great games but go missing in others, i wish both would get some mongrel in their games, i would love to see weid hit packs with force flying for his marks, land his knee in the back of defenders heads, he has the ability to do it, his 2 finals were great games from him, trac is traccing well but he could be a star, i would love to see him try and break tackles more often
  11. How about a future best 22 in 2 years time Rivers may smith Lever petty salem Langdon Oliver jordon Melk weid tracc Fritta mac kossie Gawn Jackson brayshaw Int viney harmes bennell hunt
  12. This is a serious chance of happening imo, he will go to another level next year, capable of kicking big bags, most natural classy forward i have seen at Melbourne since liam jurrah
  13. What group are hunt, avb and salem training with. What are people's thoughts on hunt being used as a run with player through the midfield, could he potentially run with the likes of dangerfield, kelly, shuey
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