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  1. If we're not going to be playing games in front of crowds and watching them on the telly, do you think we should request that we play some home games down at Casey? Perhaps against the interstate teams. Maybe Geelong to give them a taste of their own medicine. Maybe I've been in lockdown for too long. Stay safe Demon Fans.
  2. Best not to take the bait and argue with these misogynists whose fragile male egos can't handle women who are most likely better at footy than they ever dreamed to be.
  3. Has the camp finished and when are they next training in Melbourne?
  4. Without putting too much pressure on these guys I think all three of them will get a call up at some point this year.
  5. Brayshaw Petracca Lever McDonald vandenBerg
  6. Kysaiah Pickett Harrison Petty Luke Jackson Tom Sparrow Jay Lockhart
  7. Unless he is up for one of the awards.
  8. What a great human being this guy is. Seeing footage of his relationship with John from the B 'n F was great to see.
  9. Highlights look good. Certainly has some pace and can take a good mark and looks to have a bit of mongrel in him. If he's turned his life around and is fair dinkum and fit and ready to go I'd give him a look provided we give up very little and have a watertight contract in place that protects us from any extra curricular indiscretions.
  10. If he has agreed to terms with the Pies would it be announced tonight at their B 'n F?
  11. I'd take him in a heartbeat but sadly we can't afford to give up more first round draft picks.
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