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  1. Mainly to see if he can still arouse the same fury from Dee supporters
  2. In the same vein as the export thread , but probably more debatable . My best from memory B: Fowler Ingerson. Lever HB: Lewis Shanahan. Heffernan. C : Cattogio. Wilson. Rodan HF: Carman. Crosswell. Pickett. F: Moore. Templeton Turley R: Ditterich. Moloney. Coles Int: MacKellar. G. Elliot R. Elliot Bewick
  3. Jackson never played a senior game st Richmond , no lack of ruckman that started with the Dees , Jolly , Martin , Byrne , Simmonds , Fitzpatrick , Crackers , Strawbs ,
  4. Thompson to the bench , McClean out , Barass to the position he invented
  5. I was thinking about past Demon players that went on for one reason or another to other clubs and I came up with this 22, no room for the Mighty Morton, feel free to add or subtract. I'm sure there is plenty of worthy players I've missed. The only criteria being that they must have played their first senior game with MFC . You miss out Big Carl. B: Campbell. Dunne. Beveridge. HB: Howe. Rivers. Frawley. C : Tingay. Wells. Alves. HF: Armstrong. Hogan. Lovell. F: Watts. Jackson. Farmer. R: Jolly. Thompson. Callery. Int: Martin. McClean. Scully. Dyson.
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