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  1. My doctor told me yesterday a lot of people are getting sick because of the conditions. They have been flat out, with unusual lung ailments presenting in patients for this time of year, (summer), such as lung and sinus infections usually seen in winter and the flu season. Horse races have been cancelled. It's just not good for anyone. Probably best to stay indoors. That was my doctor's advice, anyway.
  2. Was speaking to a Geelong supporter the other day. They were so envious of the fact Melbourne had a ruckman of the calibre of Max. Now we need the team around him to be worthy of his excellence. He already leads by example. Give him the captaincy.
  3. Why am I not surprised no one from the AFL agreed to appear on the Insight program on SBS? They seem to want to ignore anything which is unpalatable. No wonder Barnes sounded bitter.
  4. The goal sneak is a rarity these days, especially in the Melbourne team.
  5. NO. NO. NO. Tell Fremantle to take a flying jump. You do not get rid of a fan favourite like Gus. So he had a bad year, so what. He was not alone there. I believe he will be better next year, as will many other players. Keep the faith. Stuff Freo.
  6. Too true. If the fans had the vote, Max would be leader of the club next year, no question.
  7. Max speaks well. No ums and hesitations, unlike some others.
  8. Cheer up everyone! The stores are full of Christmas goodies and Christmas trees, as well as hot cross buns. Nearly three months of Xmas carols to look forward to. Then we have daylight saving next week. So much to love. NOT.😫
  9. I would love to hear David Mitchell do one of his rants about Melbourne. Even he wouldn't believe the state we are in.
  10. I liked Eddie Betts tonight. He was asked a stupid question after winning Goal of the Year. Who would he like to thank? He really wanted to say himself of course! Well he kicked the goal didn't he? Talent.☺️
  11. Twenty. 3 votes - 3. 2 votes - 5. 1 vote - 1.
  12. Didn't know Dean Martin played for Richmond. 😄
  13. Lifeline - 13 11 14 Beyond Blue - 1300 22 4636 Headspace - 1800 650 890 Just in case anyone is feeling depressed after reading this subject. I know I am.
  14. In passing I saw a news story tonight on the excitement in Sydney about the Giants making the Grand Final. They showed a crowd of people chanting "Giants" but the camera was so focused in on them it could have easily have been less than 25 people! Talk about a beat up story. It looked like Rent A Crowd. Heck, pay me some money AFL and I will turn up outside the MCG next week wearing an orange shirt as well. If challenged by Richmond supporters I can say, hey, I only work here.
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