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  1. But he did play for North Melbourne. Honestly, what the heck is he frothing at the mouth about? Storm in a teacup.
  2. We always called him Gus when he was playing. And Leoncelli was Chell. (???)
  3. Kane Cornes should be ashamed. Hysteria? Tell that to the families and friends of the 14 (now 16) people who died alone, without even the comfort of having their families beside them. Australia is also 2 to 3 weeks behind the rest of the world in this widening pandemic. It is not going to get better, especially when people like Cornes think everyone is over reacting. He should keep his mouth shut and appear stupid, rather than open it and remove all doubt. (With apologies to Mark Twain or Abraham Lincoln or whoever the quote belongs to.)
  4. I really don't know what to think of this game. The uncertainty of the times we are in weigh heavily on all of us. When 2020 began nobody could have foreseen a pandemic sweeping the world, changing all our lives in such an extraordinary way. We looked forward to the year with some optimism, hoping to put last year behind us. Now all of us are in a fight against an unseen and deadly enemy who doesn't fight fair. It has not only robbed people of their lives, but robbed people of their enjoyment of life. We are now in lockdown and face an uncertain future. Perhaps playing football didn't mean much anymore. The way the virus was moving through countries around the world I was surprised the AFL even started the season. The whole first round seems pointless now. IF the season restarts it will be like playing the first game again. Life has got very depressing and very difficult, very quickly. Let's hope that doctor in Queensland finds the cure by the winter as he said on 60 Minutes tonight. Well, he seemed hopeful. (On another note, it really bothered me to see Hawthorn playing on the MCG today, and Clarkson's smug face after the win. It's about time the b#$#$y Eagles should be made to fly over to play Melbourne at the MCG for a change.) Anyway, yes I was disappointed by the performance. I just don't know whether I should place it as important in the scheme of things at the moment, even though I love my team, and have supported them for many years. Sorry if I sound depressed. (I am a Melbourne supporter😬)
  5. Self isolation is beginning to look attractive. Good luck to everyone. Stay safe and healthy.
  6. Spargo please get off the ground now and don't come back on. Take the rest of the year off. I am.
  7. Jeff Dalgleish. West Australian.
  8. Will be interesting to see how the players respond knowing this will be their last game for quite a while.
  9. I'm sure I've heard Brayshaw call him little Gary Ablett. Makes him sound like a five year old. 🙄
  10. How about the crowds from Gladiator, complete with thumbs down from the spectators when they are not pleased with the umpires. Release the tigers (the real animals) from beneath the trapdoors underground! That'll teach them.
  11. I didn't hear an explanation in the announcement for the reason for the 16 minute quarters. Did anyone else?
  12. Yes, the recurring knee injury ended his career. When he joined the Eagles he was unable to get a senior game due to injury. Although he played in Subiaco's Grand Final win over Fremantle. And apparently he tried out as a punter in the NFL four years before Darren Bennett starred for the San Diego Chargers in 1995 (according to The West Australian dated 3 Dec 2018 when Dean's son won a sporting scholarship at the University of Texas at San Antonio). A good player, remember him well, pity he was a West Australian, lol.
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