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  1. Cleared of headbutting for second time in 12 months. Walters- "There is times where I need to watch it (technique) in future. The only reason why I lower my head is to make sure I've got that force behind me, otherwise I'm going to get knocked over." Hmmm. Christian consulted the umpire who he said was in prime position and in his opinion it was intentional. That was the criteria Christian gave for the week suspension. Then the jury at the tribunal rules it was not intentional. So which was it? No support given to the field umpire who was standing right next to the two players on the day and reported what he saw and no support to Christian for using the umpire's statement to come to his decision. As for Walters' statement, what the heck is he saying? He needs to improve his technique for headbutting? Does he actually expect us to believe Lockhart was about to knock him over? Excuse me? He falls over quite easily himself with no help from anyone else. We all saw his technique on Saturday. What a load of codswallop.
  2. I saw that passage of play in the centre and it was beautiful work. Only Jack could use his head to tackle the opposition. They all fell like ninepins in his wake.
  3. Just read an article from March 2018 by Max Laughton of Foxsports. "Hated by fans and experts alike, the AFL is finally looking to crack down on incidents of diving during games." Essendon's Josh Green had been fined $1000 for staging against Geelong. Nothing much has happened since then. Another rule forgotten about?
  4. This poor conduct displayed by Walters (and other players in the Freo side) is in part due to the failure of the AFL to appoint non WA umpires to adjudicate in the Derby over there. It is a bad habit the players have learnt because they constantly get the rough end from the umpires due to them being unashamed Eagles supporters. The only way to get a free kick for themselves over in Perth is to exaggerate every time they are even touched by the opposition, legal tackle or not. Another unwanted by product of the AFL's failure to provide some fairness in the competition with regards to the umpiring. The umpires should be neutral, and money should be spent on flying in umpires to interstate games who do not reside in that state! And yes, I was at the game and it was so obvious what Walters was trying to do all day. He even succeeded a few times and at least two of his goals were not deserved. The umpires are too gullible sometimes. In the last quarter I think they woke up to the fact we were booing Walters for good reason. He is a stager.
  5. I agree. Tommy took that mark right in front of us at the ground. Good strong mark. It was only pulled from his hands when he hit the ground. The umpire paid it as a mark. I was surprised, because the umpiring was a bit poor all day for Tom and I saw him complaining to the umpire at one stage in the third quarter while plucking at his jumper. He was being held by the Freo defenders but their forwards got the benefit of some doubtful free kicks so he was probably wondering why not the same for him. In the last quarter he got his act together, and the umpires improved as well, in my view. It was a great last quarter to watch.
  6. I don't want to see a losing culture insinuate itself into the club ever again. Look at how different we all feel when the boys have a win on the weekend. How do you think they feel? At the game yesterday you could sense in the last quarter the determination of the players to get the job done and not let another game slip away. When both teams were going goal for goal I had the dreaded feeling whatever team was in front when the siren sounded was not going to be Melbourne. But the boys dug in and played like winners and how exciting it was to be there and experience this. As I've said elsewhere on here we could see the players walking taller, especially TMac, after kicking those goals in the last quarter. This gaining of confidence in themselves and each other is the best thing for their psyche. For me it is win and do not settle for anything less. Let's build momentum and confidence (without being complacent) for next year. The draft picks will be whatever they will be.
  7. "The passage of play occurred directly in front of us and we can declare most sincerely that our player was forcefully and blatantly TRIPPED!! Thank you." - Statement from the unofficial Marty Hore Fan Club.
  8. Would have been just like in the backyard back home. Competitive boys. I wonder how many times poor Mum had to break things up when those Brayshaw boys were all growing up together!
  9. T McDonald - Welcome Back TommyMac Max - Worked Hard Again Oliver - Nice Goal Clarrie Frost - No Concussion Today! May - Looking Good Stevie Salem - Smart and Reliable Petracca - Took It On Marty - Never Gives Up Team - Nice Work Boys
  10. A stager of the finest order. I think they get into these bad habits in Perth because of the skewed umpiring towards the Eagles, so they try anything to get a free kick. It is not a good look. At the game today we supporters let the umpires know we were not happy. Lucky we didn't see any Behaviour Awareness Officers pay us all a visit. ( I also heard the word maggot used several times. Maybe the gentleman was referring to what he found in his meat pie😉).
  11. I was near the fence when that happened although I don't know what the fans said to Tommy. He threw up his hands and replied something. I watched him all game and felt his frustration with the holding on him by the Freo defenders when down the other end of the ground the Freo forwards were getting spoilt by the umpires and being given soft free kicks. Could feel his anger growing as the game went on and even saw him saying something to the umpire at one stage. But to his credit Tom used his anger in the best possible way and responded by taking some good marks and kicking the goals. After that he appeared to walk taller when he got some confidence back in his game. I was very happy to see this. Happy for him, and happy for us, of course! Perhaps the fresh input of Rawlings has helped him in this regard? Hope he keeps it up. Well done today.
  12. I heard that too. What were they thinking? Sorry, I just gave Freo fans the benefit of having some intelligence. Silly me.
  13. Nearly didn't go today after the foul, cold weather yesterday. Was wondering, will it be worth it? Shame on me, I have gone to see my team when they were far worse off. So glad I did go to support the boys, because at some stages I'm sure those Freo fans were louder than us. The crowd was only 20,000 something, but gee in that last quarter the Demon fans came alive and found their voices. I could see Tommy Mac being frustrated with being held and manhandled while down the other end the Freo forwards were getting soft free kicks. But come the last quarter he broke out and found his confidence again. Kick the goal Tommy we have faith in you! And kick the goals he did. Took some nice marks too. Amazing what confidence can do after the first goal. Good game from all the boys, special mention to Frosty for some steadying marks in the backline, Marty for his second and third efforts, Petracca for his effort and marking, Salem for his delivery, May, Oliver (great goal!), Jones, Viney, Lockhart, Oskar, etc etc. I could go on and on. And not forgetting the mighty Max. Another Brownlow medal three vote effort (?) Well done boys, we all needed a good fighting win today and you gave it to us.
  14. Well no one in England could ever afford meat, plus you could slather your toast with the dripping. Yum! 😄
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