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  1. Smith is a marvel. They tried to knock him out but he comes back and hits two fours. Take that!
  2. Did what I thought was the right thing and made an effort to take myself to the MCG on a cold and rainy (at times) night. I was not rewarded with the same effort from the team I have supported for so long. They looked like they had all mentally checked out of this season already and were planning what they were going to do on their holidays. Thank you Melbourne. Thanks for ruining my night and the whole year. Merry Christmas everybody.
  3. They don't care. Still assign the same biased Eagles supporting umpires to their games.
  4. Surprise, surprise. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. NOT.
  5. Marty kicked that great goal in Round 8, remember? His first goal. Maybe looking to add to his total tonight. That would be great to see. Going to the game to have a look for the last time this season. The last hurrah.
  6. The telling part of the article was the emphasis on the importance to present at the preseason fit, ready (and hopefully injury free) and willing to put in the hard yards. "This is the time to put the work in your break." Did they rest on their laurels a tad too much and use injuries as an excuse (in their minds) to cruise into the year, believing it was going to happen again for them (making finals) and then to top it all off they were over praised by everyone to be the next big thing before the season had even started? Injuries, surgeries, poor preseason, coupled with high expectations, soon turned into a reality check when the wins didn't come. Perfect storm for a bad year. 17th position. 😢
  7. Sounds like a cunning plan. The Melbourne Reds! Whole new ball game!
  8. Following on the ABC Live blog. Quite entertaining. We just had nominations of best sports movie, best cricket movie and best movie with cricket either in it or referenced in it. Good fun. (And keeps you up to date on the weather over there as well).
  9. I can't believe the arrogance of this man. It is none of his business what any player does with his career or his life. What did Jack Watts tell Roos? we just want to be treated like human beings. This young man is not a commodity to be pressured into a decision he does not want to make, all because someone whose power has gone to their head tells them it is the 'right' thing to do. Keep your biased opinions to yourself, Gil. Notice you kept silent when the Hogan saga dragged on every year. (Will he go, will he stay?) This was very disruptive to the team and now you are sticking your bib in the Giants business, causing headlines. What a disgrace.
  10. OSCAR KICKED A GOAL!!!!! 😉No, not tanking. ( Although maybe he didn't get the memo?)
  11. Can't understand what Garry says half the time. He has always been a mumbler.
  12. Harmes was laughing at the most ridiculous trophy he has ever seen. For goodness sake who designed that ugly piece of....
  13. Lever is 23 years old. 24 next March. Patience. Also, was Toumpas a loss? 🤔
  14. August, 2014. Paul Roos media conference after Melbourne lost to Brisbane. They led by 14 points early in the final term, before conceding the last six goals for a 23 point loss. "There's clearly some who might not be able to get over what's happened in the past... You've got to go back to the mindset and we're waiting to be beaten, generally what happens is that you get beaten." 'Roos agreed the task of instilling mental belief into his players' minds was much harder than he envisaged. "The winning component, definitely. There's a willingness to improve and there's a willingness to comply, but I think that lack of belief that we can win, or we're capable of winning, is far, far greater than what I'd imagined it could possibly be." ' "I haven't seen anything like that before in my time. The mistakes were extraordinary. Extraordinary." "Inside 50s today were clearly a result of deplorable skills." Five years on and the team seems to be facing the same problems. How the hell has this happened? Even Roos found the problem bigger than he could ever imagine. The players were mentally scarred, he believed, by the years of losing and the losing culture. Where does the club go from here? It is going to be a Herculean effort by everyone in MFC. I hope someone has the answers and the will to make it happen.
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