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  1. ANB has signed for 2 years...... wont be going anywhere.
  2. you got that right LN Hopefully we can see some rapid improvement either way..... cheers
  3. Yes I do think our wingers can come from that group. That's the whole point of my argument..... I guess we will have to wait & see what the 'powers to be' do re the list, the game plan & the 2020 season.
  4. I agree D3......we certainly need to turn the list over, but, in my opinion, until the main issue is addressed, the MFC wont be a better performing unit. Would K Amon be a good inclusion.....maybe, but he's part of a much better side in Port Adelaide where they have an attacking style of play & play a team orientated brand of footy.
  5. what a great idea..... Let's go & recruit 'more of the same players' If you think Karl Amon is the answer to our issues then you should probably give it away. The real issue runs deeper than this discussion & I think you know that. Until our game plan & style changes then the full value of all our players will not be recognised. Not recognising the real problem is next level head in the sand stuff.
  6. no...rediculous. We already have Baker, Dunkley, JKH, Stretch, Brayshaw, Hunt, Jordan, Kolodjashnij, Sparrow, C Wagner we don't need Amon, Langdon or Hill.....we just need to administer a game plan where these players are utilized effectively. K Amon : averaging 19 disposals @ 75% efficiency & 4 turnovers per game & .5 goals per game.
  7. I agree Robbie, embarrassing, but your looking at the wrong players & the wrong reasons for the answers......
  8. I agree we have no leadership, that is obvious & your right, Max needs to be sole captain, but it wont happen......If you think that delisting Oscar M, ANB, JKH & Stretch is the answer to our problems, then you've got no idea. in fact ANB & Stretch have had more tackles last week between them that Jones & Viney had in the previous 3 weeks.(an area which has been publically identified as a big deficiency) Also Its worth checking out JKH & Stretch's efficiency in the last 2 games they've played...... Stretch being 100%v Crows & 88% v Swans......again an area that Goodwin has publically identified. With the new 6,6,6 rules, all clubs need quality run on the outside, however, if you would take your blinkers off, you'd realise we have it, but its just unfortunate that we play a selfish unsustainable style of footy that these players are not utilized to benefit the side. No point having quality outside run if you don't have a game plan to identify & use it..... Yes T Mac needs help & quickly. Instead we use players like J Lewis, & Jones who wont tackle, wont chase or be accountable......& you want to offer Lewis a new contract .......No hang on......yeah good idea, lets play these guys who only care about themselves & stop the development of the younger players & our club.
  9. I understand LD, but this is one of many issues that out team is dealing with......Melksham is definately not to blame & I agree that his shots were from a long way out, but they shouldn't be. Players have clearly 'scrapped' the team orientated habits for their own personal welfare & this combined with our unsustainable game plan, is IMO, one of the reasons for our demise this year. Not only do the players have plenty of work to do , but the change needs to start from the top , including the culture of our club.
  10. I think JB was referring to Gus's 50% efficiency & 4 turnovers.....so 12 effective disposals as a midfield. I'm with JB.
  11. some interesting votes here...... Melk & Hibbo, both 47% & 48% efficiency use, when as Goodwin says ;ball efficiency' is killing us......liked Melks game though. Salem 59% , Oliver 57% & Gus 50% both down on efficiency well. Chandler, Lewis, Stretch & Lever only players over 80% efficiency......
  12. oh [censored]......apologies, yes, with the exception of Salem. Had a great year!
  13. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2019-nick-riewoldt-garry-lyon-unpack-issues-at-melbourne/news-story/c4d626fff76702fe3ad9cb27ffc7ad87
  14. Already been said but the fact that Hore wasn't picked last Saturday was unbelievable to say the least. Goes against the grain of a club that needs players who are 'in form' ATM. Best back-man we have at the moment, by a country mile. MFC continue to pick players that are either rushed back to soon from injury or horribly out of form & it stinks. As supporters, we see it, so why cant the coaches see it.......is it not blatantly obvious? The fact that over the hill players are still getting a game ahead of many youngsters when the outcome of the last few games is irrelevant suggests the coaches have a different agenda.
  15. Garry Lyon is no saint......however, just do what I do & that is turn the sound down on the telly & put the ABC on. Easy solution.
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