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  1. Couple of others: Danny Hughes - Baby Hughie Russell Richards - Rhino Alan Johnson - Yumpin Jamie Duursma - Wheels Warren Dean - Wowza Dean Chiron - Dogga Tony Campbell - TC
  2. B- Jetta May Hore HB- Hunt Lever Salem C- Langdon Brayshaw Tomlinson HF- Petracca TMac Fritta F- Melksham Weideman Pickett R- Gawn Oliver Viney I- Hibberd, Lockhart, Bedford, ANB E- Sparrow, OMac, Jones, Spargo Need to inject some pace in the backline......the delisting of Frosty was just stupid.
  3. In my opinion one of the reasons JV played so well is the fact that 'the shackles are off' & he's not burdened with the captaincy role. Let a more mature person in Max take care of the captaincy duties & let Jack go about playing footy......when that happens.
  4. Max - Looked very underdone Spargo - Goodwins love child Viney - Led by example Jetta - Looked very slow Harmes - Is a Midfielder Pickett - Fast & Exciting Bedford - Shows Some Promise Tomlinson - Slow, Slow & Slow Langdon - Good but Wasteful Goodwin - Hasn't Learnt Anything
  5. Not the players fault...... Very poorly selected & coached side.
  6. I hope Gus has a great year as he's one of my favorites. He seem to slip at the start of last year when he was pushed out to the wing & couldn't get his normal inside mid roll.....then again all our midfielders struggled last year especially with the pressure of the new 666 rule, so Gus certainly wasn't on his own. His kicking is sloppy & often just blazes away, so I'd like to see him improve in this area & get back to his 2018 form.
  7. coaches pets Pickett.....& he's got a few!
  8. I think Levers leadership qualities have been we documented, however, I agree with 'Lord Travis' that he has lots of work to do yet before he becomes one of our leaders.
  9. I guess his option was to stay at Melbourne & struggle to get a regular game or go to another club where he has become probably the first picked in the backline along with Maynard. He seems to be rated very highly by Buckley. His career was seemingly at the crossroads in 2016 & has gone on to play 83 games in 4 seasons including 6 finals. My last laugh comment was reflective of Collingwoods success as a team over the last few years compared to us & not specifically related to Howe's individual awards. For what its worth the Dees have only won 34% of their games in the last decade whereas Collingwood (as much as I hate them) have won 62%. I see that this is a good more for Howe.
  10. Plenty of players want to leave clubs......Papley, Daniher more recently. Their clubs chose to not allow them to leave. Obviously MFC didnt rate Howe & that's ok I guess but he has had the last laugh.
  11. Ha Ha I found it quite amusing to be honest & let's face it, good bloke or not....he's right. We shouldn't have got rid of him in the first place & as TGR said, he's an AA when in good form. One of the best aeralists the games ever seen, reads the play exceptionally well & a very good kick. Collingwood have shown more faith in him than we did......
  12. I agree DD Players have more than one role & to think otherwise is just rediculous. Lever's skill level needs improving, that's obvious, but once he builds consistency & strings a few more games together then I suspect this will improve. He has the added pressure of $800k per year so 2020 needs to be a good one for 'Tickets'....
  13. Agree demon3...... Max & Clarry are the only ones that warrant a top 50 selection in my opinion & daylight after that. Trac has the potential & probably Viney close but a good year for those 2 could see them an automatic selection in future years.
  14. Ha ha Yeah that may be getting a little carried away but good to see 'Tickets' & May show some solid form nevertheless.....Just hope they both stay injury free as that will be a major factor in our success.
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