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  1. Yes I'm with you Deemania......He has so much to offer our club.....Lewis can kick & maybe he can impart some of his skill onto our midfield...... as well as his years of invaluable experience. My criticism of Lewis (& some others) was his continued selfish & undisciplined acts that we got so accustomed to seeing especially during the 2018/19 season & unfortunately these brain fades cost us dearly.....& just hope he is far more measured & calm as a coach & puts the club ahead of himself......Time will tell I guess. Congratulations on your appointment Jordon.......we are lucky to have ya mate!
  2. Agree Old Dee.....His highlight package is good but very short & unfortunately has been gifted a lot of games when he was clearly injured or struggling to put 2 quarters together. Can't have that at this level anymore, unless your in the 'boys club'......
  3. Ha ha Gee that response has had a lot of thought? I feel that the answers to our disarsterous season are not overseas. Maybe spending more time of developing our game plan & improving our skill level across the board may show significant short term improvement, rather than jetting off overseas looking for the answers. That's just me.....& happy to cop the criticism for it. Not sure Simon Goodwin can afford the luxury of travelling o/seas for a so called development searching trip. He's no Alistair Clarkson. Maybe you could contribute your thoughts on where our improvement should be & perhaps what they are going to find so far away?
  4. yeah another great move lads.....really deserving of the junket.
  5. Goody & Lewis can drink red wine together Well done MFC.
  6. The club will become a stronger organisation from winning more games & having the right people within the organisation to facilitate this.....simple! if Melbourne only win 5 games for the year in 2020, do you really think that the football public will acknowledge & recognise their discipline & maturity? I doubt it. Great to have the skills but we need the players on the park & need a game plan to utilize these skills.
  7. Yeah agree & hence my 'boys club' tag.....lets face it too, the coach has history too so these guys will fit in beautifully. Roosey must be shaking his head in disbelief. Anyway, good luck to these guys & hope they prove everyone, including me, wrong!
  8. Hard to put any sense to this really...... Amazing to think that recruiting players with good character was a priority a few years ago & now that pre-requisite has been all but been thrown out the door......Sam Murray as well, give me a break. Need for speed....they got that right. So when the recruiting officers sit down at the dining tables with potential draftees & the discussion comes up about character, responsibilities as an AFL footballer in society & the no [censored] policy.....how do the parents & player respond? Becoming a real 'boys club' Melbourne & this will no doubt end in tears.....again.
  9. Cornes is certainly trying to elevate his standing amongst the radio industry but some of what he says has meaning......whether you like him or not! In my opinion Lever appears to be an outstanding person but currently overpaid, IMO & thus far under-delivered. May the same..... Harmes good on him getting a an extra 4 years which ties him to the club for another 5 years, but really 3 would have been appropriate I reckon. Time will tell if Cornes has over-reacted or a good call.....
  10. Hore has been a great pick up for the Dees & proved his worth time & time again..... His kicking however is horrible......often kicks blindly & if he can improve in this area & show more composure, he will be a cracker. From all reports a great fella too....
  11. Ouch! I do like the make up however I see a huge deficiency in pace from the back line. Cripps, Ryan, Shuey & Cameron are going to expose our lack of pace. Hunt has to play in defence or we will get pantsed. Unfortunately May, Jetta, Lever, Salem & Hibbo are far from Stawell gift winners.
  12. oh dear..... Goodwin will be pooing in his pants.
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