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  1. I wish Harley all the best but not sure the Dees are in the position to be taking risks. 2 games in 5 years....I agree with Mel Bourne.
  2. The context of my response was about the out of form & unfit players Goodwin played. It actually wouldn't have mattered who he replaced those players with........ Surely you would know who those players were......seriously?
  3. The coach to finally play fit & inform players...... The rest will take care of itself & finals a reality. Go Dees!!
  4. Both Northey & Daniher great coaches in their own right & put the MFC back on the map during their tenure at the club. Not sure how Goodwin is even talked about in the same breath as these greatly respected & proven coaches. Northey the pick for me purely & simply because of the pure excitement & public impact on a club that was starved of success for 23 years. Northey had 7 years & Daniher had 10 years. SG success as a coach will be measured after another 2 or 3 years I would have thought.
  5. 1988 87 & 88 was an exciting time for the club in its quest for a premiership post 64. amazing.
  6. KK for me......although he has played most of his footy at half back, he offers greater speed that Tomlinson. I think this will become more important for us this year especially considering how important the wingers have become with the new 666 ruling. Wing has become one of the hardest positions to play in recent times with the workload required & whilst Tomlinson has an engine, I'm not sure he has the speed to keep up with the likes of Gaff, Kelly, Scully, B Hill, L Hunter, T Phillips, Florent & McCluggage
  7. I feel that the true measurement & ability of a coach is not when he has a full talented list to choose from, but when his back is against the wall. I am guessing you would know as well as I do that a number of players, call them favorites, were gifted games when clearly those players were either injured, out of form & rushed back too quickly. I know of a couple of coaches that have struggled over the last couple of years with early injuries, form etc & have still managed to play finals. Clearly SG wasn't out of his depth in 2018, but lets face it, anyone with the calibre of player available that season would have done ok. This season will be the test of the man& I hope they flourish......Go dees.
  8. The title to this thread is 'The Year The Sky Fell' & I was just stating, that in my opinion, the coach & coaching staff were the main instigators in our horrible season that's all. Its a common belief that Goodwin was clearly out of his depth last season especially when the pressure was on to win games. He continually played his favorites when blooding younger talent may have been a better option & he struggled with the scrutiny of his game plan & rule changes. Aren't we allowed to pass comment? I feel for the players because I know they give absolutely everything & I hope your right.......with a full injury free list, I would expect a better finish this year.
  9. Agree Chook, although more like a horror show than the year that wasn't..... Pressure sits firmly with the coach in 2020 rather than the players......although May apparently on $800k a year needs to get on the park & perform. Goodwins lack of accountability & lack of action, especially in the back half of the season was laughable. Performance early in the season will clearly dictate our path.
  10. I'm with Ethan......can't see Jackson playing seniors for at least 2 years & although some say he can play forward, not sure hes going to tip Wiederman , T Mac, Petracca, Melksham, Hunt or a fit Vanders out of a spot. Throw in ANB & Goody's love child's Hannan & Spargo & the Dees just don't have the luxury & time to blood in 2020. Wins are a crucial for SG future. I will take that wager Matt.
  11. I think for me Just getting May on the park injury free would be a positive outcome for season 2020. I remember one player a couple of years back saying he wanted to be remembered as a 'Hall of Famer'.....Not as a regular player for the MFC or a premiership player..... Maybe we as supporters too shouldn't get carried away with expectations but I hope your right Jak.
  12. Good news.... & given he's had more opportunities than most other players, we shouldn't expect anything less from the player & the club.
  13. The new appointment of Burgess is a good logical one, however, every team during pre-season likes to classify themselves as 'fit as'......This doesn't equate to a top 8 finish, but I hope it turns out that way. If the team lacks motivation after the past season then they are in a lot of trouble so like you, I believe they need to prove that the 2018 season finish wasn't a fluke. Time will tell Nosoupforme.....
  14. I would like to think we make the 8 in 2020, but I don't think so. For me its more about the coach & game plan. We have the talent & we have all seen what we can do when injury free & all on the same page, however, last years horror show doesn't give me a great deal of confidence & lets face it, we all get a little bit over excited this time of year. We have some amazingly gifted players, but they have to all 'buy in' to the strategy & believe in it. That was clearly missing last year. Two things that are glaringly obvious for me for what its worth..... 1/ Lack of confidence/knowledge from our coaching staff last year to adjust to 666, injuries & game plan 2/ Lack of balance within the team. (too many slow, low disposal efficiency players that panic under pressure & not enough pace. (only 2 quick rated players) I hope I'm wrong & like every Melb supporter I wish nothing for a few early wins, but Goodwin is up against it & the first 11 games before the bye will determine his future.
  15. Good post either way Wrecker..... For me however, there is still a question mark over Tomlinson. Sure based upon game time with GWS, size, skill level , physicality etc, he ticks the boxes......but as we've seen time & time again, different club - different game plan (if we have one this year), his role within the team, respect from coaches & players etc.....time will tell. He had elite players around him at GWS like Whitfield, Green, Coniglio, Taranto, Kelly, Z Williams, Kennedy & Hill, just to name a few & all of these players are quick which buys time & options. He may have to work a bit harder at Melbourne with our lack of speed. I know speed isn't everything but again, time will tell. I'd have AVB & Weid any day.
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