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  1. I commented on this 3 weeks ago Jaded about the Lever & May inclusions, especially with limited game time at Casey (Lever 2 quarters & May 4 quarters for Casey). Makes no sense whatsoever & shows total disregard for player welfare & care . I know the players just want to play, but really, we are no chance to play finals & achieves nothing! I would have thought that the coaching & medical staff would have learnt from the Viney experience ...... Dumb....
  2. I agree with Petraccattack.......Hore head & shoulders above those mentioned. Great job as always Deespicable but Brayshaw at 5.......astounds me.
  3. I agree, no trading Gus, but they also have to fix the kicking of Viney, Hunt, Spargo, Gawn, T Mac, Weid & Hannan who's efficiency is under 60%.
  4. Agree with this post.....pretty simple really. No balance with our team, playing unfit & selfish players & a side that can't convert opportunities. Play the kids & bring on 2020.
  5. Agree Deeh...... Not sure Hunt is better than last year......sure hes played more games & kicked a few goals but his efficiency is down this year to an average of 67% (75% 2018) & meters gained at 225m (309m 2018). Marks almost exactly the same as last year too.....I mean how is someones year measured against previous year? Uncontested marks, disposals,, distance covered etc? He does however look better for me in the forward line & less margin for error as we hope hes shooting for goal more often. I agree that we are no better off at this point.....[censored] in fact!
  6. I love Max, but have an idea.....How about never have a shot at goal from near the 50m arc? Someone throw in a block, Max handballs to a smaller mobile half forward or a mid fielder, they then have a shot on goal. Most other clubs do it..... Ruckmen should never be having shots from the 50 m arc with a game in the balance, or am I talking [censored]?
  7. What I have been hearing re Fritta is that he doesn't have the endurance to play the wing.......which is why they either play him forward or back. Most wingers run 14 plus km per game & is why the wing is considered one of the hardest positions to play these days. I'd have him forward for mine as he is one of the best kicks in the team...... Simples!
  8. Good stats Deever, however, tackles are not the area that's costing us wins. Accountability, skill level & efficiency is where we are [censored] & this is straight from the coaches mouth. Garlett, Hunt & Spargo all in the mid 50% area of efficiency. If your only getting single figure stats & half are going to the opposition then for me, even if you are scoring a couple of goals, unacceptable!
  9. Unfortunately 'Bash & Crash' is not the issue.....& bringing in Lewis & Preuss wont make our team any quicker which is where our deficiencies lie.
  10. so just for discussion sake disposal efficiency is as follows from Coll game: Harmes 66%, Gawn 53%, Oliver 76%, Brayshaw 56%, Salem 59%, Fritter 69%, Petracca 70%, Hore 67%, May 74%, Baker 67%, Viney 82%, Spargo 59%, Lever 69%, Jones 73%, Hibbard 73%, Hannan 53%, T Mac 42%, Wagner 83%, Weid 54%, Hunt 56%, Garlett 62% 12 players under 70% The worst turnovers were: Hore with 9, Harmes 6,Baker 6 & Brayshaw with 6. T Mac, Hannan, Spargo& Salem all with 5. Who is our best & most consistent ball user?
  11. My point exactly..... why he keeps persisting with inefficient players is beyond me.
  12. Won't matter WWSW....He's one of Goodwin's fav' is 100% in v Freo Hannan missed most of preseason & played one game for Casey (9 possesions) & straight in......I agree too re Preuss not fit enough! Bring in speed & ball use efficiency. Goodwin: 'Our efficiency killed us all over the ground'
  13. Goodwin frustrates me & many others I'm sure.......I just cant understand selection either! I wish he would just have the balls to put 'out of form' players back to Casey & send a clear message. Think this has been the most obvious reason for our lack of wins...... I know we've had surgeries & a so called late start to pre-season, but common...... Play the players that are accountable, efficient & good ball users & stop playing your favorites & they might win a few games FM! Youth brings excitement......
  14. apologies Beetle.....I'm still seething over the loss ha ha agree, one of the players that can hold their head up.....May very good today!
  15. Hore had 20 disposals but 9 turnovers.......played well or don't we look at turnovers anymore? Had a good year but needs to tidy up his kicking......we are very critical of others for the same!
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