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  1. No worries at all..... I've been frustrated with lack of common sense from some idiots on this site who vent for the sake of venting to the younger brigade of our team as the reason why we are having an [censored] year. Players like ANB, Harmes, Hunt, O'Mac, Fritsch, Stretch, & Wagner have always been in the gun when all they ever do is bust their rings at every opportunity. (Keeping in mind that these guys aren't afforded the opportunities that most of our senior & highly rated & early draft pick players are given.) I remember that CP was struggling to get a kick for about 8 weeks last season & needed time in the 2's, but no, he kept on getting a game & yet Wagner & in particular Stretch played one bad game & its 'see ya later fella's'. The problem is not with these guys & is with the senior players & our high pick draftees. So, for example, ANB runs more than any other player on the ground, has great intensity & is totally accountable for his role & his player......Nathan Jones is totally unaccountable, chases kicks, is selfish & plays like a captain shouldn't play. (Does he play like Selwood , Hodge, Fyfe or Pendlebury....protect & educate our younger lads?) I believe Jonesy is getting better with that role but he's been forking killing us for years. And please, comparisons with Tulip....give me a break. I know Guss had a great year last season but along with Viney, is in the top 3 in the AFL (792 players) for the worst efficiency disposal.....& CP , has been quoted as the laziest player in the team (by one of the assistant coaches to my face). JV, as you said, too predictable & tries to be a hero all the time & bust as many tackles rather than follow the 'team first' moto. It's so obvious & kicks to the opposition more times than any other player in our team....FM & some posters have a continual dig at Frost, ANB, Hunt & Stretch re their disposal. All accountable, team first mentality & run more deffensively than any other players in the team. Maybe check out their efficiency & tracking as stats don't lie. Maybe track Gus' & Oliver's accountability & efficiency next time & see how they stack up with these blokes. Before some of you comment next time, keep in mind that you sound uneducated about our great game & some of your comments are comical. Its time for some of our senior players to take accountability. If you've played the game them you would know this. What our club needs is continued effort & an understanding of what the players roles are & acknowledgement of this will see some rapid improvement. sorry rant finished......
  2. Best post I've read in a long time......
  3. I don't really know, but I have heard that the reason Brayshaw was 'pushed' out to the wing was because of his defensive game. Going to the wing not only teaches him, but forces him to be accountable, both ways. I notice that Stretch recorded the highest total distance covered at high speed & the highest average speed in defence, so Angus will have to work harder that's for sure & maybe this is one of Goodwins focuses for Gus? A lot of posters have been critical of some players, however, it appears that Goodwin has 'wiped the slate clean' & addressed the defensive game-plan/issues first before going down any other path. IMO its working.......I think Jones has been a little more accountable although still chasing possessions.....his contested possessions have increased & his turnovers decreased somewhat, which is a positive sign. Consequently with a larger emphasis of defence we've seen a 'deficiency in our skills & attacking moments but this will only improve IMO. Angus not on his own being fumbly & he has plenty of mates.
  4. Agree on ANB as his intensity great last week........Couple of other boys continue to be very very lucky
  5. Joel is a natural athlete as well as a good footballer. Offers that X factor & flexibility to play both ends & his role is more important that some people think. Lever is a good player but Joel can jump on heads & has that power element to his game. If he stays fit......very important to our future. Be [censored] off if I was his folks though.
  6. Hooray......at last a comment with some sense! If they were doing this all of last year, which may have been the case, we would be applauding the players, fitness staff & their alternative methods.
  7. I cant believe a number of members on this thread believe that certain players who are out of form, shouldn't be dropped! Comments like: 'Its not going to be of any benefit' or 'its not going to improve his confidence'......what a load of [censored]! I know our stocks are low, however, in my opinion, there has never been a better 'kick in the [censored]' for players to go back to Casey & having to prove themselves, rather than just accept that even though they are consistently playing poorly, that they are still gifted senior games. I just can't see how Weiderman is going to 'all of a sudden grow an extra leg & be outwardly confident overnight. you know what.....its actually ok to be dropped & go back to prove yourselves.....plenty of others aren't gifted the opportunities that Sam & other players have had this season. Anyway, enough by me, sorry!
  8. I agree but cant see it happening..... Goodwin has dropped a number of young players over the last few years who have played less games in a row than Weideman. JKH, C Maynard, Sparrow, J Smith, Stretch & others have all suffered at the hands of Goodwin with lack of opportunities to play a number of senior games in a row...... Different rules for different players maybe? Going back to Casey, whist not ideal for the players, is about development, attitude & education. Sam looks shot to bits of confidence, so why throw him to the sword even further.......A few games at Casey will do him the world of good & will only enhance his confidence & ability to go back & perform. To me it doesn't make sense in leaving him in the seniors to be ridiculed & is not educating him in any way. I don't agree with the 'one game in & one game out' scenario, but if you've payed 5 or 6 games without any form or improvement, then time to go back IMO.
  9. My point was that our highly rated mids in Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney & Harmes, were regarded by many in 2018 as the best in the comp & gaining possession or first use of the footy hasn't been the issue......The issue this year has been what they do with the footy when they dispose of it. I am guessing also that Goodwin has finally had enough of our mids lack of accountability, hence the reason for Brayshaw, & Harmes not playing any game time in the middle Wed night. I agree Melksham was good too but still 10 or his 25 touches went to the opposition. I also never said that it was the defenders fault & I feel for them just like every dees fan & it must be a nightmare when the ball is lost in transition. Our most efficient users of the footy Wed night were two 22 year old's in Fritsch (75% Efficiency/5 turnovers & Stretch 75% Efficiency & 1 turnover) THAT'S WHERE THE PROBLEM IS...... Pace not a liability IMO......Tom Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, Scott Pendlebury, Patrick Cripps, Lochie Neale, no Stawell Gift winners & yet prolific ball magnets who just have poise & use the ball well. (Pendlebury 38 touches yesterday, 75% Efficiency & 5 turnovers) Give me those numbers any day. BTW.....Oliver was our best tackler last season with an average of nearly 7 per game & Viney next with 6. I liked Melksham as well, however, he had 10 turnovers.....if he's the best mid weve got then we are in a lot of [censored].
  10. Agree on most Dimmy except 2 points, in my opinion...... 1/ Fumbles: The reason our mids fumbled Wed night & more than any other game this year (& lets face it, it starts with the mids & on ballers) is because Melky, Hibbo, Trac etc don't normally play in the midfield. So consequently they are unfamiliar with the pressure & the ability to release quickly, hence they panic. This is not a quick fix, but more of a message to the 'usual' mids like Brayshaw, Harmes & Clarry etc to be accountable. 5/ Head bombers: genuine passes......I don't think so! Panic again & no poise......the 4 guys you have mentioned, plus Gawn had a total of 30, yes that's 30.....turnovers. This comes back to skill & the ability to make decisions whilst under pressure. I wouldn't say head bombers, more like head wobblers.....We have a few players that want to do everything themselves & ignore the team first rules. Good post though!
  11. The mids are not a liability if their not winning the ball......they are a liability if they keep having 30 turnovers between them (like last night) No poise with ball in hand & team first decisions gone.....& as far as being accountable & chasing, that's just discipline.
  12. Common lads, lets not over react.......surely SG is going totake some responsibilty!
  13. oh dear! Our 2 Inclusions this week in Lewis & Jetta both had ZERO tackles. that doesn't sound good to me......
  14. Petty missed the whole second half, that's right but the whisper is he's injured......Don't imagine he will come in. Preuss is obviously a certainty for reasons already discussed. Maynard was solid & played well especially inside but wasn't rested much, although rotated throughout the game....consideration! Stretch came on start of 2nd Q & off at 10 min mark of last quarter & played only 55 minutes on the ground (still rotated in quarters 2 & 3)......dominant game & should come in v Syd. Keilty, in my opinion, needed a good game today to warrant consideration & was quiet.
  15. Great effort......Did Maynard play 4 quarters Chook? I would have thought that if he did, then he may not be considered?
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