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  1. This tweet paints one picture whilst the article paints another. Based on the tweet it sounds like he's in consideration for Round 2 or at the latest Round 4. The article has him traveling to Sydney with the chance of an amputation.
  2. I'm happy for both the get another look in. As mentioned above both are strong overhead. I didn't feel that either let us down yesterday whereas a few of their compatriots did.
  3. If Oliver was Garry's son he'd be called Clarry Lyon. I'll see myself out ...
  4. I love Preussy already and I've only seen a couple of highlights from the practice match and some training photos. I'm looking forward to watching him play tomorrow without Gawn to see what he can do as the No. 1 ruck.
  5. Melksham and Hibberd are locks for this team. A big part of our resurgence as a force in the AFL.
  6. Hype or not I simply cannot remember a time in my 40 years of life that we have been spoken about like this.
  7. Thanks for these. Being interstate I obviously could not attend and I simply could not watch the stream whilst at work so thanks for providing some pics. Looks like you were on the field for some of those.
  8. Would Nick Reiwolt have had both Jesse and Tmac on the same list if both were still at the Dees. I don't think so. One of them would have been left off the list and I have a feeling it would have been Jesse. The reason he is included on a list like this should not be that he is playing at Freo. Something is amiss here.
  9. I'm not convinced May will be available for Round 1. Otherwise this is on the money. From all reports the players that we in Rehab were all running their guts out so the fitness base will be there.
  10. I simply cannot fathom them taking the captaincy away from Jonsey this close to the promised land.
  11. I'm happy with the current Royal Blue mirroring our regular jumper. I'm not sure Royal Blue would suit this training guernsey for some reason. Could someone with skills do a mock up. Looks great in the navy blue though. I would however be perfectly happy to replace our regular jumper with this one in the extremely unlikely event that we were forced to change it at gunpoint.
  12. Well done MFC. It's great to finally have a recognisable entity on the jumper.
  13. I'm really interested to hear who is still in the rehab group just over a month out from Round 1.
  14. 1. Neville Jetta vs 6. Tom McDonald 3. Clayton Oliver vs 2. Max Gawn
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