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  1. In: whoever is free for a stroll. Out: anyone needing surgery.
  2. Nelo

    Garry Lyon

    Yeah I know we haven’t been great but he is extremely negative.
  3. Let’s just take both and be done with it.
  4. Agree. Let’s not do what Melbourne always does through history and pick up players past their best. Or pick up players with a history of injuries.
  5. Agree on Jenkins. Downhill skier and gets the easy ball. We don’t need him.
  6. Would love to be proven wrong but it would be a miracle if he plays more than 15 games next year.
  7. If we get him for nothing why not? Couldn’t be any worse than AVB, KK, Preuss.
  8. Surely next year we will be up another 8k?
  9. Not many predictions went right unfortunately.
  10. I think he’s actually developing nicely. If he could ever sought out his ball drop then he could add another 25 goals a year.
  11. If you can’t kick or handball then implementing any game plan is going to be difficult.
  12. Can’t wait to watch another game of putrid skills.
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