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  1. Wouldn’t touch him. Would be a bad influence on the team and can never get on the field anyway.
  2. What’s the point in getting heaps of the ball if you lack basic skills and turn it over. Then players are out of position and scoring on the transition is easy. Skills are king.
  3. Maybe we could change this to ‘list changes’ instead. Out: wagners, Jones, AVB.
  4. Seems amazing we have so many coaches and they don’t fix the most obvious problem from last year. Bombing into the 50.
  5. We obviously still haven’t fixed the issues about kicking into fwd50. Maybe we will have the whole year to work on that.
  6. That’s good because I stuffed my supercoach team up.
  7. That’s true. Let’s hope pre-season form carries on into the season proper. The only thing better than beating the eagles, is betting them with a stadium full of eagles supporters.
  8. Hope we win but realistically it’s probably going to be a 30+ loss.
  9. It was quite interesting. Nice to have a sporting event without being drowned out with music like the big bash.
  10. Nelo


    Another injury. Have to take all emotion out of it at the end of the season and delist him. Too fragile and not young anymore.
  11. Nelo

    16 minutes

    Tend to think it will be a disadvantage. Seems like our fitness base could separate us from other teams.
  12. So they should. There is going to be massive job loses everywhere and significant pay cuts. They shouldn’t be immune to this.
  13. As long as he’s not captain from the grandstands all the time.
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