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  1. I do too. He has some of the skinniest legs I’ve seen on an AFL player.
  2. Sounds positive. Looking forward to a fitter and healthier Melbourne side.
  3. Hopefully teaching them how to kick from his Hawthorn days.
  4. Is it just me or does Fritsch look a bit like Brad Green from that clip? Probably plays similar to him too.
  5. I agree we gave up a lot for Lever and May but let’s not call that a fail just yet. I’m comfortable with giving Harmes a long term contract. He is durable and dependable so why not reward him for a significant contract.
  6. Jam watching his best for someone else. It has to be us. 😄
  7. Looking forward to seeing Fritsch next year too. It only took the coaches about 18 rounds to work out that he is a natural forward.
  8. I’d be happy to take him at 3 and join the ‘man bun’ club we are forming.
  9. Gawny at 34 was the only thing that made up for picks 1,2&11 being ordinary.
  10. Amazing looking at that list that someone like Butcher who pardon the punt butchered the ball so badly was a top 10 pick!
  11. Young sounds like everything we still require, long penetrating kick with precise accuracy. I would select him with number 3.
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