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  1. Still amazed at Smith’s groin injury. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone missing a season with a groin injury which is likely in Smith’s case.
  2. Totally agree on stretch. Terrible skills and has had enough time on the list to prove himself. Has to be delisted.
  3. Why is it the same thing every week. It’s the last critical possession that we stuff up, or a fumble at a critical time. Everyone can see it. Either the coaches aren’t identifying it or the players can’t execute properly. Either way extremely frustrating.
  4. Agree. We are a massive chance. I reckon we might go one better than last week and kick a goal after the siren to win.
  5. Gee not a bad gig getting paid millions for doing nothing.
  6. Can’t see the eagles playing like they did in the prelim last year. So as a result Melb by 25 points.
  7. After looking at the draw for the next 4 weeks I think it’s time to pull up stumps on the year.
  8. To think they are highly paid athletes with some of the best resources available and that’s what gets thrown up. Happy for the win but the lack of basic skills surprises me.
  9. Expecting a close game. GC have been pretty competitive all year. Dees by 72.
  10. Even if we win today we won’t make finals. Still have to play pies and eagles twice.
  11. True. I must apologise, stupid is not an appropriate word to use and people are entitled to their opinion. I just believe Gary is one of the most fairest players I’ve ever seen and wish he played for the Dees.
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