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  1. There’s the end of the experiment.
  2. I can’t recall hearing or seeing KK training at all. Not good news.
  3. Looks like Jackson already has more muscle definition than Lever.
  4. Never used his strength last year anyway so can only be a good thing.
  5. Who knows. Anything can happen. They have talent through.
  6. Put a fork in him he’s done. Unfortunately concussion has destroyed his footy career.
  7. Wish we had the bulldogs list. Reckon they will win a couple of flags over the next 5 years.
  8. Wish I looked that fit after doing no running for 6 months.
  9. Apparently bulldogs will get the next buddy franklin next year. How do they work out all these zones?
  10. I’m preparing myself for some frustration with Pickett. I’m sure he has potential to do some amazing things but the knock on him was he lacked consistency.
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