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  1. I agree with previous posts. I was a serious watcher of the game. Would even go live to non Melb games. I’m lucky to watch one game a week on tv as it doesn’t entertain me. I’d rather do something else. It amazes me how players get the ball and the first thing they do is look for a sideways option or hug the boundary. Too much focus on defense and holding possession.
  2. I think he needs to work on his inside 50 turnovers before he’s considered for selection again.
  3. Probably got a bit to nailing their draft picks, albeit most of them were high picks. Sad to say but their list looks far superior to ours.
  4. So hard to see any finals success, not just this year but for the next 5 years. Gold Coast have gone past us at a million miles and play exciting footy.
  5. Poorly coached, poor skills and just terrible to watch. Try marketing this team.
  6. Why do I even following this pathetic side for so long.
  7. We do the hard work, get into good positions and then stuff the crucial last step with a spilt mark or easy kick.
  8. Why would you kick it 10mts towards the boundary?
  9. Pretty accurate comments. I can’t see Melb getting within 6 goals of Geelong.
  10. There were actually 2022 spectators there today which included the Adelaide side.
  11. Yeah I reckon, so painful.
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