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  1. There sense in your thinking, LDV. Putting aside twins, from my memory there were brothers Abblett, McDonald, Wagner, Matera, Beams, Brown, Curnow, Hill, Jakovich, Daniher, Cornes, etc. It's obvious that T Mac has it over O Mac, but is there a pattern of whether the younger or older is generally better?
  2. Has anyone thought about whether there is a pattern to which is the better of siblings? E.g., older versus younger. I would be interested to hear the views of others more knowledgable than me.
  3. Good as Jones has been for us, he's a long way short of the AFL's best midfielders. Has never been All-Australian.
  4. Thanks for explaining, L36. I hadn't heard of that group before.
  5. Look at that centre line! Dixon, H. Mann, Adams.
  6. Thanks for posting this. For those interested, the games record holders per ju,per number 1-10... 1. Denis Cordner 2. Nathan Jones 3. Garry Lyon 4. Norm Smith 5. David Schwarz 6. Frank Davis 7. Brian Wilson 8. Tassie Johnson 9. David Neitz 10. Lance Arnold
  7. Forget McCartin. We should throw everything we can behind recruiting Jeremy Cameron.
  8. If anyone had doubts about Johnson being one of our best since 1987, just watch this game.
  9. 19. CLAYTON OLIVER This natural ball-hunter is going to be well inside the top-10 by career’s end. Oliver’s hands and vision in traffic are superb, even if he is still learning to balance his game. Was All-Australian in his third year and has two club champion trophies already. Averaged 28 disposals across his first 83 games and led the league in contested possessions last year. Huh? If this about about players from 1987 to 2020, how is Oliver going to be "well inside the top-10 by career's end"? He has only the remaining games this year to climb 9 places? Unless we're talking about players who played in this era, but taking into account their output over their entire careers. In which case, Flower would be number 1 because he played in 1987, although his best years were prior to that.
  10. The great Sean Wight was Scottish, not Irish.
  11. Would be better for spectators. I think a new AFL would have fewer teams in Melbourne. Maybe just 6. The strong clubs like Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn and Essendon might be the first four, then the other clubs would have to merge or start from scratch to form the last two. Much and all as I love the history of the Melbourne Football Club, in a clean sheet future, all it has going for it is its name.
  12. In the workshops I run for businesses, I sometimes pose this question: "If you had to close your business today and create a new one tomorrow, what would you do differently?" The idea is to get management to realise that just because something is "there", doesn't mean it should be and that there will always be new and (often) better ways if we just relax the status quo and start with a clean sheet. Such an approach may have been the thinking behind the differences that World Series Cricket brought to that game. So, if we had to close the AFL and create a whole new competition, what would be different? What could we do better? I am interested to hear what members think what "World Series Football" would be like. Consider rules, number of clubs, finals, grounds, administration... everything is up for grabs.
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