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  1. Further to the above... her team always makes the finals and she has many premierships. That's because she only chooses her team from among the preliminary finalists. Last year I convinced her to go with Melbourne. And we all know how that turned out.
  2. As an overseas resident, I can only watch AFL matches with a membership, so I'll sign up again. I could register a protest by nominating another club. But after 60 years of supporting Melbourne, well, I just couldn't do that. My wife thinks I am an idiot. I suspect that supporting Melbourne is just one of the reasons.
  3. On those numbers, Lewis ranks 17th best. But in reality he is one of the few with a football brain and good disposal. Jones @ 10th is a complete mystery to me.
  4. I think Jennings has already gone. I couldn't see any strategy against the Swans.
  5. How do you move from the votes offered by posters to the Demonland Count, please? Not challenging... just curious.
  6. 6 - Petracca 5 - Fritsch 4 - May 3 - JKH 2 - Lewis 1 - Harmes
  7. .. get May and McDonald back, add a couple of outside runners and a small forward and we'd at least be a chance. I hope you're right, DeeSpencer.
  8. 6. Gawn 5. Oliver 4. Frisch 3. Harmes 2. Lewis 1. Hibberd
  9. I watched the Richmond / Collingwood game on the weekend. It was like watching Melbourne 2018 versus Melbourne 2019.
  10. How many games have we won with both Wagners in the side?
  11. 6. Oliver 5. Frisch 4. May 3. Salem 2. Lewis 1. Gawn Some of Petracca's family must be giving him votes. Or were they people who didn't watch the game?
  12. Interesting, Pman. And Hawkins had the advantage of being in a much better team.
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