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  1. Geoff Leak was an Essendon player. The Geelong Flyer was Bob Davis, i think.
  2. Can't see Hoare in best 22. Recently watched 2019 game replays and saw him give away too many free kicks and goals. He would need to improve dramatically. Right now, I'm thinking that if we need one of Oscar and Hoare, I'm going with Oscar.
  3. The aim was to hear others' opinions on whether we really have a decent list. If we can't find players on our list who'd get a game in the top teams, what hope do we have? As for already answering my own question, no, I don't think just Max and Clarrie would make the other teams. Now, I'm trying to put this politely... Maybe it's not so much a case of answering my own question as someone else not understanding its intent.
  4. In 2019 we had one All Australian. In fact, Max Gawn was the only Demon in the squad of 40. Max (22) and Clayton Oliver (23) were our only two players in the AFL Fantasy top 50. Champion Data says we have one elite player (easy to guess), six above average and 12 average players. So just thinking about the quality of our list, who do we have that would be in the best 22 of 2019's Preliminary Finalists? That is, which Melbourne plays would actually get a game at Richmond, GWS, Geelong or Colllingwood, assuming injury-free lists? Maybe you want to submit a team showing where Melbourne players would fit into those Prelim Finals teams.
  5. Thanks B-B-P. Good to see someone thinking about other clubs. We can improve all we like, but the other clubs aren't standing still. There's probably a similar forum for every club where people like us are talking about how much the team will have learned from last season and how they have recruited better players. They're hoping for fewer injuries, natural progress from their youngster and a tightening of the game plan. And they're probably predicting a top 4 finish. Comparing our players to those in other teams is one way of thinking about the quality of our list and our chances next season. Yes, it ignores game plan, injuries, teamwork and Goody's famous "connection", but it might invite some interesting discussion. So I am going to start a new topic about which of our players would be in the best 22 of 2019's preliminary finalists. Please contribute.
  6. Thanks for the post. I think you've nailed the core. So 14 core players and 22 team spots means that 30 players are competing for the last 8. (If I'm right in thinking there are 44 on the list.) Healthy compétition has to be good for us.
  7. I was at the last one. Hope I'm at the next.
  8. We all love Nev. Wouldn't it be great to see back pocket Nev kick the winning goal in time on in a Grand Final against Collingwood?
  9. I saw all the videos on line but was disappointed that the charts referred to by speakers weren't shown. Looked like one static camera. I don't think that's good enough in this day and age.
  10. Monsieur Ding, sorry if you thought that was a put down of those who disagreed with me. That wasn't the intention. I was referring to those who simply make a short negative statement without any substance. Or who think that because something didn't work before, the whole idea is without merit. Perhaps in doing to, I may have prevented you from seeing the real point of that post. That I appreciated Deefensive's post and his dedication to his job. And that my job, by comparison isn't important. One of the things we were discussing in Shanghai is the danger of miscommunication through social media. I think we've just seen an example of that. Truly sorry for my role in it.
  11. Sorry about the cut and paste error. Put it down to my fat fingers on a small keyboard. I hope you got the gist.
  12. I don't want to copy recent posts to make my comment, but I would like to thank Deefensive Language for his/her Insights. And SWYL for probing further. It's great to know there are members here who want to discuss things at an intellectual level and not just try to dismiss important issues with a simple put-down. Unfortunately the thinkers seem to be outnumbered by the cynics. I have been in Shanghai this week, working with a Social Media agency to help them develop better communication strategies for their clients. The participants were in their late twenties... wonderful young people, eager to learn as much as possible. I recognised my responsibility was to guide/influence them to develop business communication strategies that are both ethical and effective. But compared with the responsibility and influence teachers have on our most precious resource, it's nothing. Thanks Deefensive!
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