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  1. Ditto. (And Max was extremely unlucky to lose out to Treloar for the trophy.)
  2. Agree, NSFM. (Except that is "shoo-in".)
  3. Lucky for us, 2020 we be an even one.
  4. Remember we had exactly the same problem at the start of 2018? It took us 4 or 5 weeks to sort it out. Then 2019 rolled around and we did it again. Can't understand why we didn't learn from last year and start 2019 with a more sensible defensive set-up. Isn't that what coaching is about?
  5. I'm glad to see this thread is back on track after all those childish and insulting posts. Why can't we accept that we have different opinions, but that each of us is entitled to that opinion? Play the ball and not the man or woman, folks.
  6. Lové Oliver, but hé seems to kick without looking.
  7. So you think name calling is ok. Keep it adult, please.
  8. So you don't agree with my opinion. Ok, but you might refrain from name calling. Show some respect.
  9. A friend and I had an interesting WhatsApp exchange. He's a Saints supporter. His idea was to merge the two clubs to make way for a Tasmania team in 2020. Not suggesting that's a good idea or would ever happen. But he said the Saints had the better list and he could easily find 13 current Saints players who'd be walk up starts. I thought surely we'll have more than 13 in a combined team with the Saints. So, who are our 13+ players? On this year's form I found only 7: Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes, Salem, Viney and Melksham. Add Injured players May, Lever, Jetta in the hope they'll make good recoveries and recapture their form. Now I have 10. Maybe include Tom Mac because he'll put through this slump. So that's 11. After that it gets seriously difficult to find others. Conclusion? Maybe he's right. The Saints have the better list and we have 11 real players and a lot of pretenders. Perhaps we could offer the pretenders to the new Tasmanian team 😀
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