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  1. Monsieur Ding, sorry if you thought that was a put down of those who disagreed with me. That wasn't the intention. I was referring to those who simply make a short negative statement without any substance. Or who think that because something didn't work before, the whole idea is without merit. Perhaps in doing to, I may have prevented you from seeing the real point of that post. That I appreciated Deefensive's post and his dedication to his job. And that my job, by comparison isn't important. One of the things we were discussing in Shanghai is the danger of miscommunication through social media. I think we've just seen an example of that. Truly sorry for my role in it.
  2. Sorry about the cut and paste error. Put it down to my fat fingers on a small keyboard. I hope you got the gist.
  3. I don't want to copy recent posts to make my comment, but I would like to thank Deefensive Language for his/her Insights. And SWYL for probing further. It's great to know there are members here who want to discuss things at an intellectual level and not just try to dismiss important issues with a simple put-down. Unfortunately the thinkers seem to be outnumbered by the cynics. I have been in Shanghai this week, working with a Social Media agency to help them develop better communication strategies for their clients. The participants were in their late twenties... wonderful young people, eager to learn as much as possible. I recognised my responsibility was to guide/influence them to develop business communication strategies that are both ethical and effective. But compared with the responsibility and influence teachers have on our most precious resource, it's nothing. Thanks Deefensive!
  4. I'm glad we're all having a say. For those interested, a thorough read of my post will reveal that I haven't promoted the idea of a jargon-based Mission statement. I have shared with you what I believe is a robust process to map a set of Values and Behaviours. Your bad experiences in the past aren't a reason to kill the idea. Rather, they're a reason to execute the idea properly. So skeptics, am I to assume one or more of the following: You hate Mission statements, but you're ok with Positioning, Values and Behaviours? (Actually, I'm in this camp.) You'd rather not have a set of Values and Behaviours? That people should do whatever they want? You don't think it's possible to get buy-in from everyone? That it's impossible to get alignment, even to well a thought-through and well explained set of principles where people get to discuss and debate before they're adopted? Really? Then we don't need the dissenters. You don't think people are capable of following the Behaviours? That a code of conduct is beyond the people at our club. So we can't kick, spread, score... and now we can't behave properly either? Wrong people, not wrong idea. You don't think management could be strong enough to enforce the Values and Behaviours? That they'd be weak and let them slide. If it's this, it's not a problem with the Principles, it's a problem with the management. We can all find reasons not to do things. The better path is to do things properly.
  5. You're as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. Cheers.
  6. Thank you for the above comments. I have worked in places where no one knew anything about Missions, Positioning, Values and Behaviours, even though they existed. Those were awful places to work and whatever success they enjoyed could have been far greater if they'd pulled together to a set of principles. Maybe the skeptics here worked in similar places, in which case I both empathise and sympathise. But is that to say this stuff is all nonsense? No, it means it wasn't properly practised. I've also worked in places that were hotbeds of creativity, exciting and successful, where we all knew the direction and what was expected of us. In these places it WAS properly practised. I don't have time to go into details on all of your comments, but I don't recall having said that this be should generated by bosses or that people won't even know what it's about. I mentioned a working party. That's because you cannot include everyone in the process. I haven't done this for a football club, but I'd expect the working party would be drawn from directors, coaches and the players(e.g., the player leadership group). Maybe there'd be a spot for someone to represent members, although I don't think that's necessary. If the working party with the help of an expert outside facilitator spent some days together thinking about this, don't you think they'd come to the right conclusions? Or do you think we are more likely to know than them? Or that they have destructive motives? Now, what organisation can perform to an elite level if there are key members with their own agendas? You need to set the agenda and live by it -- club wide. Just as we expect every team member to play to the coach's game plan. (Ok, you might not like our club's current game plan, but that's not the point. Imagine a team playing without a game plan at all or with individual players playing to their own game plan.) Is it simply about winning matches and winning premierships? Yes. And no. It's about figuring out HOW to win matches and win premierships. And that requires certain behaviours. I'm not saying that if you get this right, premierships automatically follow. But I do believe that without it, or with a bad set of principles, or if everyone doesn't buy into them, success is impossible. Didn't this thread start with something about Hawthorn? Like them or not, they're doing virtually everything better than we are.
  7. Well, seems like there a lot of members who know a lot about football, but little about business/organisations and their culture. I am probably the opposite. In a few weeks I will be in Japan conducting an exercise with a Fortune 500 company to chart their future success. I have done it many times, in many countries, including with two of the world's top 10 brands. And 80% of the time, it works. When it doesn't work, it's mainly because they don't adopt the thinking. Here's how I do it in my global consultancy.... I gather a working party of the key stakeholders and we agree on the short and long term Objectives. The working party is usually about 16 people. By involving the key stakeholders in the process, we get buy-in from the beginning. After that, the working party meets and we do what many of you would probably find silly. In a workshop, we play creative questioning games to understand the current culture and the blocks to success. The games are used so that we get past the stock answers and usual cliches to get to the heart of the problem. Creativity disarms people. Real truths emerge. Then we define the Brand Positioning and the Culture we want to create in order to achieve the Objectives. I usually craft the Positioning myself and put it back to the working party for comment. Once agreed, the working party defines the Values and Behaviours we will live by. My job is to facilitate and get consensus. Then having established our Values and Behaviours, we explain them to those affected, but who were not in the working party. We do it in a way that gets total buy-in... handling questions/challenges, using examples, etc. Then we all celebrate them. From there on, we live by those Values and Behaviours. Those who don't conform are counselled and given another chance. A second offence says they're not our type... and they're gone. I understand there will be many skeptics. As I said, I know very little about football, but I do know this stuff. Fortune 500 companies don't waste money on things that don't work. MFC needs to behave like one of them.
  8. Interesting. Thanks for your hard work, Pitmaster.
  9. If only it were that simple. Where we already were won't be good enough if others have improved since 2018. We're in a spot of trouble here.
  10. This might be obvious, but every other team will be looking to improve in 2020. To make the finals, at least one of this year's top 8 would have to drop out and we'd have to improve more than 8 other clubs. Big job.
  11. Here is a thought... why not a THREE WORD PLAYER HOMEWORK for the off season? E.g., Lever... learn to kick.
  12. Further to the above... her team always makes the finals and she has many premierships. That's because she only chooses her team from among the preliminary finalists. Last year I convinced her to go with Melbourne. And we all know how that turned out.
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