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  1. I think a lot of our guys are showing the side effects that having a poor preseason will bring. if you are underdone then you're confidence is going to be down to begin with. plus you're missing shots on goal in games that you'd normally kick because you're tired, and all of a sudden it becomes a bit of a mental game as you're struggling to work out just why you aren't kicking goals. then the pressure comes on and you become even more tense, and on and on it goes. there's no easy fix. the boys just have to keep working hard and find some confidence from somewhere and it turns around for them. if Trac is serious he should be paying someone to fix his goal kicking out of his own pocket and practising in his own time on it. I would if I were him, as there could be a big payoff in it for him come contract time if he can start kicking another goal or two a game. could be money well spent. some of Garletts goal snap attempts and field kicking the last few weeks have been a bit bizarre. looks like he's holding the ball the wrong way, and kicking the wrong side of the ball at times to curl it towards goal through the air. i know he got 3 goals yesterday, (got a couple of easy ones over the back), but to me it seems like he doesn't have the time to adjust the ball in his hands anymore in traffic and just throws it on the boot anyway he can. or maybe he's been practicing the ground ball roller that much he's confused himself on how kick the ball properly. he needs to sort it out whatever it is, because besides this aspect of his game letting him down, he's been finding the ball well enough. TMac still doesn't look 100% to me and is lacking penetration on his kick. I haven't looked at it closely but he may be leaning back on it a bit too much compared to last year? but I think he's smart enough and a strong enough character to sort it out eventually, so i'm not too worried about him.
  2. I thought he was ok. he should play more games now that finals look a distant dream for us. I want to see more of Baker too. give them a good run of games and see what they've got to offer us going forward.
  3. Eagles only going with the one ruck. unless we have a late change, we look like we have 1 tall too many in defence so must be planning on using Petty and Omac on the key fwds and Frost again as the loose man to stop them getting out the back. their small forwards look like they could give us the run around.
  4. yeah we need a pressure fwd but I think we need flanking defenders more, if we get one more injury back there we will be in even more strife than we are at the moment, so there's a good chance the new recruit would get a game, as we don't have a lot of other options. we can send Hunt back again but then you're robbing the forward line of another pressure option and he's not a good defender anyway. of our defensive players Lewis is on his last legs. Jetta isn't getting any younger either and is banged up regularly and you can write him off for most of this year. Hibberds form's been up and down, and he also gets banged up with injuries more often than he used to. Fritsch isn't a defenders A hole. Wagner is a limited footballer. and Salem would be better suited pinpointing passes into our fwd line, if we only had more backmen to replace him with. and all of those guys are about as fast as turtles, except Hibberd, who breaks the occasional line. we need to find some new defenders, even for depth this year as the kids aren't ready.
  5. I would prefer we go for a running/skilful defender type, if there's some around, as we lack for smaller defenders with a bit of pace and skill in the back half. we have a couple of the older guys in the backline struggling with injuries and form of late, and only a couple of young kids coming through that probably wont be ready for a while yet, and are using makeshift defenders like Fritsch down back instead. I see that as our greater list need at the moment. but I guess anything would be better than another inside mid.
  6. Dil and Shocking must be worried about what they've done. footys never been so boring imo. also while we are talking about it, I've come around to the way of thinking that they should just do away with prior opportunity altogether. if you don't want possession for fear of getting caught holding the ball, just tap it on until you do want to take possession. like they used to do before they brought in the prior rule. at the very least they should bring in team prior opportunity like Moonshadow says. it might help clear some of these scrums that end up repeat stoppages and would be more exciting to watch, keeping the ball in constant motion. ruckman will bring back the big smash to clear the ball out of the ruck as well. a feature of the game that has all but disappeared these days.
  7. out- Keilty, Garlett, Lewis(inj), Melk(inj), Hibberd(inj) in- Preuss, Anb, Smith, Baker, C.Wagner we're going to have to do some player shuffling to cover the likely losses of Lewis and Hibberd in defence. Fritsch and Hunt to play as defenders instead of forwards would be my move, as we don't really have much defensive stock in reserve. I want Garlett gone, but he'll probably be lucky we've had a few injuries and we wont want too many changes in 1 week, but he looks cooked to me.
  8. ban the idiot for good. blokes a disgrace to the jumper.
  9. I liked that he kicked that centre clearance low and hard into our fwd 50 instead of another big up and under high ball. that's something we don't do enough of imo.
  10. they must be expecting a lot of rain tomorrow.
  11. one of either Melk or Petracca needs to play as a midfielder imo. we're too slow in the forward half with both in there, plus a couple of tall KPFs as well. so maybe with Viney out we should rotate both through the midfield, swapping with each other to the forward line about 50/50, so they both aren't forwards at the same time. also tell them if they don't put in good defensive effort as a mid or fwd, that they will be dropped the next week.
  12. yeah look I know where you're coming from, but I just think Spargos main problem is he hasn't got the tank yet for strong repeat efforts. I wouldn't lose faith in him just yet. interesting thoughts on playing Sparrow as a defender. has he played there in u18s? it could be worth a look either way, as we do need to find some strong half back types to give us some drive out of defence.
  13. Jeffy used to be those things, but he's not anymore. Except for still being mentally fragile that is. He might show the odd bit of his old self from time to time, but not enough. Some of you guys must still think we are going to play finals this year. We aren't. Time to plan for the future. I would rather give games to Spargo and Chandler than Jeffy now. Their output would be on similar levels to Jeffy, but at least they come with some possible upside for the future.
  14. Yeah I know what Spargos deficiencies are, but what I can't buy is using them as a reason not to play him when Jeffy has the same issues but is at the end of his career. Us not making finals will be the worst thing that could happen to the likes of Jeffy, and Lewis, who are out of contract. As soon as finals arent possible the coaches will look to move on from them pretty quickly imo.
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