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  1. yet he was made captain of the AA u18s and is regularly trusted with the kick outs for Glenelg and SA. I doubt his character, or the ability to coach him, is a problem myself. its not like he has dropped right out of draft calculations.
  2. I think he dropped in some peoples calculations because he may have celebrated his Glenelg premiership a tad too much before the draft combine testing where his weight had blown out a fair bit.
  3. I reckon Lever will more than likely play key position next year. I think they just tried to protect Lever a bit in his return from injury this year by having Frost playing along side him. but if both are fully fit, I expect we'll just play the two tall defenders in May and Lever most weeks. I think they showed in the first half of 2018 that this was the preferred set up, before Lever went down, when we hit a good patch of form towards the middle of the year with just Oscar and Lever as the KPDs, with Frost only playing 13 games mostly after Lever got injured. I think they plan on going back to that, and that's why they've now traded out Frost. so opportunities might be limited for Oscar next year if May and Lever stay on the park imo. Oscar and Petty as the KPD depth. good chance Petty will go past him as first option too if Oscar cant find a yard of pace and a bit more strength in the contest next year.
  4. yeah I've been a fan of Gould for a while. there's some good footage of him playing for Glenelg around as well. i think he'd be an ideal replacement for Frost, as he would be the type to work in well with Lever and May as the '3rd tall type' who can body up on a key forward or also play smaller if needed. he also looks leadership material, was captain of u18 team. reckon he'd be a good fit for us.
  5. id be looking to grab Young at 3 to play half back, and then hope someone like Serong or Flanders slips through to 8 to add to the forward half. they look smart sure bet players to me who can win their own ball. take Weightman with 8 if those 2 guys are gone before then.
  6. yep does seem a bit high for 2 blokes with about 5 knee recons between them.
  7. yep they're the same deals I was thinking of too. we could set ourselves right up if we managed to pull it off. Caldwell would be a good get, but I doubt they'd let him go unless they were desperate. would be very happy to get him and pick 6 for pick 3 though, he would add a good point of difference to our midfield. then we could entertain trading with Cats if we are after a couple of role players like small forwards or a defender, who will likely go later anyway. the good thing is we don't have to do anything. let those teams come at us with all they've got. Serong could still possibly be around at 6 too, due to his smaller size than the usual inside bulls.
  8. besides slightly under rating Petracca, Lever and Jetta, as in my opinion their ball use elevates them about those he has them alongside, i'd say he has graded most of the players about right on their careers so far. everyone needs to step up a grade or two, and for more than just 1 year, if they want to be taken seriously.
  9. smart positioning and ball use. traits most of the side lacks.
  10. I expect he will bounce back next year with a decent pre season under his belt. his qualities will start to shine through with added fitness. poor pre seasons effect everyone, but none more so than developing kids.
  11. I think we got Tomlinson so we can use him in a similar style to that of Vandenberg was when fit. and Hogan and TMac at times as well. not a true outside winger in the old sense, but a big body utility type used in and around the contest, with the ability to work into space and take a mark around the ground.
  12. i'd be happy with any of Ash, Young, and Serong for pick 3. they all look good players and are not purely inside mid sorts. but I do think they'll try and split the pick, probably with GWS, and draft a speedy forward type like Cody Weightman or Miles Bergman, and a rebounding half back sort like Will Gould instead.
  13. Stretch played 9 games this year. both Wagners played more games than he did. plus its common knowledge we are chasing a couple of winger types this trade period, and we just signed Baker for 2 more years. so with that in mind i'm a bit surprised people think Stretch should be kept around. he had plenty of opportunity to make the wing his own, but he wasn't up to it.
  14. good to see Fyfe thank his corporate partners before thanking his team mates lol.
  15. I totally agree. hearing Craig Jennings on the SEN radio made me cringe, with all those stupid names he had for everything, he made himself look like a complete fool. so glad he's now out the door.
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