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  1. i'd start with cutting Bradtke, Brown, and the Wagners, and look to retire Jones, and push medical retirements for AVB and KK, from the list. most are depth we can afford to lose. Jones is about the only one who could get a regular game out of that lot, but it might just be a good time for him to hang up the boots anyway. we can also afford to lose a younger midfielder type, like one of Dunkley, Sparrow, Spargo or Jordon. and i'd also cut one of Hunt or Hibberd. one has been on the list a while and still cant find a spot to call his own, and the other is fading fast. i'd probably lean towards cutting Hibberd, purely because of his age I suppose. who knows, maybe Hunt can find form as a defender again without Hibberd down there.
  2. if there was a game next week then I would of gone with; out- Spargo, Brown, OMac, ANB, in- Jones, Weideman, Salem, Jackson B- Jetta May Hibberd HB- Harmes Lever Salem C- Langdon Brayshaw Tomlinson HF- Petracca TMac Melksham F- Fritsch Weideman Pickett R- Gawn Oliver Viney I- Jones, Jackson, Lockhart, Bedford EM- Sparrow, Rivers, Hore, ANB i agree with DeeSpencer, Hibberd needs to stay deep and even play taller if he has too, he has the strength to body spoil a bigger opponent. we cant have him pushing up the ground and kicking inside F50, he sucks at it. if he cant do the job for us anymore then he's of limited value and Hore, Rivers or Smith should probably replace him. Lever and May have to be the 2 main tall defenders. we pay them both good money, key defender money, so make them bloody earn it. I've seen the 3 tall defence before and I've never been a fan of it. it makes us too slow and we get hurt by the smaller players instead. we have Tomlinson as an option up our sleeve who can go back and help out if needed. we should be utilizing that sort of flexibility instead. Brown is depth only, and he's not a key forward either. bring back Weideman and play him out of the goal square and let him run and jump at the ball. make it simple for him and just tell him to fly for everything that he can. Let Tmac roam up the ground more from CHF, he cant seem to jump since he did his foot anyway. Jackson needs to play as a utility. he can back up the ruck if needed and can give us a different look on ball and forward at times, or even throw him out on the wing. the team lacks options atm. Salem and Jones should also help with the ball use problem a tad as well. put Oliver and Brayshaw under notice to lift their game and start running hard. i'm not against us pushing either of them out of the centre square, or even dropping them if it teaches them a lesson. hopefully if this season ever gets going again, we can then have guys like Petty, Rivers, Sparrow, Baker and Hannan pushing others for spots. and Goodwin needs a forward line specialist coach. i'm afraid the whirlpool aint getting the job done.
  3. yeah i guess my main concern is i see Brown as more of a Fritsch or Melk type in the way he plays, as he's not really a key forward pack crasher/bring the ball to ground type. more of a mobile 1v1 sort. I think early on in the year big forwards aren't really that much of a threat anyway, as they usually take a couple of games before they start to hold their marks more often, so probably not going to be a huge problem for us. I just hope Kennedy and Darling are a bit rusty themselves.
  4. Gawn can ruck most of the game with these shortened qtrs, so no need for a specific back up ruckman. also no Jones or Vanders rotating fwd/mid allows us to play a couple of smaller forwards, as our main midfielders can now take a greater % of game time on their own, so we don't really need the extra mid rotations anyway. less inside ball winning bulls needed, and more forward half run and pressure instead. it looked like it was a big focus for us in the pre season games and it seemed to work well, so it makes sense. also i'm glad Lockhart is in the team. our ground ball gets in the back half really needs to lift and he can help there. i guess the main question i have is whether TMac, Brown and Fritsch is enough of a threat in the air forward though? we'll find out I suppose.
  5. I don't think there's going to be any magic fix by r6 just because we delay the start of the season. there will probably be the same problems at R6 as there are now, only many times worse.
  6. yeah I know, I was talking more in relation to the viruses peak in Australia and how it will effect the footy season, rather than a timeline of curing the world of it.
  7. games will inevitably get suspended/cancelled. it's only a matter of time before players start to become infected and isolated. the only way to predict and plan the season again, would be if they infected all the players and staff now, then pick up the season once again when everyone has fully recovered. but they aren't going to do that. this could realistically linger on for months with players all getting infected on different timelines. I feel the season will effectively be ruined before we see the end of it.
  8. Demon Dude


    Vandenbergs foot probably would of been at a high risk of exploding on the hard ground at optus oval anyway in R1. rest him up, he might come in handy as a battering ram later in the season.
  9. he was probably just trying to have a bit of a joke, but he does come across as a bit disrespectful and bigheaded. glad we're rid of him.
  10. suck **** Huddo! Hudson tried his best to make a big deal about it when commentating the other night. I bet he was one of those kids who liked to dob on everyone else at school.
  11. with ball winners like Viney, Brayshaw, Oliver and Petracca in the middle its not like we really need a tagger most weeks though do we? Harmes is not a first start mid, so has to find another position to play in. its not like he can sit on the bench waiting till the 3rd quarter then go into the midfield. Jones is in the same boat too. you need midfield depth but they cant all start in the guts at once. HB is fine for him. he'll still push up to the back of the contest at times. or be used as a tagger if someone is getting off the leash, or go on ball himself to give the main guys an extended break, or even a run out on the wing. he's versatile enough so that's how he gets a game. its not like he played badly the other night. was ok in defence then got a run through the guts and did alright there too, so I cant see what the problem is.
  12. the problem is with no TMac or Weideman, or any big forwards in the team, is that Fritsch and Melk get a couple of big defenders on them, then they'll actually get rag dolled 1v1 in the contest and the defence will be all over them dropping players back in the hole to stop the lead up as well. then how many goals are they going to kick? better to have a balanced forward line of all sizes imo. the Hawks went very tall in defence which held TMac and Weideman, but allowed our smaller forwards to get on top. but maybe another week a team might look to go with a smaller defence to counter Fritsch and Melks influence, then TMac and Weideman can then be the ones who get on top of their opponents.
  13. yeah TMac and Weid are always gonna draw the stronger defenders. allowed Fritsch and Melk to isolate deep on the weaker ones. it won't work every week but it was a good tactic seeing as Hawks had Hardwick and Impey out of their backline too. they just couldn't seem to find the right match up for Fritsch, and Melk is always a tough match up 1 on 1 for his size.
  14. i'd play both Weideman and Jackson to start the year. just leave Weideman as a forward and let Jackson back up in the ruck. he got pushed around a bit early on, but adjusted and 12 hit outs and some handy follow up around the ball is a great result from Jackson. he really seemed to energise our midfield as he got on top. he can also be used as a forward or run through the midfield which I think helps his chances of getting a game. he offers us something I think most teams don't have.
  15. maybe Tmac was playing a decoy role to clear out the forward 50 for Fritsch and Melk. well at least that's what i'm hoping he was doing, because he was largely unsighted! Hawks did seem to crowd our F50 a fair bit at times though, and no tall forwards on either team had a good night, so maybe it was just one of those games.
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