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  1. id be happy enough with those changes. i'd even add one more in Dunkley. thought he put in some real weak effort at times.
  2. its great watching Petty crumb at the feet of Preuss. great idea Crazy Goody, no one else would come up with that one.
  3. They can't have an official review. What if they did and the recomendation was to sack Goodwin after we just extended his contract for an additional 3 years. That would be a bit embarrassing for all those involved.
  4. I would prefer it if they just folded the GC Suns up to be honest. Its a club no one asked for. The whole thing has pretty much been a failure from the get go, and no one wants to play for them if they can help it.
  5. Yeah ANB does seem to get in the way and fluff his disposals a lot. It's frustrating. I would give him 1 more chance this week but i cant really see him being part of our long term plans for us in the future if he cant fix those issues in his game. We need to be better as a team at separation and skills if we want to improve, and he isn't really helping much in those departments.
  6. That's right, and bringing in cameron, who is below average in applying pressure in the fwd line, wouldn't help us much with another of our weakest areas either.
  7. yeah that cracked me up, it was weird. it got even funnier when the ump called play on and Preuss then ran away from Kreuzer instead of tackling him😖
  8. isn't Smith out injured at the moment?
  9. we have to be patient with Weideman. I think the sort of pre season the players were given was not what our young developing players were looking for. looks to me like their fitness/endurance levels have gone backwards this year, when instead it really should be building, year on year. Spargo, Weid and OMac have all had a few weeks off from playing this year and were put through "mini preseasons", according to the club. that's pretty much sounds like that they were out of condition to me. Weid isn't the full package yet, I wouldn't be writing him off until at least another year, hopefully in an improved system.
  10. Lever for Petty, Gawn for Tmac and Jordan for Hore.
  11. i'm no big fan of ANB, fumbly hands and misses too many targets with his disposal for my liking, but he will be needed as depth. we had a clearout of players last year and depth has proved to be relatively thin this year. so unless some other team thinks he is worth a trade (I think unlikely) I say we keep him as a fringe player and pay him accordingly.
  12. well this is welcome news. I like the changes, and although limited with what they could do midyear, I think they are trying to at least fix the obvious problems. I just hope the damage is fixable at some point this year.
  13. to be fair Nev has never been that quick either. and age and injuries likely mean he will only slow down from here on also. but I also think we need a quicker and smaller defender in the mix down back. Hores not really a genuine option on those sorts with speed/agility and ground ball ability. Lockhart has played as a defender in the VFL, I think that is actually where he plays his best footy and would like to see the coaches further trial him as a small defender for the remainder of the year in the ones.
  14. is Goodwin the right man to take us forward? i'm not sure. but what I do know is that we have don't have a good record at our home ground under him, and most of our players look totally devoid of confidence. both aren't good signs in regards to his coaching ability imo. also I don't think it would be the worst thing if Jennings moved on at the end of the year, and we bring in some new forward line/ midfield coaches who are all on the same page as well. preferably some with plenty of experience at clubs that can win games at the MCG.
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