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  1. The way some people carry on about Weideman on here you'd think he was the only one on the list who had a poor year and not 95% of them. I'm more inclined to cut developing players slack rather than put the boot into them though, because the club clearly stuffed up pre season and its not what the young guys need. They need linear progression year on year. At the end of 2018 Weideman was showing good improvement and 2019 was a total [censored] show from start to finish which wasn't his fault. im backing him in to go to new heights this year now he's fit again and has finally developed a footballers body under a new fitness regime.
  2. I'd say that's some smart behaviour on their part.
  3. With Harmes playing a more half back role I'd say Sparrow might get some time in the midfield maybe rotating with Petracca from half fwd. He might also get a bit of a run with role at times to teach him the ropes.
  4. I suspect Chandler will take the spot to start the year. While Bedfords running ability will keep him firmly in the frame also. and they'll be keen to get Picketts obvious talents into the team when they think he's fit enough. I would love to see 2 of those guys out there pressuring oppo defences, crumbling goals and earning their spot every week. But our excellent track watchers/reporters would have a better idea than me on who is likely in pole position at this stage.
  5. I would prefer a combo of May and Lever, with Smith replacing Frost. I reckon that could handle most forward lines each week. Also with options like Tomlinson and Petty in the team it gives us cover back there if we need another tall defender option in game. I think that's the sort of flexibility the team needs and you can't get by playing Oscar. also if the plan really is to play 3 tall defenders each week in May, Lever and Oscar, then who is the reserve tall defender if one of them gets injured? Besides Petty, who's been training with the forwards, i dont see one. it just doesn't seem feasable that that is the long term plan to me.
  6. Weideman to partner Tom Mac as the key forwards. Brown the reserve. Petty and Jackson 3rd tall forward/ruck type options.
  7. I just don't think Oscar has the pace and agility to be anywhere near as good as Rance was, but i'll be pretty happy if he can prove me wrong one day. I think the Tigers would be secretly spewing that they didn't take a solid defender like Gould, Rivers or Worrell with pick 21 now that Rance has decided to peddle the Watchtower instead of playing out his contract.
  8. seems like they got everyone they were after. I know they showed some interest in Robertson and Georgiades, but it looks like they never fully expected those guys to get through to our 3rd pick anyway, with them showing surprise at Robertson still being available for the 2nd round, and with Taylor commenting that he didn't expect Georgiades to get past 24 either.
  9. well that's bloody tough luck for Neita. i really feel for the kid. hopefully he can come back stronger than ever next year with the club doing the right thing by having his back for another year.
  10. Defenders Locks- the first picked every week- May, Lever, Hibberd, Jetta, Harmes, Salem. in the mix- dependant on form and match ups- Smith, Petty, Lockhart, Hunt, Hore, Rivers. Depth- in case of emergency only- OMac, JWagner. Midfield Locks- Gawn, Oliver, Viney, Langdon, Brayshaw, Petracca. in the mix- Sparrow, Jones, AVB, Tomlinson, Jordon, Dunkley. Depth- Preuss, Baker, Nietschke, KK. Forwards Locks- TMac, Melksham, Fritsch. In the mix- Weideman, Petty, Jackson, Pickett, Chandler, ANB, Spargo, Bedford. Depth- Bradtke, CWagner, Hannan, Brown. 15 locks and 7 spots up for grabs by my reckoning.
  11. anyone else getting some Liam Ryan vibes from this Pickett kid in the way he moves and plays?
  12. 3 - Luke Jackson 10 - Kysaiah Pickett 28 - Will Gould
  13. preferably with our forwards all fit, we'd need him down back to match up on quick oppo forwards and give us some drive with ball in hand, as we lack speed down there, especially now that Frost is gone. i think there could be a spot for him in defence this year if he's good enough to take his chances when they present. but he has to be a good defender foremost. a return to some 2017 form from Jayden would be good, when he was defending well and then the attacking side of his game flourished off the back of that imo. he sort of drifted away from being a good, hard, desperate defender and lost his way a bit, but maybe injuries also had something to do with that.
  14. yet he was made captain of the AA u18s and is regularly trusted with the kick outs for Glenelg and SA. I doubt his character, or the ability to coach him, is a problem myself. its not like he has dropped right out of draft calculations.
  15. I think he dropped in some peoples calculations because he may have celebrated his Glenelg premiership a tad too much before the draft combine testing where his weight had blown out a fair bit.
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