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  1. Kade Chandler is a tough little goer! Really impressive
  2. Oscar is a better lock down defender, and suits May and Lever’s natural dash and intercept marking
  3. Dees finish 4th, lose to Pies in qualifying final, beat the Crows in a home semi but lose again to Tigers in a Prelim... Oliver wins his 2nd BnF and All Australian blazer Garlett the biggest surprise, kicking 30+ goals in a welcome return Salem becomes a genuine star Thank god for Preuss, as Maxy only plays 14 games due to injury Neitschke the best of the rookies Oscar plays more than Frost, making a great defensive combo with May We beat Sydney twice, as the Swans struggle into a bottom 6 team ANB finishes Top 5 in BnF, and joins the leadership group by 2020 to support sole captain Viney Dees play in a drawn game, which costs us a Top 2 finish. Maybe against Eagles in Alice Springs Spargo becomes very handy as he pushes into a midfield role
  4. Player ratings take into account the last 40 games of a player. So Brayshaw’s concussion year of 2017 is still factored in. It’s why he is bound to be pushing top 50 next year
  5. With Viney at 134, Brayshaw 166 and my boy KK all coming back from injury, we will have at least 9 by end of 2019
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