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  1. This whole points thing confuses me. I hope the powers that be know what they're doing.
  2. I can't remember which stat it was that Milkshake led in 2018 in regards to something within the forward 50 but whatever it was we sorely missed in 2019. He is an important cog in our forward line and without him our scoring suffers.
  3. Don't underestimate this selling point for a player with a history of long term injuries like Elliott. Brisbane's almost non-existant injury list was not all luck. Another selling point for Brisbane is the fact that they are miles ahead of us in terms of playing deep into finals. All we have to offer is dollars and I'm not sure we have the bank to keep a player from wanting to play finals footy.
  4. Elliot would be a nice feather in the cap but 2 full years on the sidelines and an approximately 5 to 8 + games missed every other year due to injuries worries me. Collingwood have world class facilities and people. Imagine the treatment he'll get at a third world club. Great player when playing. Certainly light years better than any of our current small forwards but if misses large chunks of the year then we have shot ourselves in the foot and given our bad luck he'll probably never pull on the boots for the Dees. I really do wonder where the Age got this leak from. Reeks of a manager holding Collingwood to ransom. I'm not suggesting we haven't made an offer. I just don't believe Elliot actually wants to come to the Dees and are just holding out for more mullah and a longer contract at the Pies.
  5. Can we demand the whole year be re-played?
  6. 2019 wasn't enough of a break? I'm livid. 2019 should not be celebrated. It should be mourned.
  7. Interesting and well thought out thread but there is only one song that sums up 2019.
  8. The Mad Monday celebrations should be conducted like a wake and not a dress up celebration. Celebrations are for winners. Not many can hold their heads high this year.
  9. I believe the club needs to conduct an independent external review. I don't believe an internal review can be conducted without bias. Our club is broken an a good and healthy preseason alone will not fix it.
  10. Thanks Jordy. I'd love him to stay on as a coach but I believe he'll probably have a cushy job in the media.
  11. Either as coach or coach's mentor. Straight swap with Port? Would he play well with Goody?
  12. I'm torn by wanting to win a game and keeping pick 2 (or 3) safely in our pocket. I really don't want to finish above Carlton and hence Adelaide getting our pick.
  13. That's the dochotomy of Frost.
  14. Oh my yes indeed. Beautiful follow up goal. I'd like to see Tommy Mac do more of this.
  15. Neita's bone crunching hit on Luke McCabe for Hawthorn is one of my favourite MFC highlights.
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