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  1. Does anyone have any information on why Kollajaznee is walking laps?
  2. Also Kalani White (the other Jeff's son). Probably still a few years off but would be interesting to know if Father Son trumps Gold Coast's academy zone selection. Knowing the AFL they will most likely change the rules if he is looking like a gun.
  3. I have no proof but I guarantee you Heritier Lumumba does not have his number on a locker. You'd at least have to have hit some kind of milestone. Not sure 50 cuts it but I'd assume 100 games in a number gets you on the locker.
  4. I agree but here we are. We can't turn over the whole list at once so we need to address the problem. As @sue mentioned if it takes some baby balls to correct then baby balls it is.
  5. Blind Freddy could tell you this was a problem last season. Would you prefer that this wasn't addressed this season?
  6. The article starts "Harley Bennell to run for first time in five months on Tuesday as he bids to earn AFL chance at Melbourne" First time in 5 months? He's not going too be playing much if at all this year.
  7. These were some of Josh Mahoney's slides from the night.
  8. Hibbo is another player whose 2019 form I can’t work out. Was it as a result of the team’s poor form and the fact that the back line was injury riddled and never settled or is he in the twilight of his career and he just can’t cut the mustard anymore. I guess we’ll see.
  9. I'd do it just for the headline, "Dees Receive Giant Bonar". I'll see myself out.
  10. I'm convinced he was at least carrying an injury during the first part of the year when he was playing on the wing. His formed mirrored the year the team had. I hope he and the team can bounce back. I would hate to lose him to a rival club unless the price was right.
  11. Exactly. Potentially the only thing we have to offer Elliott ahead of Collingwood and Brisbane is money and length of contract. At the end if 2018 we would have sold some hope too but after last year we can only sell paying overs. Unless we up the ante or have sustained success players will not choose the Demons over successful rivals.
  12. Where is Jonesy best position going forward? Midfield minutes are surely limited. I don't think he is effective enough on the wing or in defence (in a Hodge like role). I believe he would be best suited up forward. He could be playing quite a bit of footy at Casey next year and I think relinquishing the captaincy was his acknowledgement of that. I really do hope he can hit the 300 games milestone but barring a horror year of injuries like the one we just had I don't think he will make it.
  13. Smells like a plot by his manager to force Collingwood's hand at the negotiating table. We are just the pawn. Will not leave.
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