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  1. Great get. Was one of my favourite players as a kid. If I remember correctly he wasn't always #1. I think he was #32 when he began his career. I wonder if he thinks we should be playing Gawn and Preuss in the same side?
  2. Call me crazy but I have a good feeling about this week and just maybe it will kick start our season. yep I'm crazy.
  3. Why did both Collingwood and Essendon get 7 and 6 day breaks respectively for ANZAC day and us and Richmond only get 4 day breaks. We should have been given Thursday/Friday games.
  4. Sam has potential but is that potential worth $650K plus? At the moment, no. Both Sam and the Club should put any negotiations on hold. He has to prove that he can earn that amount.
  5. Absolutely agree. This game will show where we are at this year. Are we contenders or pretenders? Will also show whether we can play the wide open spaces of the MCG.
  6. The club was great during finals in assisting and communicating with the fans. Their social media was great too. This year it seems to be severely lacking. I had membership issues and didn't get my kids memberships for Christmas as promised and the communication was terrible. I also think they have cut costs in their online presence in 2019. They were far superior than other clubs last year but this year they are lagging behind the rest of the league.
  7. If the Preuss goal was kicked by Betts it would have been nominated.
  8. Joel Smith seems to be very injury prone. Has he had a season where he hasn't spent long periods of time on the sidelines?
  9. Any word on Preuss' shoulder injury?
  10. Agree 100% with all of this. Why did they get rid of Simon's Selections? It can't be that hard to interview the coach for a few minutes. If they aren't going to interview the two debutants why wouldn't you do one of those hidden camera feel good have the coach deliver the news/call to the mum videos. The Round 1 team image with the followers and forward line mixed up reeks of outsourcing the graphics to India. The club has really dropped the ball on their content. They are churning stuff out, about 30 or 40 posts a week on social media, but it has no substance and soul. They are good with the feel good highlights to music but you can't pin your hat on that stuff.
  11. He has GOAT potential for sure. I'd like to see him win a premiership or brownlow or even consistent finals appearances before bestowing the official title. He's at the top of the straight in good position. Just needs to bring it home.
  12. Was anybody else concerned with Tommy Mac chasing or lack thereof. There were a few instances where Rances played on from a mark and just waltzed past Tom. I know it was hot and just a praccy match but I expect a bit more from the acting captain. Is there cause for concern regarding the procedure that he just had?
  13. 1. Checked Demonland for training updates and any other skerrits of information about the Dees. 2. Watch the Elimination and Semi Finals on repeat. 3. See 1 & 2.
  14. I have to agree. I'm not questioning the loyalty of any of our current players but they may just be one dissatisfied with a contract away from being a marquee signing at another club. Most likely they will be one club players but a team like this should be reserved for past players. Just my 2 cents.
  15. The 2018 win in West Coast. It truly signaled the end of this most recent dark period.
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