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  1. He has barely missed a game for the Giants. Comes to the Dees. Injured before he even starts. We sure know how to pick them. We are [censored] cursed.
  2. Is Langdon going to be #15 or did they just give him Billy's jumper to wear for training?
  3. He was one of our better forwards this year and he won us a game with that late goal against the Blues. He's not damaging enough off half back despite his pace as his delivery lets him down. I'd prefer him on the wing then half back but I think he is better suited in the forward line.
  4. I think you're confusing players for some fans. Great news. Harmesy is integral to our midfield. I hope he is used as a stopper again like he was at the tail end of 2018.
  5. We should be sniffing too. We lost Tim Smith who if not always injured would be getting a semi-regular gig in the seniors and he hasn't been replaced by a big body.
  6. In that article Sam Edmund says that Melbourne can't afford Martin. WTF? If we made a play for Elliott surely we could afford Martin.
  7. Pig definitely had a disappointing year. Let’s hope he can bounce back to that All-Australian form. The revolving door backline certainly did not assist him.
  8. Is this the end of our trade period? With the acquisitions of Tomlinson & Langdon and the departure of Sam Frost I haven't heard our name being bandied about amongst any of the other tradable targets. (with the exception of Sam Murray as a delisted free agent). So are we done now?
  9. I still can't work out whether his 2019 form was due to injury or just an aberration or was 2018 the aberration?
  10. No not their looks. Is it the $$$? Finals prospects? That amazing fun culture? Why are players throwing themselves at the Saints?
  11. This is probably the reason he’ll choose Brisbane over us. Which forward line would you like to play in?
  12. I think this was the kicker. They called his bluff.
  13. A Collingwood mate of mine is positive it will be announced at the Copeland tonight. He’s usually got good mail but has been wrong. Take with a grain of salt.
  14. This is not the worst scenario. We COULD be dodging a huge bullet with this one. Don't get me wrong Eliott COULD be a massive asset to us if he plays every game and can maintain the 30 plus goal a year but he has never played a full season in his career and has missed 2 WHOLE years through injuries. We already have a cavalcade of perennially injured players. No need to pay overs for another.
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