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  1. If the club was smart they would caution the players against such imagery lest it anger the support base.
  2. There has to be more to the story of this vision from after the Crows game in Adelaide which we held on to win. To me it looks like perhaps Jennings and Goody had a disagreement on a strategy. Goodwin ignored Jennings idea. We ended up winning despite that and Goody let Jennings know about it with a "told ya so I know what I'm doing" slap.
  3. ... making him tag Grundy and not play his usual game? I think the AA committee will give Grundy the No.1 ruck position because Collingwood have had the better year and Grundy's disposal stats have been superior to Max. Max is probably the better tap ruckman with hitouts to advantage and better at marking around the ground but Grundy has been racking up disposals and kicking goals. I don't think many (outside of Dees supporters) would complain about Grundy getting No. 1 ruck in AA. I think not allowing Max to play his normal game and give him the chance to towel up Grundy for the second time this year has cost him a spot in the All Australian team full stop. It's like conceding that Grundy is the better player. Thoughts.
  4. Given Collingwood's extensive injury list we could be a chance to pinch a win. If they pants us then we are really in trouble. COLLINGWOOD Player Injury Estimated Return James Aish Shoulder 2-3 weeks Dayne Beams Shoulder/Hip Season Mason Cox Eye Season Jordan De Goey Hamstring 1 week Lynden Dunn Knee Season Will Kelly Hamstring TBC Tom Langdon Knee Season Darcy Moore Hamstring 2-3 weeks Nathan Murphy Back Test Sam Murray Provisional ASADA suspension TBC Isaac Quaynor Foot TBC Ben Reid Hamstring TBC Brayden Sier Calf TBC Jaidyn Stephenson Suspended 3 weeks Daniel Wells Knee Test Updated: Tuesday, August 6
  5. Not disagreeing with you here but who's job is it to achieve all the things you've listed. CEO or the Board? I assume that it is the board that appoints the CEO and assigns KPIs that they have to meet so I guess the buck stops with the board. Who appointed Jackson? AFL or the board? I also assume that the board can also be influential in getting sponsors aboard due to business connections and the like. I also don't blame the board for any of the reasons why we have performed so poorly this year. I do however expect them to demand answers and review this year and not just write it off as an anomaly. If little or nothing is done or appears to be done and we are cellar dwellers again next year then the heat will be on the board too.
  6. Who plays on that kid Hogan?
  7. I loved hearing from Strawbs. It was great to hear that he's still a Demon. Thanks for the interview guys.
  8. Absolutely agree. If we just won every game by 20 goals and got every free kick I'd have a very pleasant day and no one would cop any abuse.
  9. I've had some terrible experiences with the club but also some good helpful experiences. I guess it sometimes is a matter of who you get helping you. I heard a rumour that some appointments in the communications department didn't pan out but I'm not sure if this is the communications that you are referring to.
  10. Were the drills heavy contact drills? Apparently Viney received a knock on the head at training last week and may be unavailable this week. Source not 100%.
  11. My mail is is that AVB will spend an extended period on the sideline.
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