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  1. And just like that our reward for enduring 2019 has evaporated. #[censored]theevendraw
  2. Thanks for the info. Condolences to the family.
  3. Anyone know why Kozzie didn't play in this game or the Casey one? His Instagram stories have him hanging out with Docker Liam Henry in what looks like WA.
  4. Something new going on here? Maxy in the middle. Assume Viney is in there too. I see Jonesy's bald nut.
  5. Surely they make an announcement before the first practice match or do we go into this game without an established leadership group?
  6. Great episode. Really not what I was expecting when it was announced. Geez that meeting with Harley was super awkward. Obviously it was a conversation that needed to be had but is was hella awks as my kids would say.
  7. Toxic masculinity needs to be vented.
  8. So no training reports from our Queenland brethren? Can Demonland block the IPs of Queensland users from reading regular training reports since they have failed to reciprocate?
  9. Braydon Preuss Joel Smith Marty Hore Jake Lever Sam Weideman
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